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Who Was Named the Bachelorette? Chris Harrison on the Vote and that Scandalous Super-Tease!

See who returns from Andi Dorfman's season!

Robyn Ross

If that Bachelorettesuper-tease is any indication, this will be one talked-about season.

Tuesday's episode picked up with host Chris Harrison informing Britt she was not the chosen one before revealing to Kaitlyn that she was. From there, the sassy Canadian talked more with the men, including some who admitted they hadn't voted for her. Before she knew it, Harrison was clinking his champagne glass, signaling it was time for the rose ceremony.

But while the first night included plenty of drama - one guy got kicked out, another left to find Britt - it was the long preview of the season that will have most people talking. Not only was it revealed that Nick Viall, the runner-up from Andi's season, returns, but it showed Kaitlyn explaining to the men she took things too far and had sex with one of them. How will that affect the season? Will Kaitlyn be slut-shamed? (We seriously hope not.) Harrison weighs in.

Was it important to you that you tell Britt, alone, that it wasn't her?
For sure. We all talked about it and we wanted it to be classy and be personal. Obviously, it's on television, but doing it in front of the guys and shaming one of them wouldn't have been a good move. So we told them to find space and the guys to stay inside. We put Britt closest to the car so she wouldn't have to walk past the guys or Kaitlyn. She handled it well, but she was shocked. Towards the end of the night, she had so many good conversations -- they both did -- where they fully felt like they were the one. I think Britt thought it would go her way and the rug was pulled a little bit from under her. She was lot more confident walking in than Kaitlyn.

Jared told Kaitlyn that he voted for Britt. Will we see more of these admissions? And does it affect the season?
Harrison: It was really just a Night 1 thing. While the guys made their decisions and voted, they didn't really know them that well, they were just going off of those first impressions. Even he said, "Look, I could've gone either way. I liked Britt, but once I got to know Kaitlyn she's great, but I had to pick one." So he played it well by telling her, "I want to be here." It was a smart play.

Are you surprisedBrady felt strongly enough about Britt to leave? And later during the credits he goes to find Britt!
Harrison: I wasn't surprised because some did feel strongly and I respected that. He found me and talked to me about wanting to spend time with Britt and asked if I could make that happen, and so we did. You'll definitely hear and see more about this.

Kaitlyn kissed two guys. Were you surprised, and are they front-runners?
Harrison: I was a bit surprised it happened twice, but I will say this: If the person that Kaitlyn kisses is a front-runner, there will be a lot of front-runners this season. Normally, you might be able to discern who's on top because of who she's making out with, but that won't be the case this season.

That leads me to the super-tease for the season. First, Nickfrom Andi's season returns?! Harrison: He comes back pretty early in the season, when we were in New York. It's definitely a sticking point for the guys because it's not just a guy, it's Nick. Anybody who's seen the show knows what Nick is like. Adding fuel to the fire would be an understatement. But part of it was jealousy because Kaitlyn decides if he should stay or not.

The tease also shows Kaitlyn telling the guys she had sex with one of them. This has to majorly affect the course of the season.
Harrison: Kaitlyn, in general, is very affectionate with the guys and in her words, she made a mistake and goes too far with one of them. It's definitely an issue. But the thing with Kaitlyn you'll see is that at times she can be her own worst enemy. She's a wonderful Bachelorette because she wears her heart on her sleeve and lays everything out and says what's on her mind, but the flip side is that can get you into trouble. Like the issue with the two Bachelorettes, the social media masses often pick the lowest hanging fruit and go for that shot because it's easy. It's going to be easy to say things about Kaitlyn, so we'll see how people react. If it were a guy, would it be any different? Part of the dynamic I love about this show is that there will be a debate and talk about this, and it's not such a bad thing.

The Bachelorette airs on Monday at 9/8c on ABC before returning to its regular time at 8/7c.

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