No one wants to be the first person evicted from Big Brother, but Glenn — who was eliminated on Thursday — wishes he didn't go the way he did.

The twist-heavy first week of Season 18 culminated with Team Freakazoids fighting not to finish last in the final Hit the Road comp. In a photo finish, Corey edged out Glenn, booting him after just a day in the house. (Way harsh, Tai.)

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"[I'd rather be evicted] by a vote," Glenn tells via email. "Because then at least I am playing the whole aspect of the game. They saw something in you — you were either going to be too good and they were scared of you and feared you. I could live with that, if they voted me out, they voted me out."

Had he beaten Corey, though, Glenn says he wouldn't have wanted to be Head of Household, an honor his teammates ended up tapping Nicole for. "I would have had to readjust my game plan a little bit because I didn't want the house to see and know if I had any kind of athletic ability," he says.

Glenn, Big Brother 18Glenn, Big Brother 18

Glenn was the show's first houseguest over the age of 50 since Big Brother 10, and the series has never had a winner-of-a-certain-age before. But the police detective-turned-dog groomer does not believe the show is a young person's game. "I could have won the game," he says. "My social game is that good that I could have used my life experiences and knowledge."

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So who's his pick for the half-million right now? "I wasn't in there long enough to really find out their true personalities but if I had to guess, I would say a female," he says. "Maybe Zakiyah. Her personality, she looks fit, gets along with people. Kind of like a girl version of me."

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