Jimmy Kimmel crashed this week's episode of The Bachelor and finally posed the question on viewers' minds every season: "What happens if the Bachelor sleeps with multiple women in the fantasy suite?"

Kimmel popped up during Chris and Kaitlyn's one-on-one date mid-makeout, and after the trio sat down to dinner he said, "When I hear about the fantasy suite I assume there's love-making going on... Let's say it all goes great, you guys get together, and then three months later you're at home watching the show and you find out Chris has gone into the fantasy suite with three women and made sweet, sweet love to each of the women, including yourself. Will you be angry at him?" Fortunately for Chris, Kaitlyn, the most outspoken woman (and the biggest potty mouth) of the season answered, "I can't be. You can't take out a car without test-driving it."

"Kaitlyn has a great sense of humor, which she's already exposed," Chris told TVGuide.com.

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As for how Chris felt about Kimmel joining in on the week's fun, he said, "First of all, the whole situation was surreal, but being woken up by Jimmy Kimmel added a whole other element that was like, 'What's happening?' I had no idea and I was deep in sleep! But I got to know Kimmel and consider him a friend because we spent a fair amount of time together. He planned some crazy dates, unconventional to The Bachelor world so it was a nice change of pace."

Inspired by Kimmel, TVGuide.com pressed Chris on another hot topic: Why has Ashley S. made it through yet another week despite exhibiting some off-putting behavior? "Ashley is interesting," he said. "Obviously she's beautiful, but she did have her crazy moment — or moments. I talked to her after [last week's] rose ceremony to find out what was going on with her, and she apologized and explained that she's having a hard time with the whole situation. She's really a cute, funny, smart girl that I saw something in. Just like I don't see everything else that goes on, the viewers don't get to see everything either. So yes, she's a great girl, but she's got some craziness with her."

Looking ahead, the Iowa farmer shared that he's most excited for viewers to get to know his goofy, laid-back side that he wasn't shown during Andi's season of The Bachelorette. "People didn't get to see that I'm not all that shy; I'm actually a lot less shy than people would have thought," he said. "I like to laugh and have fun and have a pretty great sense of humor so hopefully that comes out. The whole entire experience being on The Bachelor was a lot of fun, and there are some really funny moments I'm excited to watch."

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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