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7 Burning Questions We Have After Watching Daredevil Season 3

Will there even be a Season 4?

Megan Vick

We did it! We finished all 13 episodes of Marvel's Daredevil in the span of a single weekend and honestly, we want more. The series' third season saw the superhero show return to the heights seen in Season 1, and now we're back in the throes of Daredevil obsession.

In Season 3, the formidable Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio) returned as Matt Murdock's (Charlie Cox) primary villain, but the season also did a fantastic job of introducing viewers to Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter (Wilson Bethel), aka Bullseye. The end of the season saw Fisk returning to prison and Dex paralyzed with a broken spine -- but now all the loose ends were tied up. A final scene revealed Dex was being operated on, and it left us with a lot of burning questions about where Daredevil could go from here.

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1. Who was operating on Dex in the first place?
The internet has actually already answered this question, thank goodness. We heard the mysterious surgeon referred to as "Dr. Oyama." A quick Google search of the name brings us to Kenji Oyama, better known as Lord Dark Wind in the Marvel comics. Lord Dark Wind wants to make the perfect soldier by fusing the steel metal alloy adamantium -- yes, the same stuff Wolverine's claws are made out of -- to the human skeleton. So yeah, we probably haven't seen the last (or worst) of Dex just yet.

2. Has Dex always been Bullseye or is that a transition that's coming?
The final scene also showed Dex waking up mid-surgery with a white bullseye over his eye. Now, he's already exhibited that he has the deadly aim of his comic book alter ego, but he also spent most of Season 3 parading around as Daredevil. What has been enhanced by this new surgery? And does that mean he'll officially adopt the villain moniker and stand on his own?

Wilson Bethel, Marvel's Daredevil

Wilson Bethel, Marvel's Daredevil

David Lee/Netflix

3. Will Dex want revenge against Daredevil or Fisk (or both)?
The only reason Matt was able to get to Fisk in the Season 3 finale was because he told Dex that Fisk was the one who killed his "North Star" Julie (Holly Cinnamon). He then let the psychopath murder his way through Fisk's security force. However, both Fisk and Vanessa (Ayelet Zyer) would be dead if Daredevil hadn't stepped in to save them for his own means. So, Fisk may have killed Julie and been the one to break Dex's spine, but it was all Matt's fault, so both men should be very afraid when Dex gets back on his feet.

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4. Where the hell is Elektra?
Season 3 revealed how Matt survived the Midland Circle building collapse, but where the F is Elektra (Elodie Young)? We don't believe that Black Sky perished to allow Matt to live, but she was nowhere to be seen in Daredevil Season 3 except in Matt's fever dreams in the season premiere. There's clearly some unresolved issues there that need some closure if Matt is to move on to new things.

5. Are Matt and Karen going to be a thing?
This season did a lot for Matt and Karen's (Deborah Ann Woll) fractured friendship, but is there more for them in the cards? They were romantically linked before Elektra arrived in Season 2 and have a heavy comic book romantic history, so will the show go there again as well? Let's face it, Karen loves the damaged type.

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6. Is Karen giving up her job at The Bulletin?
Foggy (Elden Henson) and Matt offered Karen a job as a named partner in their rebooted law firm at the end of the season, but if Murdock, Nelson and Page were to become a reality, it would mean that Karen would give up her job as reporter for The Bulletin to become their lead investigator. Considering that half the staff was murdered in Season 3 because of the trio's determination to go after Fisk, maybe a change of career wouldn't be the worst thing. But can Karen really give up the thrill of the byline?

7. Will there be another season of Daredevil to answer all of these questions?
The critics have chimed in that they love Season 3 of Daredevil, but Netflix has already canceled Iron Fistand Luke Cage. Is Netflix just rearranging its corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or is it trimming the fat? If Netflix is moving away from the superhero from it all, we might never find out what's next for Matt and his friends -- or see Dex reach his full Bullseye potential, which would be a damn shame.

Season 3 of Marvel's Daredevil is now streaming on Netflix.

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Wilson Bethel, Marvel's Daredevil​

Wilson Bethel, Marvel's Daredevil

Nicole Rivelli/Netflix