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Here's How Daredevil Survived the Building Collapse at the End of The Defenders

It's not as mystical as you think

Megan Vick

The burning question on everyone's mind going into Marvel's DaredevilSeason 3 was: How exactly did Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) survive the Midland Circle building collapsing on top of him at the end of The Defenders? The end of the Defenders finale revealed Matt survived and was being nursed in a mysterious well-lit room, but even though Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist have all aired new seasons since Defenders, we've learned nothing of how Matt survived. Well, until now.

Thankfully, Daredevil didn't wait long to deliver answers, and we can now confirm that Matt didn't end up in K'un-Lun or any other mystical place; he stayed right in New York City. The opening scenes of Daredevil Season 3 reveal that Matt was knocked unconscious by the debris of the building collapsing, but his lifeless body was carried by a current to a drain pipe under the building.

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He was spat out near some brick warehouses, where a cab driver found him some time after the building collapse. Matt had just enough energy to request that the cab driver take him to St. Agnes Church -- where he grew up in the orphanage attached to the church -- for refuge.

It was there he was nursed back to health by Sister Maggie (Joanne Whalley), who not only changed his bandages but rolled her eyes as Matt cursed God for him losing everything. St. Agnes allowed Matt to regain his strength and recover from his temporary loss of hearing so that he could reclaim his identity as the crime-fighting Daredevil.

And in case you're wondering, no, he doesn't call Foggy (Elden Henson) or Karen (Deborah Ann Woll) while he's recovering. And yes, that will prove to not be a great decision on his part later in the season.

Marvel's Daredevil Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

Charlie Cox, Marvel's Daredevil​

Charlie Cox, Marvel's Daredevil

Nicole Rivelli/Netflix