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Which Guy Got Kicked Off The Bachelorette Already? Chris Harrison Breaks Down the Wacky Premiere

Scoop from Night 1!

Robyn Ross

Between the double twist, the contestants' crazy jobs and a guy getting kicked off before the first rose ceremony, The BacheloretteSeason 11 is shaping up to be one wacky - and already more exciting -- season.

After a refresher on both Britt's and Kaitlyn's time with Chris on The Bachelor, the premiere picked up with both ladies during their rose-filled photo-shoots. Then, after we met a handful of guys, it was time for the two to begin their first night. As host Chris Harrison had told us, Britt and Kaitlyn couldn't have handled the awkwardness any better, and while it was clear the two are very different, the guys seemed to be torn -- well except for Ryan M. who couldn't seem to care less about either of them.

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As always, Harrison broke down the first night for us, including why he thought he might get punched in the face and whether or not he kept Clint's drawing of him. Plus: Harrison shares what to expect in Part 2 of the premiere.

Let's talk about some of the men we met - and their jobs! Are they for real?
Harrison: We've realized there are so many people with brackets or who really get into what we say about these guys. We haven't paid much attention to it before, so now we've gotten more specific and had a little fun with it and get to label these guys in a way that, in detail, really describes what they do. The response has been really fun.

What was your reaction to Tony the healer?
Harrison: He goes in an out of the spectrum. When he gets going in his zone, he gets a little out there. Apparently he voted on Britt's aura or whatever vibrations he was getting from his ballot box. If anything, he'd fit better with Britt than Kaitlyn, that's for sure.


Did you get to keep the drawing that Clint drew of you?
I asked Kaitlyn if I could have it and where it is, but I think she wants it. I think she's going to take it and put it up on her mantle, which is an honor, and it's creepy. The picture was stunning.


Ryan M. got way too drunk. Were you nervous about how far gone he was?
That was just the tip of the iceberg and we just wanted to show enough to make viewers aware at why we were sending him home. He made a complete ass of himself and went way beyond the line of decency. Crossing that line of grabbing Kaitlyn wasn't OK and he was starting fights. I actually ended up feeling sorry for the guy. I didn't know how the exit would go. He had been so adversarial all night. I thought he'd come out and start a fight with me and I was prepared to get slugged in the face. That was the first time I ever thought, "This could go badly." I think it was Freudian that he called me Chris Hansen [the former host of To Catch a Predator]. Maybe that's who he's used to being worried about seeing - that's who should've been there.


I love the big guy guarding both you and later the rose box. I want to know more about him. Harrison: That is our dear friend Paul Danner, and if there's one person most beloved by our crew, it's him. He is our stage manager. Paulie, who's been with us forever and has risen through the ranks, [is] a former Army ranger and an amazing human being. He's the biggest teddy bear in the world, but can also take care of business. So he's our bouncer. When we go to foreign countries or some pretty crazy place, Paulie is always by my side.

This is Paulie
Paulie even helps count the roses!

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The episode ends with the votes. What can we expect tomorrow?
Harrison: Monday wrapped up with me walking out to talk the girls andTuesday picks up right where we left off, so immediately I tell them how the vote went. I send one home and then let the other know that she's the Bachelorette.

On another note, your book, The Perfect Letter, is officially out on Tuesday! Are you nervous? Harrison: It was like a mirage for a long time and just something I talked about a little bit. Now, hard copies are out there and people are reviewing it. It's exciting and I'm scared to death, and for the first time in a long time, I feel vulnerable and exposed. I don't mind what people say about me when I'm on television because I know what I do and who I am. I don't know that [with being] a novelist. I assume book reviewers are frothing at the mouth to take a shot at a TV guy who's written a book, but the good news is the response has been positive. The novelty will get people in the door, but if it's not a good story, they're not going to stay or tell their friends. So I hope at the end of this people say, "I really like the book!"

Give us a little tease about the story.
[The story] has nothing to do with The Bachelor/Bachelorette and it has everything to do with The Bachelor/Bachelorette. It's one big love triangle and if anybody knows a good love triangle, it's me; it's what we do. And if I've learned anything from the show, it's that we all have this capacity to love more than one person. But which of those people do you choose? That's what my main character Leigh is going through. Overall, if you love The Bachelor/Bachelorette and the drama, the romance and the escapism, then you'll love this book and that's all I wanted.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesday at 8/7c before returning to its regular night next Monday on ABC.

Order Harrison's book here!

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