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Here's What American Horror Story Fans Think the Season 7 Title Will Be

Are you ready for AHS: Main Street?

Sadie Gennis

Ahead of Roanoke's premiere, American Horror Story fans had zero idea what to expect. But in the lead-up to Season 7, creator Ryan Murphy can't seem to stop himself from sharing vague clues about what's to come. Not that we're complaining!

Without an official title, it's hard to string together all these disparate hints into one cohesive theme, but that hasn't stopped many AHS fans from putting their theories out there. In the comments of Murphy's Instagram posts, on Twitter and on Reddit, fans continue to suggest their predictions for what the Season 7 title will be. Some of them are completely ridiculous (like all the AHS: Trump suggestions), but others have given us pause.

Check out five of the most popular fan suggestions below!

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Suburbia or Main Street: Most AHS titles are named after the locations of the season, but is there a less exciting location to name a season after than suburbia? Probably not, but that hasn't stopped fans online from throwing this out as an option. Given the season's political inspirations, it makes sense that the show would be set at least partially in middle American or the suburbs where so-called "real" Americans, as opposed to the "coastal elites" some politicians rail on against, would be living.

However, fans have also suggested a much more graceful title touching on this same idea: Main Street. In politics, there appear to only be two roads: Main Street or Wall Street. Wall Street represents the rich, while Main Street represents the working class. If AHS Season 7 is going to go the suburban or small town route (let's face it, most likely in Massachusetts), Main Street could be a viable option.

Candyman: After Murphy shared the terrifying bee tease (which was not taken on set), many viewers immediately thought of two things: Beyonce and Wicker Man. However, we doubt Murphy was trying to tell us the title of Season 7 would be American Horror Story: Lemonade or anything like that. Instead, it's more likely that the photo is inspired by the 1992 horror movie Candyman, in which the son of a slave, known as the Candyman, was killed by a lynch mob after being slathered in honey and stung to death by bees. The legend states that if you say his name in a mirror five times, you summon the murderous spirit of the Candyman.

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We already know that Candyman is on Murphy's radar because he used the film's theme in Asylum, so there's a good chance Murphy was trying to reference the horror film with the bee photo. Whether the reference would be so literally translated in the title is highly unlikely though.

Phobias: Clowns. Bees. Small, irregular holes. What do all these things share? They're extremely common phobias! This connection has lead many fans to speculate that Phobias will be the Season 7 title. And though Murphy does like to keep his titles fairly straightforward, they are usually based more on the places where people are scared rather than what actually is scaring them.

Cult: A lot of the imagery Murphy has released in the lead-up seem to hint at some sort of cult. The bee photo could represent a hive mind, with one person (a politician perhaps?) controlling how the masses think. The image of a person with a pentagram on their face and hands coming out of the skull could also be seen to represent thought control. It's even possible that this person, whose "ambidexterity" is pointed out by Murphy, represents someone who influences both political parties, using government officials as puppets in a larger game.

American Horror Story's Season 7 title will be revealed on Thursday. The season is expected to premiere on FX this fall.