Big Brother is back, and although Julie Chen always warns to "expect the unexpected," Season 18's two-night premiere introduced more twists than many houseguests bargained for. Not only were the 12 new cast members joined by four Big Brother alums, but Julie also dropped the bomb that they'd be competing in teams of four this year! And then the first evictee (#ByeGlenn) was booted from a comp that also determined the first Head of Household (Hi, Nicole).

So who won the first week in the Big Brother house? We ranked each houseguest on a scale of 1 to 10. Check out how they stacked up against each other below!

Category 4 (team average: 6.5)

Paulie: Being Cody's brother automatically put a huge target on Paulie's back. But rather than wait to get outed, Paulie took control of the narrative and revealed the truth almost immediately. (He also wouldn't have been able to keep up the charade for too long since he has their last name tattooed on his ribs.) Paulie also had a strong comp and social game this week, aligning himself with the vets and tactfully handling Nicole's idiotic request that he go up as a pawn. So even though Paulie's on the block, Cody should be very proud of his big bro who easily won the first week in the house.
Grade: 8.8

Frank: The Season 14 vet has smartly kept a low profile so far and is focusing more on his social game this time around. When Frank heard the newbies only cheering on their fellow first-timers during the coconut comp, he diplomatically began yelling, "Good job, everybody, good job!" Way to play to the middle, Frank.
Grade: 7

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Michelle: Michelle was the first person to figure out Tiffany's big secret, and handled that information smartly, bonding with Tiffany over the reveal and laughing off the rumors she was Nicole's sister. But while Michelle is a BB superfan, we haven't seen how well she'll put her knowledge of the game to use just yet.
Grade: 5.5

Bridgette: If this ranking was purely based on quotability, Bridgette would win, hands down, for when she said: "I felt like a slug hanging onto a slippery banana." Unfortunately, Bridgette's game isn't nearly as good as her one-liners. Her decision to align herself with Paul is likely going to prove a huge mistake down the line.
Grade: 4.8

Freakazoids (team average: 5.5)

Nicole: After winning the elimination comp and somehow getting her teammates to think it was their idea for her to be HOH, Nicole was on her way to being this week's winner. However, her decision to put Paulie up as a pawn is unforgivable. There are far too many contestants in the house to risk one of your only allies this early.
Grade: 7.7

Corey: Corey was one of the few newbies to see the vets as potential allies, rather than obstacles to get rid of. He managed to play both sides of the house quite well, which could help him coast through the competition for a while.
Grade: 6.5

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Tiffany: It's hard to look at Tiffany and not compare her to Vanessa. But sadly, she doesn't seem nearly as skilled in comps as her sister (although, they both appear to be big criers). Tiffany also made the mistake of not revealing her secret when Paulie did, since it won't be long until all the other houseguests figure it out.
Grade: 6.1

Glenn: Glenn had a very negative attitude for most of his time in the house, but we can't completely blame him for it. During the second Hit the Road comp, none of Glenn's teammates would listen to his insistence that the sandcastle base was wrong, a decision which ultimately cost them the win. But Glenn had no one else to blame for his photo-finish loss to Corey. We'd say we'll miss you, but we hardly knew you. Sorry, Glenn!
Grade: 1.8

Team Unicorn (team average: 4.85)

James: James was never the greatest player in the game, but he sure is likable. As soon as he was back in the BB house, James returned to his pranking ways, with the gullible Nicole proving to be a perfect target (and his new Meg?). He also quietly aligned himself with the other vets and Paulie, which will likely prove beneficial moving forwards.
Grade: 6.2

Natalie: Natalie came into the house wanting to secure an all-girl alliance, but we haven't seen her do much of anything yet. This isn't exactly a bad thing since many of her housemates are already at each other's throats, but we hope she doesn't become this season's resident floater.
Grade: 5

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Bronte: We haven't seen enough of Bronte to really know where her head's at, but she was the last girl on the rocket in the first Hit the Road comp, which hints that she might have more to offer than just her stats-focused strategy.
Grade: 5.3

Victor: Victor is playing way too hard for someone who's safe. At a time when he should be working on his social game, Victor is attempting to play Nicole, who (thankfully) doesn't fall for his attempts at seduction. However, Victor is the one who secured his entire team safety for the first two evictions, so we have to give him credit for that.
Grade: 2.9

Big Sister (team average: 4.1)

Da'Vonne: Da'Vonne should have gone with it when she accidentally said "Paulie" instead of "Paul" while picking her team, because now she's landed herself on the worst team of the season. However, Day has definitely learned to bite her tongue more and she was the one who managed to get all that crucial Jozea intel that landed him on the block.
Grade: 8

Zakiyah: Although Zakiyah started the week off devoted to Paul's newbies vs. vets mission, she seems to be moving in the opposite direction. The feeds show her aligning herself closely with the returning houseguests and even striking up a possible showmance!Her dream is coming true!
Grade: 5.9

Snap judgments on the new Big Brother houseguests

Paul: Subtlety is not Paul's thing. He came into the house so aggressive that it's hard to believe he's not purposefully crafting himself into the villain of the season. Before he even got to know any of the vets, Paul drew a line in the sand that immediately alienated him from one quarter of the house. If more people begin to see the vets as allies, Paul should be worried.
Grade: 2.5

Jozea: The so-called "messiah" of the newbies is thankfully on the block this week. Jozea is so arrogant about his skills and social game that he had the audacity to tell his pecking order to Da'Vonne, who is fourth on his list! He also apparently made some offensive comments before the feeds were on that have turned many of his former friends against him.
Grade: 0

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