The Big Brother 18 houseguests aren't messing around. Only two weeks in, and the house is already at war. On one side, you have Jozea, Paul, Victor, Natalie, Bronte and Bridgette. And on the other you have, well, everybody else. Jozea, Bridgette and Paulie are all on the block, with a plan in place to blindside Jozea and send him packing. (Although, if Jozea weren't so delusional he'd see his eviction coming a mile away.)

So who won the second week in the Big Brother house? Check out our power rankings below, and see last week's rankings here!

Category 4 (team average: 3.82)

Frank: Give Frank all the Emmys! After slaying the Road Kill comp, Frank proved just how good of an actor he was by convincing the other side of the house that had nothing to do with nominating Paul and Bridgette. It was masterfully done. Frank's also been focusing on his own game beyond this week, earning Natalie's trust and gaining another potential ally.
Grade: 9 (Season average: 8)

Paulie: For someone who's on the block, Paulie's had a very calm week. And now that Tiffany revealed her "secret" to Paulie, we might see the two siblings begin their own side alliance. Although I don't think Tiffany is necessarily the best ride-or-die for Paulie, it would behoove him to find his one person — his Derrick, if you may — to stick with to the end.
Grade: 6(Season average: 7.4)

Michelle: Michelle has barely gotten any screentime on the broadcast shows, which implies she's laying pretty low. That probably isn't a bad idea since Paul and Jozea's side of the house think she won the Road Kill comp.
Grade: 5 (Season average: 5.3)

Bridgette: For someone in an alliance called the Spy Girls, Bridgette is a terrible spy. Even if her alliance members hadn't blown her cover to Day, we doubt Bridgette would have won anyone's trust on the other side of the house with her undercover act.
Grade: 4.2(Season average: 4.5)

Big Brother's road kill comp isn't perfect, but it's the best twist yet

Freakazoids (team average: 6.1)

Nicole: When Nicole won HOH, she had a huge target on her back, but something shifted during the week and the vitriol towards her has noticeably died down. That's not to say she isn't still in trouble if the other side of the house gets in power (her closeness with Corey definitely doesn't help). But Nicole's working hard to remain as cordial to the other side as possible, which could help her down the line.
Grade: 7(Season average: 7.4)

Corey: Corey hasn't done much this week except become Nicole's lapdog. Aligning himself with Nicole is a smart move because she's loyal and a strong competitor. However, nothing is more dangerous on Big Brother than a showmance, and if Nicole and Corey become too much of a unit they could be in trouble.
Grade: 5.8 (Season average: 6.2)

Tiffany: Tiffany finally decided to let Paulie in on her "secret" (seriously, how is this not public knowledge to everyone yet?!), which is a great move. Big alliances always fall apart and being siblings of vets could bring Tiffany and Paulie closer, resulting in a solid side alliance. But Tiffany is also proving to be more and more like her sister every day with her exhausting crying fits. At least she's self-aware about it though!
Grade: 5.5 (Season average: 5.8)

Team Unicorn (team average: 3.8)

James: James has a massive target on his back right now. Paul, Victor and Bronte have him at the top of their hit list, so we wouldn't be surprised if Victor and Bronte throw the HOH comp so James would be eligible for nomination. What they don't know is that this would actually work in James' favor, since Victor is his next choice for eviction. James also gets points for having the balls to crash Jozea's secret meeting and somehow being allowed to stay. You've got to appreciate boldness like that.
Grade: 6.4(Season average: 6.3)

Natalie: Natalie is easily the best of the Spy Girls and she can already see the cracks in her alliance with Paul, Victor and Jozea. Now that she's been buddying up to Frank and James, we wouldn't be shocked if she actually switched sides next week.
Grade:5.4 (Season average: 5.2)

Victor: As soon as Jozea's gone, Victor will likely become the villain of the house, And while the broadcast hasn't shown Victor to be nearly as aggro as Paul, the feeds tell a different story. A day can't go by where Victor doesn't discuss how much he wants to physically assault one of his fellow houseguests. And if they heard what he wants to do to them, they'd probably be more than a little scared.
Grade: 2.5 (Season average: 2.7)

Bronte: After laying pretty low last week, Bronte showed her true colors. On the feeds, she's twice said (in slightly different variations) that she wants to "kick James' little Asian ass back to Hong Kong," and that she'd like to knock out all of Michelle's teeth for the look on her face after Paul was nominated. CBS has yet to show this side of Bronte on the broadcast, which continues to paint a very different picture of "Wifey Spy."
Grade: 1 (Season average: 3.15)

Big Brother's Cody doesn't think Paulie would repeat his costly move

Big Sister (team average: 3.9)

Da'Vonne: It's so great to see a vet return to the game having learned from their mistakes. The old Day would not have been able to keep her mouth shut around Jozea, which would have gotten her in serious trouble. Now, she's able to play both sides of the house while still giving us great soundbites in the diary room.
Grade: 6.5 (Season average: 7.25)

Zakiyah: Zakiyah really doesn't do much. Well, much beyond cuddle with Paulie, but who can blame her for that? She and Day have agreed to look out for each other and I'm curious to see how they work together in the weeks to come, because, as of now, I have no idea how strong of a competitor Zakiyah really is.
Grade: 5.2(Season average: 5.6)

Paul: Paul has absolutely no idea how to play Big Brother, yet is somehow convinced he has better strategy than everyone else. But while his game might be lacking, we do have to give it up for Paul winning the Power of Veto. However, what the broadcast didn't show is that Paul had to be convinced by three different people to use the POV on himself. If he hadn't, it would have been the dumbest move since Marcellas evicted himself.
Grade: 3.9 (Season average: 3.2)

Jozea: Jozea might fancy himself the "messiah" and think he's "preaching like Obama," but there's no doubt in my mind that he's going home Thursday. And the fact that he's so confident he's staying has gone from laughable to pathetic to a little scary. Jozea has made it very clear that if he is evicted, he will not go gently into that good night. So whoever is censoring the live show, get ready!
Grade: 0 (Season average: 0)

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