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The Latest American Horror Story Season 7 Tease Is the Most Disturbing One Yet

Excuse us while we go pass out

Sadie Gennis

Ryan Murphy shared yet another tease for American Horror Story's seventh season and honestly, we might never be the same.

The disturbing image shows a black and white figure's face -- or at least we can assume it's a face because of the horrifying mouth, complete with seemingly decayed teeth and a tongue riddled with holes. But if it weren't for that nightmare grin, we'd have little-to-no idea what we were looking at, because the rest of the figure's head is obscured by what appears to be folds of melted flesh, deformed by a series of holes and lacking any recognizable human form.

Murphy captioned the image: "American Horror Story Holes."

The image appears to be a follow-up to his June 25 post, which showed a similarly hole-riddled human form, but this one had an upside down, blue pentagram over its face and two hands pertruding from its skull like terrifying horns. "AHS Season 7 clue," Murphy wrote, "ambidexterity."

Although there's little we can glean about the election-inspired seventh season from these images, there's one thing we know for sure: this season is going to be a trypophobe's worst nightmare.

For those of you who don't know, trypophobia is the very common fear of clusters of small holes or bumps. This can include anything from honeycomb to clusters of coral to the inside of a cantaloupe.

So if you're an AHS fan who suffers from trypophobia, you might want to sit this season out.

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