Barring a total blindside, Cody will be the third houseguest evicted from Big Brother 19 on Thursday night. Which means we'll be deprived of his dead-eyed, sociopathic stare.

You know what we're talking about: he looks like if Jim Caviezel went all Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men. Or if Michael Phelps never wiped off his Olympic scowl. Cody is an emotionless, charisma-free droid who loves brushing his teeth and accusing people of making "victim noises." He has an unhealthy obsession with Alex, while being in a showmance with Jessica. He's an Air Force and Marine vet, so that explains the intensity, but you don't need to carry that all into the Big Brother house and on national TV. In fact, you shouldn't. It's freaky, unsettling, or as Gold Derby puts it: Is Cody Nickson Too Creepy to Win?

Here are 19 times Cody couldn't emote.

1. When he tried to smile but changed his mind

2. When he couldn't fake a conversation with Paul

3. When he almost got choked up explaining why he nominated Alex

4. When he hated fun

5. ... and plotted his next kill

6. Bro, do you even blink?

7. Seriously...


8. Good job, good effort

9. When he was extremely happy

10. ... and extremely sad

11. When he couldn't handle getting blindsided

12. When his toothbrush did all the talking


13. When he jumped for joy

14, When it rained on his parade

15. Nope, still can't do it


16. When his backdoor plan went up in flames

17. When he toad-tally wasn't bothered by his costume

18. This was when he was most relatable, tbh

19. When he drained your soul

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