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Funeral homes aren't usually a date location, but on this week's The Bachelor, contestant Shawntel wanted Brad to see where she spends her days. Between explaining the embalming process, showing him the crematorium and having her father plead with her to stay with the family business, Shawntel was sent home. Host Chris Harrison discusses why Brad said goodbye to the funeral director, how Brad and Chantal's dad had a bit of a bromance and what really goes on in the fantasy suites. (Sorry to disappoint, he says, but it's a lot of talking.)

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Do you think Shawntel went overboard with showing what she does?
In her mind, what we and Brad perceive as over the top is very normal, it's what she does every day, and I think she was trying to show Brad it was nothing. From an outsider's perspective, if it's your first time to see everything, it's completely overwhelming and can be creepy. For Shawntel, it's more of a beautiful thing.

What about when Shawntel told her family that she'd leave the business and her hometown to be with Brad?
That was uncomfortable to Brad, like Shawntel had never brought that up before that she might be leaving. When [her father said] the community needed her, that was really heavy stuff ... Brad's 38, he's a smarter and wiser and thinks of the real world ramifications of stealing this girl from her dad and from her family business. In a way she used Brad in that moment to explain this to her dad and maybe had never done that before. That, more than the funeral home, had a lot to do with why she went home.

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Were you surprised at how well Brad and Chantal's dad got along?
Brad's not a whole lot younger than some of those dads and gives off that air that he's an older, wiser man, not a punk-ass kid coming into your house with his hat on backwards. That definitely changed the dynamic immediately. I think they had such a bizarre connection and they had a little bromance going.

Why didn't Brad meet anyone else in Emily's family?
We had made such a big deal out of meeting [daughter] Ricki and that's really what the date was about and what they needed to go through. It was still a little awkward, obviously, but they warmed up very quickly. She's so much like her mom. The first time they met she really didn't talk, she really didn't open up — Ricki is definitely her mama's girl.

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I laughed when Brad rejected Emily's advances at the house.
This is where he wasn't 38, he may as well been 18. Bless his heart for trying to be so respectful, "I don't want to kiss you, your daughter is upstairs." Brad always tries to say and do the right thing, but I love that Emily called him on it by saying, "You realize they stick around." It got awkward because he realized what a dope he was for saying that. It was funny but it also shows the great divide. There's no book for how to be a parent and it's hard to jump in the middle. As cute as it is, they've struggled with it from the beginning and they'll continue to next week.

What can you say about next week's fantasy dates?
Things always change exponentially on the exotic dates. He has three distinct relationships going and they will move forward good, bad or ugly, next week. The exotic dates really force that. People are always talking about the fantasy suite card, all they see is they can go back and have sex, but believe me, it's a lot more than that. The cameras take off really early, you can be completely honest and brutal, so whether you choose to have sex or choose to sit up and talk all night — which sadly enough, to disappoint people, that happens a lot.

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