After two tense After the Final Rose specials in a row, The Bachelor host Chris Harrison could finally rest easy going into Monday night's live episode.

While Chris Soules remained conflicted throughout the Season 19 finale, in the end, he sent Becca — who admitted she wasn't in love with him just yet — home and then got down on one knee to propose to Whitney. With no over-the-top dramatics from Becca, the live After the Final Rose was all about the happy couple, leaving the big surprise — and crazy twist — to the Bachelorette announcement. So how exactly will the upcoming season work with both Britt and Kaitlyn? And what does Harrison think of Chris joining Dancing with the Stars? He tells us all below!

Well, that was the least tense After the Final Rose you'd had in awhile!
Chris Harrison:
I love Becca, but it was just apparent she's not ready for this in her life, so that took a lot of the sting out of the live special. Chris really cares for her, but he knows as well as anybody that there was no chance for them. She doesn't know what love is and you can't be a mature, older man, ready to settle down and have kids with somebody who's never felt the emotion of love; it just doesn't make any sense. So it was such a non-starter last night.

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Do you really believe she wasn't in love or was she scared?
Harrison: I would love to go deeper and figure it out because she's 26 years old, she's not a baby, and to have reached that age and never felt the emotion of love or have realized it... As I said to her as she was leaving last night, I hope she learned something and this makes her realize she needs to get more in touch with who she is and what she wants and hopefully she will. Obviously she's drop-dead gorgeous and incredibly kind and sweet, and a girl like that doesn't go unnoticed. It'll be interesting to see how the next six months of her life goes.

Chris seemed to be conflicted down to the final moment. Were you nervous about his choice? Harrison: I was pretty positive he was going to choose Whitney. I honestly saw him choosing Whitney in Bali. We didn't really show much, but his breakdown in Bali was over Becca and Kaitlyn, and it had nothing to do with Whitney. She was always safe and the front-runner from that week on. I think he did a very good job of keeping his mind and heart open to the possibility of Becca, but he was more intrigued than anything. Becca shows you one thing, but can't articulate it, and it's frustrating for a man coming off a date with Whitney who is so in touch with her emotions and knows exactly where she is and where she wants to go.

Whitney flew under the radar. Looking back to Night 1, are you surprised she ended up being the one?
Definitely. If you go into Night 1 and the first few weeks, Whitney was the slow burn. It was such a crazy, dynamic group of women that it was so easy to be over-shadowed. But at the end of the day, that's not why Chris was there and that's not what was going to last. To be honest, Britt was the front-runner early on and for quite some time, but she slowly sabotaged herself and was her own worst enemy.

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Speaking of... did the Bachelorette decision come down to the wire?
This could've changed yesterday. It was a down-to-the-wire, heated debate, and Becca was a part of the debate too. But we all came to the realization that it made no sense. This girl is not ready to take charge and be the Bachelorette. You have to be clear about what you want and even if you're really ready, it's a tough, grueling task emotionally. So it came down to Britt and Kaitlyn, and I still stand by that. On my Twitter feed, I get absolute avid fans for both. They both have rabid fans, but it's almost mean out there. The responses today have been just that. Some are happy, but I'm not sure what is so polarizing about these girls that's driving everybody crazy — which makes me realize we made the right choice.

Did you hear people boo for Britt?
Harrison: I totally did. This is what's funny. Obviously people saw spoilers that Kaitlyn was the Bachelorette, so their thinking was that I'm setting them up to cheer for Kaitlyn. But everybody was wrong. When we say we hadn't made a decision even though we had talked to them, we really hadn't. So because everybody assumed it was Kaitlyn, they cheered a little more knowing she was backstage. I think the fake spoilers set up that moment. But I definitely heard a couple of boos and I loved it. I was laughing.

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How exactly will this work?
Harrison: I think by Night 1, we're going to knock it down to one Bachelorette. That seems to be the consensus. We have discussed other versions and we haven't filmed it, so until we do, I can't guarantee it. But the overwhelming consensus seems to be that Night 1, we'll go forward with one Bachelorette. And who that'll be, I really don't know.

Do you worry who is chosen will be spoiled immediately?
Sure, it'll 100 percent get out. It'll probably get out before the girls in the limo! The people that go on this show and the people of this generation live to tell things. If someone can't get through a meal without tweeting, do you really think they'll come away with this kind of information and not spill it? No, it's impossible. So it'll get out and that's the way we'll live and we'll have to think about it. Maybe we'll take that moment and announce it somewhere, but it is absolutely impossible to keep this a secret.

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And how do you think Chris will do on Dancing?
Harrison: I saw video of him working out with Witney and he's not bad. He's going to surprise people! I told him, "You know you can't sing, you have no rhythm, you're going to be terrible." But then I saw the video and he may not suck so bad.

Final advice for Chris and Whitney?
Well, it's good and bad he's doing Dancing. It'll be fun to have him out here, and we'll all get together and I'll be sitting with Whitney front row Monday night. So I'm happy for them and I think they have a good shot, but it's really tough. I talked to him about the tabloids and that you have to ignore all that, which is the hardest thing to do. I love Whitney's attitude [and] that she didn't watch the show, and the perspective of, "I'm confident in what we have." That is my advice to every couple. Be open and honest with each other, and that's all you need to listen to. There's no story in a happy couple from here on out... so I said you just can't get involved. It'll be tougher because he'll be on Dancing and will have to do press, but I think Whitney is a mature, strong woman and if anyone can handle it, she will.

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