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Alan Carr: Chatty Man

16 Seasons
Alan Carr's chat show, packed with celebrity guests, topical showbiz news and highlights.
2009 TV14 Comedy, Talk & Interview, Other

Bob and Margaret

4 Seasons
Animated series following the daily adventures of a London dentist and his chiropodist wife.
1998 TVPG Comedy, Other

Peep Show

9 Seasons
On the surface, there was nothing out of the ordinary about the British sitcom Peep Show. David Mitchell and Robert Webb starred as Mark Corrigan and Jeremy Osborne, a pair of twentysomething losers who shared the same South London flat. The obsessive, luckless Mark was employed in a dull, go-nowhere office job, while the unemployed Jeremy (aka "Jez") was lazy and opportunistic, vaguely pursuing a career as a pop star. Both roomies fantasized endlessly about women, with Mark carrying a torch for co-worker Sophie Chapman (Olivia Colman) and Jeremy going gaga over his divorced neighbor Toni (Elizabeth Marmur). Others in the cast included Sophie's insufferably good-looking boyfriend, Geoff (Neil Fitzmaurice), and Jez's manipulative pal and fellow musician Super Hans (Matt King). This being a an early-21st century effort, much of the humor was derived from the scripts' overabundance of sexual single-entendres and the frequent public humiliations endured by the principals. What set Peep Show apart from the standard Odd Couple-Men Behaving Badly was its first-person camerawork -- that is, the camera frequently acted as the "eyes" of the main characters, while the soundtrack revealed their innermost thoughts, in the tradition of Strange Interlude. It was a highly sophisticated and technically complicated gimmick, and it worked brilliantly. Peep Show was seen on BBC2 beginning September 1, 2003.
2003 TVMA Comedy, Other

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

10 Seasons
A point-based competition for comedians who improvise on situations they are given by the judge.
1988 TVPG Comedy, Game Show, Other

Vic Reeves' Big Night Out

2 Seasons
Although only comedian Vic Reeves' name appeared in the titles, he co-starred on this surrealistic British sketch-comedy series with his longtime stage and writing partner Bob Mortimer. While most of the skits and gags were one-shots, the series also contained a number of wild recurring features, among them "Wavy Davy" and "Novelty Island." Fred Aylward also appeared on a weekly basis. Fourteen half-hour episodes of Vic Reeves' Big Night Out, together with one 45-minute and one hour-long "special," were telecast from 1990 to 1991.
1990 Events & Specials, Comedy

Pete Versus Life

2 Seasons
Pete Griffiths is a struggling young sports journalist. Although well meaning, Pete lacks the emotional maturity to deal with grown-up relationships. He wishes life had clearly defined rules, like sport.
2010 Comedy

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