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Toon Marty

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Craig Shoemaker: Live - "That's A True Story!"

This live performance by stand-up comedian Craig Shoemaker was filmed at the San Jose Improv in front of a live audience. Shoemaker's makes viewers laugh with his "alter-ego" Lovemaster.
2005 Comedy

Kyle Kinane: I Liked His Old Stuff Better

Filmed at the historic 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia, Kyle Kinane's new special delivers wonderfully grim anecdotes filtered through his own optimistic lens. In "I Liked His Old Stuff Better" Kinane chooses to marvel rather than rue such experiences as falling in the shower and receiving pickled eggs as a token of love. It is his second special for Comedy Central.
2015 TVMA Events & Specials, Comedy, Other

Vidiots Asia

MTV Vidiots features some of Asia's best comedians, who comment on the hottest contemporary videos and take hilarious shots at the music, artists and each other.
2017 Reality, Comedy, Talk & Interview, Other

The Betty Hutton Show

The Betty Hutton Show is an American sitcom that aired on CBS's Thursday night schedule during the 1959-1960 season. The show was sponsored by General Foods' Post Cereals, and was produced by Desilu and Hutton Productions.The series, which was originally entitled Goldie, would retain its original title during its syndication run.
1959 Comedy, Other

Shortage of Space

An injured man in a hospital is continually moved around as he keeps getting in the way.
2003 Comedy, Other

The Caretaker's Daughter

Charley Chase plays a young married man with a suspicious wife (Katherine Grant) in this Hal Roach silent. The couple's car finally bites the dust (and their garage along with it), so Charley take it to a secondhand sales lot. He gets a tough looking character (the imposing George Siegmann) to buy it and it immediately collapses into pieces. Unfortunately for Charley, that's not the last he's seen of the tough, whose wife (Symona Boniface) is carrying on with Charley's boss (William J. Kelly). Charley winds up driving the philandering young lady to the mountains, with his boss following after -- along with her husband and Charley's wife. In their attempts to escape, Charley and the tough's wife both disguise themselves to look like the lodge's caretaker (James Parrott, Chase's real-life brother). In addition, there's also a "prohibition sleuth" (James Finlayson), who dresses up like the caretaker, too. The result is a hilarious chase throughout the lodge involving four caretakers and mass confusion. Charley makes his getaway, but not unscathed -- his wife knocks him senseless before taking him home.
1925 Comedy, Other

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