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Titans Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

11 Episodes 2000 - 2000

Episode 1

Pilot Episode

Wed, Oct 4, 2000 60 mins

In the series pilot, flyboy Chandler (Casper Van Dien) rejoins the family fold just in time to find that he and his engaged dad have the same taste in women. Meanwhile, Gwen learns of Heather's plans to oust her from her home, and Laurie (Josie Davis) orchestrates her own sister's drunken downfall. Peter: John Barrowman. Gwen: Victoria Principal.

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Episode 2

Dysfunction Junction

Wed, Oct 11, 2000 60 mins

Richard's brother (Jack Wagner) returns for the Williams wedding---and some reminiscing with Gwen; Laurie makes waves for the club's new manager (Ingo Rademacher); and Peter plays dirty to bury his dad's plan to gift Heather with a risky Internet firm. Meanwhile, sparks fly between Chandler and Samantha after she tries to sway his vote in the family's fight against their manipulative new matriarch.

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Episode 3

Guess Who's Chumming for Dinner

Wed, Oct 18, 2000 60 mins

An ill-fated fete reunites the family with Gwen's troubled nephew (Kevin Zegers); Chandler and Sam's fling hits a Heather-sized snag; Jenny finds a common bond with David; and Richard realizes Peter's plans to crush the company's newest member. David: Ingo Rademacher. Jenny: Josie Davis. Peter: John Barrowman. Scott: Jason George. Gwen: Victoria Principal. Chandler: Casper Van Dien.

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Episode 4

Stormy Heather

Wed, Oct 25, 2000 60 mins

Peter lures Sam into a date after Chandler leaves her high and dry; Gwen calls in a favor to get Ethan (Kevin Zegers) into a ritzy prep school; and Laurie sets out to snag David, but finds her hunk indulging in another Williams woman. Meanwhile, Richard shoots down Heather's hurried plans to have a baby, leaving her no choice but to continue hiding her pregnancy. Gwen: Victoria Principal. Richard: Perry King. Sam: Lourdes Benedicto.

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Episode 5

Frisky Business

Wed, Nov 1, 2000 60 mins

Peter's investigation into Heather's past unearths more than a little dirt; Richard makes a startling admission to Gwen; and tragedy tears apart the Williams family and their firm. Also: Chandler eyes a return to the Navy; Samantha stumbles upon a chance to take over Dress2K; and Jenny's new role at the club puts her shaky sobriety to the test.

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Episode 6

Bad Will Hunting

Wed, Nov 8, 2000 60 mins

As the family awaits Richard's fate, Jack (Jack Wagner) returns to save Williams Global and Peter goes to Gwen with a secret that could ruin Chandler and run Heather out of town. Meanwhile, Jenny's drinking creates a stir at a bleak family gathering---and causes David to make a daring declaration. Lucille: Andie Tecec. Alex: John Sanderford. Bishop: Robert Phelps. Dr. Smith: Tricia O'Neil. Tom: Mark L. Taylor.

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Episode 7

Torn Between Two Mothers

Wed, Nov 15, 2000 60 mins

Heather wins Jack's support as Gwen reels from her baby news---and tryst with Chandler; Peter's plot to seduce Sam is sunk by a sworn foe; Jenny's addiction leads David to Laurie, who agrees to help him save her sister. Meanwhile, Heather recruits Jack to fulfill Richard's last wish, and a comely neighbor lands herself a job as Ethan's tutor. Faith: Katie Stuart. Sam: Lourdes Bendicto. Heather: Yasmine Bleeth. Peter: John Barrowman.

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Episode 8

Desperately Seeking Heather

Wed, Nov 22, 2000 60 mins

Sam steps in after Peter bungles Jack's new project; Jenny stumbles into an intervention---and out of rehab; Heather reels in a hunky doctor to give Chandler a dose of jealousy that could prove fatal for both of them. Meanwhile, Ethan walks away from a fling with Faith after she exposes her wild side; and David tiptoes around his feelings for Laurie for the sake of her very twisted sister.

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Episode 9

Secrets & Thighs

Mon, Dec 4, 2000 60 mins

Gwen gets the truth about Jenny's drugging; tragedies bond Chandler and Heather, who reclaims Dress2K; Peter's "lost love" (Brittney Powell) leads Sam to a sexy choice; Jack toys with selling Gwen's hotel to a competitor (Sandra Hess). Meanwhile, Laurie (Josie Davis) cuts David loose after he fails her one last time. Eve: Michelle Holgate. Faith: Katie Stuart. Male Nurse: Stevie Johnson. Vet: Mimi Savage.

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Episode 10

Angels with Dirty Minds

Mon, Dec 11, 2000 60 mins

The past catches up with Gwen and Jack; Ethan hosts an ill-fated bash; Jenny falls apart after spying her sister's dirty deed; Peter is forced to take Dress2K away from Sam after Heather hears the truth about Maureen's hold on his heart---and wallet. Meanwhile, a pair of warring women come to blows. Faith: Katie Stuart. Maureen: Brittney Powell. Chandler: Casper Van Dien. Heather: Yasmine Bleeth. Jack: Jack Wagner.

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Episode 11

Payback's a Bitch

Mon, Dec 18, 2000 60 mins

Jenny's poolside fall has Laurie and David at odds---and Gwen up to her ears in family feuds; Sam gets the goods on Heather's shady style of financing for Chandler's project; Ethan and Faith's "first time" proves problematic; and Peter begins to see that his sinister stepmother has more her mind than making his life miserable. Maureen: Brittney Powell. Tom: Mark L. Taylor. Samantha: Lourdes Bendicto. Edward: Clement von Franckenstein.

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