Catherine Bell

  • Birth Name: Catherine Lisa Bell
  • Birth Place: London, England
  • Profession: Actor
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Mon Nov 18 8:05am
Bruce Almighty HBO

God gives a disgruntled Buffalo TV reporter divine powers.

Mon Nov 18 2:00pm
JAGDog Robber(Season 7, Episode 9) WGNA

Part 1 of two. When a Navy spy plane is captured by China, Harm is asked to accompany a retired admiral (Terence Quinn) to negotiate the release of the plane and its crew. Secnav: Paul Collins. Capt. Hubbard: David Purdham. Lt. Crandall: Renee Estevez. Mid (more…)

Mon Nov 18 3:00pm
JAGDog Robber(Season 7, Episode 10) WGNA

Conclusion. Harm represents Lt. Barrett (Ned Vaughn), who believes his bombing of the U.S. spy plane held by the Chinese is in keeping with the Naval code of not surrendering the ship. Meanwhile, Mac goes up against a Marine colonel who humiliated a female (more…)

Tue Nov 19 2:00pm
JAGAnswered Prayers(Season 7, Episode 11) WGNA

Days before Christmas, Harm (David James Elliott) is given custody of a belligerent Navy petty officer he's defending in an unauthorized absence case, but he has no idea what to do with the woman, who was sent to the military in lieu of going to prison. Cm (more…)

Tue Nov 19 3:00pm
JAGCapital Crime(Season 7, Episode 12) WGNA

Mac's extrasensory gifts are used when a weapons counter who was keeping track of the Russian navy's nuclear arsenal is murdered and Mac sees details of the attack in a dream. Det. Amira: William Francis McGuire. Capt. Ingles: Gary Graham. Morgan Dietz: Fo (more…)

Thu Nov 21 12:55am
Bruce Almighty HBOSGe

God gives a disgruntled Buffalo TV reporter divine powers.

Thu Nov 21 2:00pm
JAGCode of Conduct(Season 7, Episode 13) WGNA

Harm (David James Elliott) befriends the widow of a Special Ops soldier who died while his unit was attempting to recover another casualty. Complicating matters, Harm is assigned to defend the soldier's commanding officer, who is being prosecuted for causi (more…)

Thu Nov 21 3:00pm
JAGOdd Man Out(Season 7, Episode 14) WGNA

Lt. Roberts sits on the court-martial in a murder case in which Harm and Mac are the defense and prosecution, respectively, and he's the lone juror who thinks the defendant (Jimmy Wlcek) is innocent. Sgt. MacCabee: Carlos Sanz. Cdr. Turner: Scott Lawrence (more…)

Fri Nov 22 2:00pm
JAGHead to Toe(Season 7, Episode 15) WGNA

Harm and Mac defend a pilot who refused to obey the rules for women in Saudi Arabia, which include wearing a veil and having a male chaperone. Cmdr. Turner: Scott Lawrence. Adm. Chegwidden: John M. Jackson. Tiner: Chuck Carrington.

Fri Nov 22 3:00pm
JAGPulse Rate(Season 9, Episode 10) WGNA

Harm and Mac are sent to a destroyer to investigate what led to a death during the routine repair of a radar system. Meanwhile, Adm. Chegwidden asks PO Coates for assistance in his wedding plans. PO Yates: Patrick Flueger. PO Demato: Burnadean Jones. PO Fa (more…)

Sat Nov 23 9:00am
JAGThe Mission(Season 7, Episode 16) WGNA

Harm and Mac go aboard a carrier near Afghanistan to tell fellow JAGs to relax the rules of engagement. Meanwhile, Lt. Roberts is offered an overseas assignment. Part 1 of two. Lt. Jorgenson: Lisa Ann Hadley. Lt. Hillyard: Brian McNamara. Lt. Singer: Nanci (more…)

Sat Nov 23 10:00am
JAGExculpatory Evidence(Season 7, Episode 17) WGNA

Conclusion. Harm defends and Cmdr. Turner prosecutes when Lt. Roberts (Patrick Labyorteaux) is charged with dereliction of duty in a case involving a petty officer. Lt. Sims: Karri Turner. Adm. Chegwidden: John M. Jackson. Harm: David James Elliott.

Sat Nov 23 11:00am
JAGHero Worship(Season 7, Episode 18) WGNA

Adm. Chegwidden (John M. Jackson) agrees to help the White House with an event honoring Medal of Honor recipients, but only if he can investigate the case of a vet who was dropped from the list because of a shoplifting arrest. Meanwhile, Mac and Harm look (more…)

Sat Nov 23 12:00pm
JAGFirst Casualty(Season 7, Episode 19) WGNA

A journalist (John D'Aquino) is tried in military court when it is revealed that he disobeyed orders and used his phone while traveling in Afghanistan with soldiers who were ambushed. Harm: David James Elliott. Coates: Zoe McLellan. Lt. Roberts: Patrick La (more…)

Sat Nov 23 1:00pm
JAGPort Chicago(Season 7, Episode 20) WGNA

A retired Navy man (Carl Gordon) who was convicted of mutiny along with 50 other black servicemen during WWII wants a new court-martial to set the record straight. Chaplain Turner: Bill Cobbs. Cmdr. Turner: Scott Lawrence. Lt. Singer: Nanci Chambers.

Sat Nov 23 2:00pm
JAGTribunal(Season 7, Episode 21) WGNA

A military tribunal is held for a fictional Al Qaeda leader (Marc Casabani) accused of training terrorists for the Sept. 11 attacks. Adm. Chegwidden and Cdr. Turner are his defense team, while Mac and Harm prosecute. Judge Sebring: Corbin Bernsen. Clayton (more…)

Sat Nov 23 3:00pm
JAGDefending His Honor(Season 7, Episode 22) WGNA

Respected Judge Sebring (Corbin Bernsen) is charged with forcing a woman (Karina Logue) off the road. That fit of road rage killed her infant, and Mac must prosecute him. Capt. Yerastov: Bo Svenson. P.O. Coates: Zoe McLellan. Cmdr. Turner: Scott Lawrence.

Sat Nov 23 4:00pm
JAGA Girl's Best Friend(Season 9, Episode 12) WGNA

When Adm. Chegwidden suspects that Meredith's diamond is an illegally smuggled gem, he begins his own investigation and asks for Mac's help. Lt. Maravalis: Mike Siegel. Allesandro Selvaggio: Ramy Zada. Mr. Handy: Richard Cox. Cdr. Helfman: Jennifer Savidge (more…)

Mon Nov 25 8:30am
Bruce Almighty HBOSGe

God gives a disgruntled Buffalo TV reporter divine powers.

Mon Nov 25 2:00pm
JAGIn Country(Season 7, Episode 23) WGNA

Trisha Yearwood reprises her role as Lt. Cdr. Teresa Coulter, a forensic pathologist who helps Mac and Harm in their quest to see if Al Qaeda leaders are among the dead in an attack in Afghanistan in which civilians died. Clayton Webb: Steven Culp. Capt. J (more…)

Mon Nov 25 3:00pm
JAGEnemy Below(Season 7, Episode 24) WGNA

Navy intelligence learns that Al Qaeda terrorist Kabir Atef (Francesco Quinn) is planning an attack on the U.S. fleet in the Arabian Sea, and Mac, Harm and Turner are sent to help prevent it. Capt. Mikael Yerastov: Bo Svenson. Cmdr. John Flagler: Tom Amand (more…)

Tue Nov 26 2:00pm
JAGCritical Condition(Season 8, Episode 1) WGNA

Harriet and her JAG colleagues learn that Lt. Roberts is in critical condition after losing his leg in a mine explosion while trying to save a child in Afghanistan. Mac and Harm disobey orders to remain aboard their carrier and rush to the shipboard hospit (more…)

Tue Nov 26 3:00pm
JAGThe Promised Land(Season 8, Episode 2) WGNA

Mac and Harm defend a Marine corporal (Steve Petrarca) who's charged with desertion. He claims that anti-Semitism drove him to leave the Corps and join the Israeli army, where he was awarded for heroism. Leslie: Betsy Brandt. Lt. Singer: Nanci Chambers. Lt (more…)

Wed Nov 27 5:05pm
Bruce Almighty HBO

God gives a disgruntled Buffalo TV reporter divine powers.

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