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Was Kelsey's Bachelor Panic Attack Real? Host on the Widow's Controversial Tactics

Get the behind-the-scenes scoop on the episode

Robyn Ross

In an extremely dramatic - no, seriously - episode, The Bachelor's Kelsey collapsed in hysterics before "To be Continued" appeared on screen.

In the season's more bizarre turn of events yet, widow Kelsey stole some alone time with Chris to reveal her tragic past. But behind the scenes, the Michigan native made it clear she was using her backstory as as a tactic. "Isn't my story amazing? It's tragic, but amazing. I love my story," she said during an interview segment. Once the alone time resulted in a kiss, she added, "It was exactly what needed to happen. Our relationship was heading in the direction of stagnation. I had to tell him my story, we had to have our first kiss... I know this is a show about Chris, but this is my love story too."

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We could go on with her ridiculous quotes but you get the point. Later, after learning there would be no cocktail party, Kelsey dropped to the floor as the medic rushed to her side. Viewers were left wondering what exactly was going on and whether or not she makes it through another rose ceremony. So, what's next? Read this week's interview with host Chris Harrison to get his thoughts on Kelsey's tactics, why he's glad Carly finally got real screen time, and why next week's two-on-one date is "off the charts."

Carly and Chris' date with the love guru went from incredibly bizarre to surprisingly good. What are your thoughts on her?
Chris Harrison: The date was bizarre, so it was off-the-charts uncomfortable. Chris told me later that it was the weirdest date he'd been a part of and said, "I didn't know how far this woman was going to push us!" I'm interested to hear what people will think of Carly because I find it hard think everyone didn't fall in love with her on this date. Whether she's right for Chris is debatable, but I thought she was incredibly endearing and very relatable in telling a story... of not feeling pretty enough. Up until now, you didn't get to see a lot of Carly. ... I'm glad she finally got her due.

Her brother is Zak (from Desiree's season). Did that ever come up?
Obviously, we knew as producers, but it never came up and it didn't really matter. It wasn't going to affect Chris in any way. He doesn't know Zak and never watched the show much, so it had no effect on the show. I'd guess maybe 80 percent of our fans didn't even realize it.

On the group date, the girls ripped on Jade and I felt bad for her! Is this just a catty bunch of women?
Harrison: This group is catty. I don't know if it's fair to label them as immature; I don't think it's as simple as that. I think it's a competition thing and a jealousy thing more than ever because the battle for Chris' heart is more intense. But, yeah, it's a very catty season.

Jordan showed up that night. Did you know she was coming?
I got a head's up she was going to show, so I knew. But the problem was it's a no-win situation for Chris. The girl drives all the way from Colorado and throws herself at the mercy of the court -- What's he supposed to do? She was very apologetic and it was hard to not bring her in for at least the party. But I clearly understood why the girls felt three weeks later she doesn't deserve to be here now. He would've seemed rude if he said, "Thanks for showing up now get back in your car." So, I think he handled it well, gave her a shot, but said, "This isn't going to work." Even if she deserved more time, there was no way he was going to lose the house.

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Whitney received the group date rose. Will she continue to be a quieter front-runner? Harrison: She's very quietly flying under the radar. She has a little dust-up with Ashley, but everyone does -- the drama that is Ashley's life is bigger than any soap opera. But Whitney is mature, and I think she is able to handle all of these situations and emotions better than some of the other women, which puts Chris at ease. The other women were freaking out about Jordan -- Ashley was ready to get a posse together and string her up. While Whitney didn't love it, she articulated it much better.

Britt got her date card and ridiculously burst into tears about her fear of heights.
Harrison: We've never had someone start bawling in the most dramatic way over a date card. It turned out OK, but it was a lot. Obviously, you see they have chemistry and can't take their hands off each other, but the question is if she's in Chris' blindside. Is she right for him or is she the girl everyone says, "No, don't do this." And as far as the showering and the makeup stuff, people will have to come up with their own opinions about that. People are going to say, "She knew she had to get up early. Nobody wakes up looking like that!" But she really wakes up in full makeup and before she goes to bed she puts on more makeup! Definitely a red flag.

Speaking of red flags, let's get to Kelsey.
Harrison: I'm very curious to find out what the world thinks of Kelsey. I go both ways. She thinks very highly of her intelligence and is very impressed with how she articulates her feelings and tries to use her big SAT words. But I think what she meant was that she had a great love story and is ready to move on. I don't know if she meant that [as] arrogance. But there's no doubt she's smart enough to use her [husband's death], and she uses it on Chris and she uses it on the girls. You can clearly see that she is a huge lightning rod for controversy. She is a hard person to attack because of her story.

One thing I judge is how people are around the girls and then around Chris. When she was talking to the girls and explaining her husband, she was very cavalier and almost glib about it. Then, she went into Chris' room and it was somber and it was sad and she was in tears. Those were two very different women speaking. She was so overconfident and when Chris let the cat out of the bag about their time together, it deflated her balloon. And when I said no cocktail party, she kind of freaked out and had the "panic attack."

About that "panic attack," what were you thinking at the time?
Harrison: First of all, when we heard she was in the bathroom, her microphone was off. She came stumbling out... and then her microphone was back on. I'm interested to see what people think after you see the full spectrum of the whole panic attack and recovery next week.

What else can you tease about next week?
As good as this week was, next week is off the charts. We deal with the rest of the attack, which leads into the rose ceremony, and then we quickly head to Deadwood, S.D. and have a two-on-one, which we haven't seen in quite some time. It is the wildest, most confrontational two-on-one we've ever had. I go back to Andy Baldwin's season when Peyton was left on the runway. That was emotional, but this is a different level.

What do you think of Kelsey?

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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