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Grey's Anatomy's Jessica Capshaw Teases Leah's "Dramatic" Return

And the "fun, sexy stuff" that's in store for Arizona

Liz Raftery

With Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) single and ready to mingle on Grey's Anatomy, once news broke earlier this week that her former (brief) love interest Leah (Tessa Ferrer) was returning to the show, it didn't take long for Grey's fans to put two and two together and speculate that the two women might rekindle the flame.

But don't jump to that conclusion too quickly. According to Capshaw, Arizona's romantic life may take some unexpected turns this season.

"A love interest certainly doesn't mean necessarily a huge relationship," Capshaw tells TVGuide.com. "It kind of just means exactly that. I think there's an opportunity for there to be some really fun, flirty, exciting, sexy stuff that comes up for [Arizona]. And that's fun."

Grey's Anatomy: Tessa Ferrer's Leah Murphy is returning to Grey Sloan

See what else Capshaw has to say about Leah's big return (which happens in Episode 6, airing Oct. 27), as well as how Arizona's feeling about the conflict between DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and Alex (Justin Chambers), in our Q&A below:

We heard the big news this week that Tessa is coming back. What was your reaction when you heard?
Jessica Capshaw:
Tessa's awesome. She's such a fun, neat, kind, talented, awesome person. So we were all just super psyched to have her back and telling more stories. And the way she comes back is very cool and sort of dramatic, so that was great too. It was super exciting for all of us.

Is it possible for her to rekindle her romance with Arizona? Arizona broke things off because she was trying to reunite with Callie (Sara Ramirez) at the time, and obviously that's no longer an issue.
There's definitely drama to be had. The way that they left it, [Arizona] broke it off and the Leah character... I don't know if she turned crazy, but she was upset by the turn of events, so she kind of went after all of the attendings for the shenanigans, the little affairs, that happen all the time between attending and the residents. There was definitely drama to that, and I think that probably Arizona felt really guilty about all of that. So I think it's definitely, definitely surprising to [Arizona] that she's back.

Jessica Capshaw, Tessa Ferrer, Grey's Anatomy

Hopefully Leah has grown a little bit as a person since we saw her last.
One would hope, yes. No boiling bunnies.

Do we see [Arizona] going on dates with other people besides Leah?
No dates so far. I think [it's] more just setting the tone at the beginning part of this season that there is a lightness to her, coming back from New York and situating Callie and Sofia and Penny, and not feeling bad or guilty or terrible about any of that. Existing in this alternate universe where everyone's happy sort of frees [Arizona] up to play her own life a little bit more unfettered. So I think that it's an exciting time to her. I think the sky's the limit. She could do anything, or nothing. I'm not really sure if it's just going to be that Arizona is the kind of person who has a bunch of little relationships, or if she's interested in being in a big relationship again. I feel like when we were setting the groundwork for the character in the beginning, it was sort of a story point that Arizona was, you know, a bit... playful. [Laughs] A bit meandering, and not necessarily pinned down. She's definitely had the wedding, been married. ... You remember it being a really big surprise that Arizona didn't want to have kids at all. So I think there was this whole base for her personality and her sense of self that was kind of free.

If we do see her going on dates, will Webber (James Pickens Jr.) still act as her wingman? Capshaw: I mean, obviously. There's no one better. [Laughs]

Grey's Anatomy: Arizona's back!

Will we continue to see Arizona go back and forth to New York? Does Sofia come to Seattle at all?
Obviously she's still a part of [Sofia's] life, and it is to be believed that she is going back and forth and that she's spending a substantial amount of time with her. But I think most of it right now is happening off camera.

Arizona's clearly feeling very conflicted about the DeLuca/Karev thing. How do we see that conflict play out in the next few episodes?
Ultimately, what Arizona believes is that both are really good guys. But I think that during the course of her lifetime and certainly her story on the show... they're all adults and I think that they all know that, no matter how good a person you are, you can make a really big mistake. Obviously the fallout was physical and awful. But I think that ultimately, you're going to see all these characters figure out how to repair, and hopefully the repair will be, satisfyingly, full of friction and coming together again.

As the doctor who works most closely with Karev, will Arizona play any role in Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) decision about whether to bring him back?
Not so far, but we haven't gotten into that part of the story yet.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.