For the second time this season on Big Brother 19, Cody walked out the door — and this time on the coffee table without a word to anyone.

You can't really blame the guy. Sure, he can hardly emote and had zero social game, but he did try to save himself in his first week without Jessica — talking to Alex and Jason, egging Elena on to take the $5,000 in the Veto to piss Alex off. But despite the house turning on Mark and Elena, he was still a dead man walking. He knew it, we knew it, no matter how hard the show tried to edit the Elena drama into something consequential. Dude was honestly miserable in there and it was kind of hard not to feel sorry for him. The cruelest part of all, of course, is that he doesn't even get a week to himself in the jury house since it was a double eviction.

But he still went down swinging. In his speech and his penultimate gift (the ultimate is obviously the instantly iconic coffee table walk) to us, Cody dropped some flat-out lies about Alex and Jason in hopes of getting Paul's sheeple to implode.

But was he also just kidding when he said he wanted to marry Jess? Cody answers our burning questions below.

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When did you come up with your speech and do you think it'll get everyone to turn on each other?
I came up with it beforehand. I wanted to do something for Jessica and I figured she would dig that one. I don't know how it was from the outside, but I feel like it's really boring for eight weeks to go after me and Jessica. There has to be something that has to happen. I want somebody to take a risk in that game.

Why do you think no one is willing to go after Paul?
Because they're all groupies of Paul. I've heard people in the house say they are afraid of his followers coming after them outside of the house. They think he is extremely popular and by going after him, something will happen to them.

After your first eviction, you said you would consider working with Paul if you returned, which did not happen. Why not?
Paul banded together a bunch of people and then they berated Jessica so from that point forward I wanted nothing to do with them, especially Paul.

You made a few more attempts this time to be more sociable and show/fake interest in everyone else, like when you listened to Christmas' NASCAR story. What was the hardest thing you had to fake excitement for?
I don't know... Christmas is real smug and fake... I guess I was just kind of throwing it back at her. It's difficult to be fake and express any interest in these people after everything they did to Jessica and I.

Were you serious about marrying Jessica?
[Laughs] Listen, I blacked out in that moment. Julie [Chen]'s firing off questions at me, my heart's pounding, and she caught me off guard!

How do you feel about meatballs?
I'll never eat a meatball again in my life.

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