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John Krasinski's Some Good News Is Headed to CBS All Access

He's really committed to bringing the happy

Allison Picurro

Talk about good news! One of the brightest spots in this dark coronavirus time is John Krasinski's YouTube show, Some Good News, and now it's headed to CBS All Access! 

After streamers and broadcast channels alike realized how much people loved Krasinski's feel-good show, a massive bidding war took place to see which one of them could nab the at-home series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. ViacomCBS won out, and now the series will be licensed to CBS All Access. 

Now time for some bad news... Krasinski will not be hosting new episodes, and a new host will be announced at a later date. He will stay on as executive producer of the show.

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We're more than a little excited to see what the future holds for this series, but let's not forget the standout moments Some Good News has already delivered. While Krasinski always spent a good chunk of each episode going through the alternately uplifting, hilarious, and embarrassing things he found on the internet, there are a few moments from the show's short history that really stand out. Read on for the best of the show so far.

1. When he gifted us all with multiple The Office reunions.

Krasinski knows what the people want, which is, at any given moment, to be talking about The Office. In the first episode of Some Good News, he reunited with Steve Carell for a sweet interview, and with Rainn Wilson for his internet prom, but he officially one-upped himself when he brought the rest of the cast back together to perform the iconic dance sequence from Jim and Pam's wedding.

2. When he gave health care workers a heartwarming surprise.

As one of Boston's most notable exports, Krasinski did his due diligence by gifting a group of health care workers with lifetime Red Sox tickets.

3. When he orchestrated that sweet Hamilton Zoom performance.

Krasinski also gave a 9-year-old Hamilton super fan the gift of a lifetime by recruiting Lin-Manuel Miranda and the rest of the original Broadway cast for a Zoom performance of the show's opening number. As a bonus, he also introduced the same kiddo to the new Mary Poppins, Emily Blunt.

4. When he hosted a virtual prom for all the teens who missed theirs.

Krasinski went full high school prom DJ for all the high school kids currently missing their own last hurrah dance due to the coronavirus pandemic. His was probably better, anyway -- most high schools probably couldn't have hooked Billie Eilish and the Jonas Brothers.

5. When he gave Brad Pitt a fun new job.

Brad Pitt, Some Good News

Brad Pitt, Some Good News

Some Good News, YouTube

The poor guy's really been struggling for work since that Oscar win. At least now he knows he can always fall back on his new role as the Some Good News weatherman.

6. When he brought in Stanley Tucci to make cocktails.

The internet's favorite mixologist, Stanley Tucci, showed up for Krasinski's virtual potluck (which also featured Martha Stewart, Guy Fieri, and David Chang) to make a "Quarantini." We could probably keep the moment where Tucci sips from his glass and says, "This is delicious!" on a loop forever.

7. When he sent his show off with the sweetest message.

Though SGN is going on hiatus for the foreseeable future, the "finale" was dedicated to spotlighting the community that sprang up around the show and highlighting Krasinski's dedication to recognizing healthcare workers, week after week. He gave a teary-eyed sign off, saying, "On a very personal note, I can tell you that I will never be able to properly articulate just how much this show has meant to me, and what a tremendous honor it has been to share in all of it with you."

Krasinski might've been a bit disappointed to see the release of his movie A Quiet Place II pushed back as the COVID-19 shutdown commenced, and he also didn't get to emcee Saturday Night Live as expected, but he still showed up each and every week to entertain us all, and we are grateful.

John Krasinski, Some Good News

John Krasinski, Some Good News

Some Good News, YouTube