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Teen Wolf: 11 Burning Questions from the Final Season Premiere

And some potential answers

Megan Vick

Teen Wolfhas returned for its sixth and final season on MTV and the first hour of the McCall pack's final adventure was a doozy and emotional one.

Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) has officially been taken by a mysterious group of horsemen known as the Storm Riders. They kidnap people and erase them from the consciousness of everyone they've ever met. It turns out that almost every heartbreaking scene from the Season 6 trailer was presented in the premiere episode and that gave us very little solace for the road ahead.

We have questions. We have so many questions about what went down in the season premiere and what it'll mean for the rest of the season. We speculated what some potential answers could be, but we may need your help for the rest of it. Okay, let's do this.

Teen Wolf: 6 Things We Need from the Final Season

1) Why is Malia naked?

Potential answer: Teen Wolf has treated its fans to many, many gratuitous shots of shirtless/almost naked buff guys over the years. It's actually a staple of the show, so maybe now they're trying to even the playing field? We're not sure why it happened in this blatant, super slow-mo way though.

2. Why did the Storm Riders decide to take Stiles?

Actual answer: Dylan O'Brien is a movie star when he's not playing Scott McCall's (Tyler Posey) lovable and goofy sidekick. He was really busy filming the third installment of The Maze Runnerfilm series during the filming of this season, and thus Season 6 needed a storyline that would still involve Stiles but wouldn't need O'Brien to physically be around for filming a lot. Ugh, movies!

3. How did no one notice Corey turning invisible in the middle of class, opening a cabinet and then suddenly reappearing?

Potential answer: The students in this science class must be as oblivious as the people who didn't notice Malia (Shelley Hennig) destroying the cable news vans at the lacrosse finals last season.

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4. How early did the teacher have to wake up to draw this insanely detailed drawing of Schrodinger's Cat?


Teen Wolf


Potential answer: 3 a.m.

5. How is Lydia's mom suddenly an administrator at Beacon Hills High?

Potential answer: There was a mass exodus of administrative staff after the Dread Doctors began abducting students and turning them into supernatural creatures. As one of the only parents conscious of having a supernatural teenager, Ms. Martin was one of the last few educators willing to take the job.

6. Are we really going to pretend Kira doesn't exist?

Potential answer: We know that Kira (Arden Cho) won't be returning this season, but it seems that Scott isn't even going to mention that his girlfriend, who he recently confessed he was in love with, is nowhere to be found. He's not heartbroken about it or wondering how her Skin Walker training is going, which to us could only mean she's been abducted and taken to the mystery Storm Rider holding zone as well.

7. Is this the year of the compass?

Potential answer: First Stranger Things used compasses to find the Upside Down, and now Teen Wolf is using them to find where the Storm Riders will appear next. Compasses are making it big in 2016.

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8. Why did the bullet damage disappear when the Storm Riders first attacked Stiles but not in the car they attacked in the opening?

Potential answer: Maybe there's something about reflective surfaces that retains the damage? Honestly, there's no reason for there not to be a bullet hole in the house after the Riders shot at Stiles in the hallway. Now, there isn't a clue for his friends to figure out what happened there.

9. Why did we have to get our hearts ripped out in the first episode?

Potential answer: Hey, remember that time Scott and Sheriff Stillinski (Linden Ashby) both forgot Stiles in the same episode and everything hurt forever? That happened in the first episode and we weren't emotionally prepared for that. We thought there'd be a slow burn to Stiles slipping away but he's already gone, and we're not entirely sure how to deal. We're guessing the show had a limited time to film O'Brien with everyone else, but that doesn't make us feel better.

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10. Where does everyone abducted by the Storm Riders end up?

Potential answer: We know that eventually everyone abducted ends up in the same place and Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) is one of the people there, but what is this place? Why are these people being held there? Most importantly, who else is stuck there?

11. Where is Danny?

Potential answer: It's the most important question that Teen Wolf fans have been asking since the fan-favorite character played by Keahu Kahuanui just disappeared after Season 3 and wasn't mentioned again. We can only hope he resurrects in "the forgotten place" when Stiles and Peter resurface.

Teen Wolf Season 6 continues Tuesdays at 9/8c on MTV.