Cody returned to Big Brother 19 after winning the Battle Back competition during Friday's special episode.

For the second consecutive year, Big Brother gave evicted houseguests the chance to earn their way back into the BB house by pitting them head-to-head in a series of comps. As the first four evictees of the season, Cameron, Jillian, Cody and Dominique were the houseguests lucky enough to get a second shot at the game.

This summer, the Battle Back worked a little differently, with all four houseguests competing against each other for two slots in the second round. Cody easily took the first slot with Cameron taking the second. In the tense second comp, Cody came from behind to beat Cameron.

However, this is Big Brother, which means there was obviously a new twist. As Julie Chen revealed, winning the Battle Back didn't necessarily guarantee that the evictee would return. First, the houseguests had to nominate a challenger (Paul) who would face off against Cody in the final round. If Paul won, then Cody would go home. But if Cody won, he'd return to the game.

In the end, Cody was victorious and is officially back in the Big Brother house.

Cody will now compete for HOH with the rest of the houseguests, which could make things very interesting if he winds up winning. He was evicted for a reason, so it'll be exciting to see who he aligns with now that he's had a chance to gain some perspective and potentially shift their strategy in the house.

Big Brother 19's Cody Explains His Blank Stares

After his eviction, Cody told TV Guide that he'd be open to working with Paul if he were to return, which would definitely be one epic team-up. However, he also admitted that he had no plans to change his social game to seem more personable. "These other guys act like jackasses just to be jackasses. I'm not going to just smile and laugh just to smile and laugh," he said. "I'm not going to be like that at all."

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