Not even God could save Dominique from eviction last week on Big Brother 19.

After the government engineer got an alleged divine message telling her Paul is a snake, she attempted to rally HOH Alex against him. However, Paul slithered his way to safety by using Dominique's suspicions of him against her, making Dom look unstable, unreliable and untrustworthy.

In the first unanimous vote of the summer, Dom was sent home and even the Battle Back couldn't save her. In a cruel twist of fate, Cody, one of the other main figures behind Dom's eviction, won his way back into the house.

So what does Dom think about how Cody played innocent regarding his role in her eviction? And does she regret how she handled things with Paul? Check out her interview with TV Guide below!

Yours was the first unanimous vote of the summer. Why do you think the house was more unified against you than they were against Cody?
Dominique: One word: Paul. Paul played a significant role in convincing the house to vote against me because he was afraid I would come after him. He realized I couldn't be controlled nor fooled like other houseguests.

When you were praying in the bathroom, you said you heard Paul's name. Do you believe you received a message from God telling you that Paul is the snake in the house?
Dominique: I am 100% certain God spoke to my heart and revealed the identity of the snake...Paul, Paul, Paul. After watching a few episodes, it's clear that God was right!

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How sure are you right now that Paul and Elena betrayed you?
Dominique: I'm confident Paul betrayed me. He said very mean things about me (called me passive, ignorant, and used a few expletives) behind my back. If this kind of behavior aligns with his concept of "Friendship," I'd rather not be included in the circle. In fact, where can I return his friendship bracelet? Lol!

I believe Elena knew I would be put on the block the night prior to nominations. I expected her to share that information with me because I thought we were cool. My expectations got the best of me.

Last season, Nicole was a vet who was accused of being a snake, but in the end, she won. Once you began suspecting Paul was a snake, did you consider trying to mend your relationship with him and use him to your advantage instead of calling him out and burning that bridge?
Dominique: Negative! Absolutely not. I was not interested in mending our relationship because he lacked or no game.

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You and Mark forged a really strong connection during your time together. When the summer is over, what do you picture that relationship looking like? What about Mark's relationship with Elena?
Dominique: Mark and I established a genuinely strong connection and I didn't expect something of that magnitude to happen so early in the game. I have no idea what our friendship, if it still exists, will look like post show. Marlena, Marlena, cute, ha.

Cody acted super shocked to learn you had been evicted even though he was the one who put a big target on your back last week after he told the house that you and Mark were involved in his plot to get out Paul and Christmas. Do you think Cody played a role in your eviction? If so, how do you feel about his apparent bafflement? Was it genuine?
Dominique: Cody definitely played a role in my eviction because he wanted to save Jess's game at any cost. His confusion was hilarious and slightly genuine. Nice play Cody, nice play.

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