Cody's tenure in the Big Brother 19 house was short, but damn, was it memorable.

The first HOH of the season, Cody quickly built a strong alliance around himself only to almost immediately betray the group by deciding to nominate one of his allies, Paul, for eviction. Of course, the bold move backfired when Paul revealed he had earned the Pendant of Protection, thus stopping him from going on the block for three weeks.

But the damage was done. One by one, Cody's allies turned their backs on their former, unblinking leader until Cody was left with only one other houseguest on his lilypad, his showmance Jessica.

19 times Big Brother's Cody tried to emote, and utterly, completely failed

When Paul got the opportunity to take out Cody this week, he took no chances — opting to backdoor Cody instead of giving him the chance to play in the Veto. Although Ramses almost mucked things up for the house (big time!), in the end, Cody wound up on the block and went home.

But he does have the chance to return to the game in the Battle Back, which will be shown on Friday, July 21.

In the meantime, we caught up with Cody to get the scoop on why he blew up Mark and Dominique's games, if he has feelings for Alex, and the real reason behind his death stares.

You initially wanted to go to the end with Mark and
Matt. Why did you decide to throw Mark's game under the bus when you framed him and Dominique for knowing about your plan to nominate Paul?
I only told Paul about telling Mark about his nomination, but I only threw it to Mark as an idea. Dominique was never a part of that, I'm not sure if Mark ever said anything to her. But Mark and Dominique were involved in the whole Christmas nomination. I didn't go into the nomination [ceremony] with Christmas blind. Mark pretty much threw away any loyalty he had towards me when he voted to keep Christmas, and then he helped Paul out in the HOH competition, knowing full well that Paul was going to backdoor me. Mark completely threw me under the bus.

Last week, you nominated Alex for eviction, but immediately regretted it. You then blatantly threw the Veto to her and at one point even called Jessica "Alex." Why did you care so much about Alex, to the point of risking your own game to keep her in the house?
I'm not sure how it came across — I didn't just straight up throw the Veto to Alex. Alex definitely earned the Veto. I may have been able to try a little bit harder towards the end there, but in all actuality I do [want to] win it. Alex deserves to be there. There hasn't been a competition player like Alex, as far as on the chick side of things. Like, legit, this chick is Wonder Woman. So to have a competitor in there like her and then the guys all wanting to get rid of her because she's a competitor, that chick deserves to be there. And people like Matt cower to Alex because he doesn't have the physical capability that she has even though he should and it appears that he should. But no, Matt's cowered to Alex, a few of the other dudes [cower] to Alex. So I respect Alex a lot in that sense. I respect her, I respect her as a competitor. I don't have any feelings towards her or anything like that. If that was the indication in the sense that I called Jessica "Alex" one time, that's not the case at all. My feels are straight-up towards Jessica, not Alex in that way.

You never really seemed too concerned with your social game and often would stare blankly while other houseguests were joking around or doing group activities. Do you think you'd be here now had you made a greater effort to be personable? If you get to return, would you do anything differently?
These other guys act like jackasses just to be jackasses. I'm not going to just smile and laugh just to smile and laugh, I'm not going to be like that at all. So if that's the social game that needs to be played to continue forth... I'm a competitor, I'm just going to take action, I'm going to do what I do. I'm just not going to sit around and laugh and joke if it's not funny just because that's what everyone else is doing.

How do you feel Jessica will do in the house without you? What advice would you give her and who do you think she should work with and target?
There's no advice I can give Jessica. Her intuition is way better than mine in this game. She pretty much thinks that every move that I made in this game is a bad move; she disagrees with every move that I make. She even called me the worse Big Brother player in history. As far as giving her advice in the game, there's nothing I can give her. All I can do is win competitions. If you take competitions away from me I probably won't do so well, as you've seen. Whatever game she has to do to go forward, she's going to have to do it. She's going to be playing clean-up for me the entire time, so it's probably good I'm not in the game with her right now.

You seem to have gained respect for Paul, saying he's the only other "alpha" in the house. If you get to return, would you consider working with him?

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