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Supergirl: If Tyler Hoechlin's Superman Doesn't Have a Beard, We All Lose

Don't mess with perfection

Kaitlin Thomas

On the page and onscreen, Superman has traditionally been square-jawed and clean cut -- the epitome of handsome and wholesome good looks that speaks to his role as one of Earth's greatest heroes. This also tends to fall in line with The CW's penchant for casting men who look like -- or have been -- male models.

The network is brimming with pretty boys, most without the slightest hint of a 5 o'clock shadow. But in light of the news that Tyler Hoechlin has been cast as Supergirl's version of the Man of Steel, the network should really consider going against tradition and allow Clark Kent to have a beard.

Not only would this allow Hoechlin, who sported sexy scruff and a beard during his tenure as werewolf Derek Hale on MTV's Teen Wolf, to make the well-known character his own and separate him from decades of depictions, but it would be a wise decision for a number of highly important reasons.

Tyler Hoechlin, Teen Wolf MTV

1. Just look at the guy:



2. That thing is a gift from God.



3. Why would you want to deprive the world of this?



4. It's the facial hair equivalent of angels singing.



5. That beard and those abs should come with a warning.



6. Just look at this:



7. Boom, now you're pregnant.



8. So please, Supergirl and The CW, please don't take this from us.