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The Bachelorette's Chris Harrison: Kupah Took a Ginormous Dump on Kaitlyn's Night

Plus: An update on Britt and Brady!

Robyn Ross

Kaitlyn may have been chosen as the Bachelorette, but the recently rejected Britt has already got a boyfriend!

On The Bachelorette's third episode, the guys got settled into the house as Kaitlyn had her first two one-on-one dates and her first group date. But while she's certainly connecting with more than a few of the men, Britt has settled down with just one guy: Brady. After seeing the Nashville singer show up to her hotel room, during the credits viewers got an update and one week later, he's asked her "to be his girl."

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Also in the episode, Laila Ali was on hand to help train some of the men for a boxing match. But when Jared got hit a bit too hard in the finals, he was off to the hospital. But that wasn't the most dramatic moment of the episode. After calling out Kaitlyn for -- well, we're not exactly sure what -- Kupah made a scene and the episode ended with Kaitlyn kicking him out before the rose ceremony. Keep reading for host Chris Harrison's thoughts on Britt's new relationship, Kaitlyn's fight with Kupah, and who turned off Amy Schumer during the comedy group date.

We got another update on Britt, and she and Brady are official!
Chris Harrison:
I kept waiting for him to give her his letterman jacket; they're adorable together. Part of our excitement in doing [the double Night 1] was that we thought there could be a situation like this and that we'd facilitate it and make it work. We've been able to marry the two very well because we don't want to take away from Kaitlyn's experience or the viewer's experience watching Kaitlyn. Even if you are Team Kaitlyn, you can wish Britt well in her life, and I hope women show both of these women love this season. I'd like to see people rally around both of them.

Kaitlyn went on her first group date. Were you holding your breath during the boxing match?
They went after it like it was a street fight! I kind of thought they'd take it easy but the testosterone takes over and they start wailing on each other. I was sitting with Kaitlyn and Laila and their reactions were so different. Kaitlyn was like, "Oh my God!" and Laila was like, "Good shot, nice right hook." There weren't many surprises other than that Kupah wasn't as good as we thought he'd be. Jared was sneaky good; he had a hammer of a right hand. I think Jared would've given Ben Z. a good fight if he had a chance to recoup a bit, but he was dazed and confused walking in. We talked about not even letting them fight in the finals, but Jared said no way.

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Ben Z. surprised me with how he opened up later on about his mother's death, and he earned himself a rose.
Ben Z. ended up sweeping Kaitlyn off her feet and blew all of us away. A lot of people have stories, but it's the way in which you express the story and have accepted it in your life. There are people who use their story like Kelsey last season and then other people who just want to share it and it comes off totally different.

Clint had the first one-on-one date. Talk about a great first kiss!
I went both ways with them. While they got more and more intimate as the photo shoot went on -- and what a way to capture a first date or first kiss! -- I don't know if I felt the chemistry. But the fact thathe produced that triceratops picture, I wish him the best and have to root for him.

The second group date with Amy Schumer was so great -- especially when she ripped on J.J. Harrison: It's not an accident that we filled these dates with strong women. Laila encompasses everything, literally and figuratively, about a strong woman and Amy Schumer is on fire right now.All of these guys, for the most part, walk the line between confidence and arrogance, but some of the guys step over the line. J.J. is that guy. Amy was so turned off by him. Even when she was trying to set him in his place in a comedic way, he didn't get it and kept going. But then you have the turnaround where he later sat with Kaitlyn and shared his story about his kid. She got so enveloped in it and fell hook, line and sinker and gave him a kiss and a rose. But you saw later there is more of J.J. rubbing the guys the wrong way. Right now, she doesn't see it but she'll have to learn and see more of this guy.

And then there was Kupah, who called Kaitlyn out for not paying enough attention to him when it's only the first week.
It really surprised us. You have her and Ian, who just shared his story about how he was a track star and then was hit by a car and was barely alive, and then you have Kupah come in and take a ginormous dump on Kaitlyn's night. It was so out of line and out of left field that she didn't know how to take it at first. You can see the confusion at first like, "Where did this come from?" Then it turned to anger like, "Who the hell are you?" He didn't give her the time of day and was all up in the boxing with Laila Ali and basically accused her of not paying attention to him when she's the Bachelorette. Then, after attacking her on a personal level, he alluded to some racism and she was just dumbfounded. As if it couldn't have been more odd and awkward, he tries to regroup and stay and calls her hot and negated everything that could've been real or sincere. I was extremely proud of her strength and resolve and then when he was bitching and moaning in the driveway I love that she went out and confronted him. You'll see next week that the conversation continues.

The Bachelorette returns to its regular time next week on Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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