Big Brother 18's final — for now — twist was unveiled Sunday night. Gone (finally) is Battle of the Block and in its place is BB Road Kill.

I know what you're thinking: Don't we have enough road kill between Jozea, Victor and Paul? (Kidding.) (Not really.)

The twist and its powers work exactly like BB MVP in Season 15. If you recall (and if you don't, I don't blame you for trying to block the racist season out of your head), America voted for the "best player" of the week, who would then anonymously nominate a third person for eviction. Road Kill is a competition-based version of it. Everybody competes individually in a comp in the BB RV in the backyard, and the top-secret winner anonymously picks the third nominee.

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Now, I'm a Big Brother purist and I'd rather not have anything devalue the Head of Household's power or eff with their plan. And if you subscribe to BB conspiracy theories, Road Kill is easily rig-able, as we don't see everyone's attempts in full or, in Sunday's case, even all of their fastest-to-strip-out-of-track-suits times. (If — and I'm not saying they do rig anything — there was any manipulation, I honestly don't think they would go as far as to pick the winner.) But since the show refuses to go back to luxury and food comps and we must have a twist, this is the best one so far.

The fatal flaw in the MVP twist was letting America determine the so-called MVP, because we all know it's just a popularity contest. (And as we've seen from #Brexit voters, great power can bear great irresponsibility.) Elissa, by sheer luck of sharing a gene pool with Rachel, won MVP for three straight weeks (yawn!), before TPTB let America vote for the third nominee in the last three weeks of the twist. In Road Kill, everyone has a chance to win. The power, like all the other ones in the game, must be earned.

Da'Vonne, Big Brother 18Da'Vonne, Big Brother 18

And speaking of earning it, you know everyone will try their damndest to win it. Road Kill is finally one comp that no one will throw, which was the chief problem with Battle of the Block. Instead of producing conflict between the two HOHs, BOB perfected the art of nominating pawns and throwing comps. Winning Road Kill protects yourself and your team, and gives you some of the power of the HOH without having every houseguest's worst fear realized: getting #bloodonmyhands.

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No obvious red-handeded-ness is also the perfect formula to increase chaos in the house. You can argue that the lack of transparency causes less drama because there's no one person to get mad at. But these days, for some reason, too many people are afraid of causing discord early on, so if the Road Kill winner never reveals his/her identity to the whole group, the paranoia will be through the roof and the finger-pointing will never end. (Seriously, could you imagine Vanessa if they had this last year?) How you handle it could make or break your fate. Because unlike the MVP, where you can assume a fan favorite might be winning every week, as was the case, Road Kill forces you work on your social game — how you interact with and act around everyone in the house is just as important as how you do in comps, since you don't know who not to piss off.

Plus, Road Kill has given us one of the best moments of the season already. Jozea, delusional self-declared "messiah of the newbies," explained to Frank, the Road Kill winner, how he definitely knows Paulie won the comp:

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