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Big Brother: The 11 Dumbest Moves Ever

Always use the Veto on yourself

Joyce Eng

Not everyone is a Dr. Will or can come up with a Dan's Funeral. With all the scheming and over-thinking that goes into Big Brother, there have been plenty of houseguests who, like Gob, have made huge mistakes. Here are the 11 dumbest moves of all time.
Big Brother 18: Snap judgments on the new houseguests

11. Joey admits to plotting an all-girl alliance, Big Brother 16
After failing to form an all-girl alliance, Joey inexplicably decided to come clean about her plans in the name of transparency. Um, has she ever seen the show? (Oh, wait, probably not, since she was recruited.) Joey's need to tell the whole truth and nothing but put her short blue hair on the block, and she was the first houseguest evicted.

10. Ollie accepts Dan's HOH deal, Big Brother 10
If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Ollie let Dan win the HOH after striking a deal that let Ollie save another person (Michelle), choose one nominee and the replacement nominee if the Power of Veto is used. Dan, however, backdoored Michelle in one of the best moves ever, Replacement Roulette. Michelle got evicted, and Ollie lost his sh-- and got evicted in the double eviction. If you want power, then win HOH, dude.

9. Ivette's goodbye message to Rachel, Big Brother 6
Ivette is not exactly Miss Congeniality, to say the least, but she should've tried to be in her goodbye video to Rachel. Instead, she unleashed her inner bitch and railed against someone who barely provoked her inside the house, solely because she was in the Sovereign Six. When it came time to vote for the winner, Rachel and Howie voted for Maggie, who edged Ivette 4-3. Don't piss off the jury, folks.

8. Zach doesn't split up the Donatos, Big Brother 8
After winning the Veto at final five, Zach had the opportunity to force Dick, who was HOH, to put up his daughter Daniele as the replacement nominee, thus leading to her eviction. He stupidly opted not to use it, father and daughter stayed in the game, and Zach got knocked out at final three.

7. Howie nominates James and Sarah, Big Brother 6
Howie wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, but not even the most mentally incapacitated person would nominate his own alliance members. Sadly, that's exactly what he did after Maggie convinced him that James was betraying the Sovereign Six, and Sarah eventually got the boot. OK, even if James were playing both sides, nominate him and someone from The Friendship. Don't blow up your own alliance.

6. Dustin volunteers to go on block, Big Brother 8
"There's always a twinge of a risk, but in this situation, I just don't feel it." Those were Dustin's famous last words when he volunteered to go up as a pawn, confident that he'd stay over Dick. Little did he know, Dick had struck a deal with Eric -- who, as America's Player, was also tasked with engineering Dustin's eviction. "Interesting," was all he could muster after Julie Chen revealed the 4-2 vote to oust him.

5. Danielle uses the Veto on Dan, Big Brother 14
Oh, Danielle. So gullible. After getting Dan's word that he would save Shane and evict Ian at final four, Danielle used the Veto on Dan, who had been planning to dump Shane all along -- and did so to Danielle's open-mouthed horror.



Had she kept Dan on the block, Danielle arguably would've made final two and beaten any one of the guys there.

4. Kaysar gives up HOH to Jennifer, Big Brother 6
Kaysar is that dude on your basketball team who is lauded for a huge play he made that one time but is actually not all that great when you think about it. He is too trusting, has no foresight and overshoots when he should be pulling back. After America voted him back into the house, he and Jennifer were the remaining two in a grueling, 14-hour HOH comp -- a must-win HOH for his alliance. Instead, he agreed to give her the HOH, provided that they all go after James. She, of course, backdoored Kaysar and he was out the door again.

3. Cody takes Derrick to final two over Victoria, Big Brother 16
"Bros before $500K" was apparently Cody's motto. Cody had the chance to take professional floater Victoria to the final two, which pretty much would've assured him the win, but he chose to stay loyal to his Hitmen ally and the season-long puppet-master. The thing that made it even more moronic was that he realized he realized he would lose to Derrick and yet still took him.

2. Lawon volunteers to be evicted, Big Brother 13
Lawon was so dumb, you almost felt sorry for him. But then you remember he asked not just to be a pawn, but to be evicted because he was convinced he would definitely return with some magic powers. He didn't.

1. Marcellas doesn't use the Veto on himself, Big Brother 3
Marcellas was on the block at final five and won the Power of Veto. Instead of doing the most obvious thing in the world, saving himself, he didn't use it because... he didn't want to put everyone else through more stress. Wut?! He deserved to be evicted. (Julie even gave him a good smack on the head with her note cards) You might argue that this was the first season in which the Veto winner could remove themselves from the block, so he had no precedent for its use and after-effects, but that's like saying he was stranded in the desert for a week, came across an oasis, and didn't know to drink from it. When you have the opportunity to save yourself, do it.

Big Brother 18 premieres Wednesday, June 22 at 8/7 on CBS.
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