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The X-Files Season 8 Episodes

21 Episodes 2000 - 2001

Season eight of The X-Files begins with Dana Scully meeting with Special Agent John Doggett, to help conduct a search for the missing Fox Mulder. In this season, Scully also learns that several woman have been abducted and impregnated by alien babies, leading her to question her own pregnancy .Stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

Episode 1


Sun, Nov 5, 2000 60 mins

In the two-part, eighth-season opener, Robert Patrick joins the cast as Special Agent John Doggett, heading the task force to find Mulder, who appears to be leaving some clues. Kersh: James Pickens Jr. Teacher: Arlene Malinowski. Coeben: Marty Zagon. Skinner: Mitch Pileggi. Scully: Gillian Anderson.

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Episode 2


Sun, Nov 12, 2000 60 mins

Conclusion. Doggett loses Mulder, and Scully loses the title "skeptic" with her theory of why; Skinner plants a seed of doubt in Doggett regarding Kersh and his motives. Gibson: Jeff Gulka. Thea: Christine Firkins. Landau: Sal Landi. Kersh: James Pickens Jr. Skinner: Mitch Pileggi.

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Episode 3


Sun, Nov 19, 2000 60 mins

Neither man nor beast is the conclusive culprit in a brutal double homicide that forces Doggett to think outside his "old fashioned" lines. Det. Abbott: Bradford English. Ernie: Gene Dynarski. Myron: Dan Leegant. George: Gary Bullock. Deputy: Bryan Rasmussen. Doggett: Robert Patrick.

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Episode 4


Sun, Nov 26, 2000 60 mins

Scully's "simple consultation" on a Utah murder gets complicated when it appears that someone wants to keep her in an isolated town. Milsap: Lawrence Pressman. Hank: David Barry Gray. Bus Driver: Rusty Schwimmer. Gas Station Man: William O'Leary. Sheriff: Conor O'Farrell. Doggett: Robert Patrick.

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Episode 5


Sun, Dec 3, 2000 60 mins

Ten years to the day he disappeared into thin air, a seven-year-old boy returns to his point of departure---surprisingly unaged. Lisa: Kim Griest. Doug: Erich Anderson. Ronnie: Rodney Eastman. Josh: Colton James. Jeppy: Jim Cody Williams. Marcia: Sheila Shaw. Sheriff: Barry Cullison. Sharon Pearl: Maggie Baird. Billy: Kyle Pepi, Ryan Pepi. Principal: Steve Stapenhorst.

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Episode 6


Sun, Dec 10, 2000 60 mins

"Justice" is at the core of an offbeat murder tale in which time goes backwards for Doggett's prosecutor friend (Joe Morton) as he stands accused of murdering his wife (Anne-Marie Johnson). Ocampo: Danny Trejo. Al: Lee Duncan. Janet Wilson: Bellamy Young. Trina: Joanna Sanchez. Judge: Jack Shearer. Shorty: Guy Torry. Tufeld: J. Patrick McCormack.

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Episode 7

Via Negativa

Sun, Dec 17, 2000 60 mins

Two FBI agents and 20 cult members are killed, allegedly by the cult founder (Keith Szarabajka), a convicted murderer who believes the key to a higher plane is a particular hallucinogen. Leeds: Kevin McClatchy. Stedman: Lawrence LeJohn. Bormanis: Grant Heslov. Homeless Man: Wayne A. King. Kersh: James Pickens Jr.

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Episode 8


Sun, Jan 7, 2001 60 mins

The fatal shooting of a realtor while alone in a cinder-block jail cell has Doggett hoping motive will yield more than method, which appears nearly impossible. Dwight: Michael Bowen. Randall: Patrick Kilpatrick. Tammi: Kellie Waymire. Carlton: Tom Jourden. Captain: Joe Sabatino. Doggett: Robert Patrick. Scully: Gillian Anderson.

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Episode 9


Sun, Jan 14, 2001 60 mins

Whatever stopped---and split---a moving car is nowhere to be found (though the driver is), but evidence suggests the obstacle was a man---whose funeral was earlier that day. Ray: Wade Andrew Williams. Nora: Jennifer Parsons. Larina: Tamara Clatterbuck. Puvogel: Arye Gross. Harry: Dan Desmond. Curt: Scott MacDonald.

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Episode 10


Sun, Jan 21, 2001 60 mins

Scully's findings in the death of an importer in a D.C. hotel room suggest the man was killed from inside his body---which was in India at the time of death. Quinton: Jordan Blake. Trevor: Michael Welch. Burks: Bill Dow. Quinton's Father: Andy Hubbell. Potocki: Calvin Remsberg. Beggar Man: Deep Roy.

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Episode 11

The Gift

Sun, Feb 4, 2001 60 mins

A case Mulder investigated but didn't report brings Doggett and Skinner to a Pennsylvania town where they encounter a once-missing woman and a legend about a forest creature. Kurt: Michael McGrady. Paul: Justin Williams. Marie: Natalie Radford. Rustic Woman: Caroline Lagerfelt.

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Episode 12


Sun, Feb 11, 2001 60 mins

Something in a Boston subway has eaten away a transit cop's body tissue, but his chief (Ken Jenkins) disdains Scully's concern about a potential public-health hazard. Bianco: Vyto Ruginis. Lyle: Penny Johnson. Melnick: Brent Sexton. Bowe: Judith Scott. Philbrick: Adam Gordon.

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Episode 13

Per Manum

Sun, Feb 18, 2001 60 mins

A man claims doctors killed his oft-abducted wife after taking the alien baby she bore. And Doggett notes some details in his story that recall Scully's own abduction. Mrs. Hendershot: Saxon Trainor. Haskell: Jay Acovone. Dr. Miryum: Jennifer Griffin. Rohrer: Adam Baldwin. Dr. Lev: David Purdham. Kath: Megan Follows. Dr. Parenti: Steven Anderson. Farah: Christopher Stanley.

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Episode 14

This Is Not Happening

Sun, Feb 25, 2001 60 mins

Doggett enlists the help of another agent (Annabeth Gish) when a UFO aficionado (Judd Trichter) finds a woman who was abducted the night before Mulder was taken. Absalom: Judson Scott. Strauss: Bernard White. Teresa Hoese: Sarah Koskoff.

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Episode 15


Sun, Apr 1, 2001 60 mins

With Mulder found, Kersh offers Doggett an out from the X-files. But the discovery of a body at sea sends the case in a new direction. Billy: Zachary Ansley. Absalom: Judson Scott. Pathologist: Richard McGonagle. Dr. Lim: Nelson Mashita. Coroner: Gibby Brand. Minister: David Doty.

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Episode 16

Three Words

Sun, Apr 8, 2001 60 mins

Kersh denies the reinstatement of Mulder, who finds a link between a man shot at the White House and the so-called prophet Absalom (Judson Scott). Also, Mulder meets Doggett. Knowle: Adam Baldwin. Salt: Gary Bristow. Kersh: James Pickens Jr. Dr. Lem: Nelson Mashita.

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Episode 17


Sun, Apr 22, 2001 60 mins

Agent Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish) asks Mulder for help after a disturbing experience at the site of a New Orleans double-murder case that she says involves Doggett. Jeb: Jay Underwood. Katha: Wendy Gazelle. Det. Potter: Ron Canada. Garber: Bruce Wright. Roberta: Dayna Beilenson. Dr. Speake: Denise Crosby. Doggett: Robert Patrick.

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Episode 18


Sun, Apr 29, 2001 60 mins

Mulder angers Kersh by prompting a probe into the deaths of two oil-rig workers that suggest exposure to the black-oil virus. Taylor: M.C. Gainey. Ortega: Miguel Sandoval. Diego: Gregory Norman Cruz. Simon: Luis Villalta. Yuri: Lee Reherman. Saska: Casey Biggs. Kersh: James Pickens Jr. Dell: Steve Wilcox.

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Episode 19


Sun, May 6, 2001 60 mins

With Scully on leave, Doggett has a new partner (Jolie Jenkins)---transferred from accounting---to investigate a murder where evidence suggests the culprit is not human. Stites: Zach Grenier. Pathologist: Lisa Kaseman. Gary: Tony Ketcham. Doggett: Robert Patrick. Skinner: Mitch Pileggi. Mulder: David Duchovny.

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Episode 20


Sun, May 13, 2001 60 mins

Frances Fisher plays a duplicitous nurse in this two-part story, which opens with an arson fire at a genetics lab that Scully has suspected is involved with alien babies. Billy: Zachary Ansley. Dr. Parenti: Steven Anderson. Lev: David Purdham. Gene: Kirk B.R. Woller. Haskell: Jay Acovone.

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Episode 21


Sun, May 20, 2001 60 mins

Conclusion. Reyes accompanies Scully to a remote site to give birth, with only Doggett privy to their location. Game Warden: Dale Dickey. Rohrer: Adam Baldwin. Crane: Kirk B.R. Woller. Langenhahn: Austin Tichenor. Assistant: Tom Martin.

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