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The X-Files Season 7 Episodes

22 Episodes 1999 - 2000

Season seven of The X-Files begins with Walter Skinner and Michael Kritschgau trying to find out the truth behind the mysterious 'alien object'. Dana Scully and Fox Mulder are unaware that an FBI Special Agent is working for The Smoking Man, and Scully finds a spaceship buried in Africa. Stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

Episode 1

The Sixth Extinction

Sun, Nov 7, 1999 60 mins

In the first of a two-part episode, two people join Scully's Ivory Coast investigation into why Mulder is locked in a padded cell, where he exhibits heretofore unseen brain activity. Kritschgau: John Finn. Amina: Jo Nell Kennedy. Barnes: Michael Ensign. Doctor: Warren Sweeney. Diana: Mimi Rogers. Barnes' Driver: Anthony Okungbowa.

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Episode 2

The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati

Sun, Nov 14, 1999 60 mins

Conclusion. Mulder is taken from the hospital to "a kind of witness-protection program," and Skinner tells Scully he must distance himself from the case. Mrs. Mulder: Rebecca Toolan. Albert: Floyd Red Crow Westerman. Kritschgau: John Finn. Diana: Mimi Rogers. Flager: Martin Grey. Dr. Harriman: Warren Sweeney.

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Episode 3


Sun, Nov 21, 1999 60 mins

A fast-food restaurant is linked to the discovery of a submerged car with a body in the trunk, but no brain in the body. Rob: Chad E. Donella. Derwood: Mark Pellegrino. Dr. Reinhart: Judith Hoag. Sylvia: Lois Foraker. Manager: Bill Lee Brown. Motivational Speaker: Kevin Porter.

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Episode 4


Sun, Nov 28, 1999 60 mins

The graves of four FBI agents who committed suicide are desecrated and a symbol is left that has Mulder suspecting that someone is summoning the dead for a catastrophic turn-of-the-millennium event. Black: Lance Henriksen. Johnson: Holmes Osborne. Deputy: Colby French. Coroner: Mone Walton. Funeral Director: William Forward. Skinner: Mitch Pileggi.

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Episode 5


Sun, Dec 5, 1999 60 mins

A teen accused of murder keeps mum about two mysterious friends who literally vanish from the scene after foretelling a death. Tony: Rodney Scott. Max: Scott Cooper. Chastity: Nicki Aycox. Sheriff: Tom Bower. Babbitt: David Wells. Burks: Bill Dow. Deputy: Les Lannom. Mrs. Reed: Ann Dowd.

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Episode 6

The Goldberg Variation

Sun, Dec 12, 1999 60 mins

An artificial eye is the sole clue to the identity of a man who walks away from a 30-story fall after being pushed by mobsters, one of whom dies strangely after a second encounter. Henry: Willie Garson. Cutrona: Ramy Zada. Richie: Shia La Beouf. Maggie: Alyson Reed. Dominic: Tony Longo. Maurice: Ernie Lee Banks. Mulder: David Duchovny. Scully: Gillian Anderson.

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Episode 7


Sun, Jan 9, 2000 60 mins

A necrophiliac who once abducted Scully vanishes from a prison, but is found by the prison chaplain, who appears to assist in another escape as cops close in. Pfaster: Nick Chinlund. Orison: Scott Wilson. Brigham: Emilio Rivera. Daddo: Steve Rankin. Waitress: Irene Muzzy. Blueberry: Tara Buck. Redhead: Lisa Kushell.

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Episode 8

Amazing Maleeni

Sun, Jan 16, 2000 60 mins

Scully's autopsy contradicts her suspicion of murder in the case of a small-time magician who amazed his audience by doing a 360 with his head. Pinchbeck: Ricky Jay. LaBonge: Jonathan Levit. Alvarez: Robert LaSardo. Bank Officer: Mark Chaet. Courier Guard: Steven Barr. Driver: Adam Vernier.

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Episode 9

Signs and Wonders

Sun, Jan 23, 2000 60 mins

The only physical evidence at the scene of a man found dead inside his locked car are some 200 snake bites on his body. O'Connor: Michael Childers. Gracie: Tracy Middendorf. Mackey: Randy Oglesby. Iris: Beth Grant. Chirp: Eric Nenninger.

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Episode 10

Sein Und Zeit

Sun, Feb 6, 2000 60 mins

Mulder appears to have his own agenda as he disputes preliminary evidence---and other agents' opinions---in the kidnapping of a 5-year-old girl. Part 1 of two. Kathy Lee Tencate: Kim Darby. LaPierre: Mark Rolston. Mrs. LaPierre: Shareen Mitchell. Bring: Spencer Garrett. Agt. Flagler: Martin Grey. Mrs. Mulder: Rebecca Toolan.

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Episode 11


Sun, Feb 13, 2000 60 mins

Conclusion. A psychic's mention of spiritual intervention wins Mulder's trust as he joins the search for Amber Lynn, who, he says, is connected to Mulder's sister Samantha. Piller: Anthony Heald. Agent Schoniger: Stanley Anderson. Ed: Randall Bosley. Det. Kadri: Sal Landi. Arbutus Ray: Patience Cleveland. CSM: William B. Davis.

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Episode 12


Sun, Feb 20, 2000 60 mins

After their patrol car is overturned, a "Cops" camera crew latches on to Scully and Mulder, who say they're on the same case---investigating a reported "monster." Wetzel: Judson Mills. Sgt. Guthrie: Dee Freeman. Steve: J.W. Smith. Edy: Curtis C. Chantara: Maria Celedonio. Ricky: Solomon Eversol. Coroner's Assistant: Tara Karsian.

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Episode 13

First Person Shooter

Sun, Feb 27, 2000 60 mins

The Lone Gunmen summon the agents after a seemingly impossible murder occurs inside a virtual-reality game in which they have a financial stake. Phoebe: Constance Zimmer. Jade Blue/Maitreya: Krista Allen. Ivan: Jamie Marsh. Retro: Billy Ray Gallion. Lo-Fat: Michael Ray Bower. Moxie: Ryan Todd.

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Episode 14


Sun, Mar 12, 2000 60 mins

A bloody message, possibly misspelled, and dirt in the victim's bed are found at the hanging death of a prominent surgeon, whose autopsy reveals more bizarreness. Wieder: James Morrison. Peattie: Billy Drago. Nan: Kate McNeil. Lucy: Cara Jedell. Thalbro: Tom Dahlgren. Landlady: Sage Allen. Proprietor: Pamela Gordon.

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Episode 15

En Ami

Sun, Mar 19, 2000 60 mins

A boy claims angels from the sky cured his well-publicized cancer, a "demonstration" says the CSM (William B. Davis), who offers Scully "the cure for millions"---but Mulder can't know. Marjorie: Louise Latham. Jason: Cory Parravano. Irene: Jacqueline Schultz. McPeck: Michael Canavan.

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Episode 16


Sun, Apr 2, 2000 60 mins

A broken mirror and a child's claims about a raven are Mulder's clues in the disappearance of a seemingly perfect Vermont wife. Elsewhere, Scully endures a tedious stakeout. Sheriff: John Mese. Jenny: Gina Mastrogiacomo. Ellen: Michelle Joyner. Howard: Charles Hoyes. Doctor: F. William Parker. Martha: Wendy Schaal.

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Episode 17

All Things

Sun, Apr 9, 2000 60 mins

Scully finds herself on a spiritual journey after some seemingly chance encounters: she meets a hospitalized former teacher and a crop-circle researcher (Colleen Flynn) who's England-bound in search of a computer-predicted event. Daniel: Nicolas Surovy. Colleen: Colleen Flynn. Maggie: Stacy Haiduk. Dr. Kopeikan: Stephen Hornyak. Healer: Scott Vance.

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Episode 18

Brand X

Sun, Apr 16, 2000 60 mins

A tobacco researcher who's supposed to testify against his former employer dies in a bizarre fashion while under Skinner's protection. Weaver: Tobin Bell. Voss: Dennis Boutsikaris. Brimley: Richard Cox. Scobie: Rick Deats. Mrs. Scobie: Pat Destro. Lead Counsel: Arthur Rosenberg. Skinner: Mitch Pileggi.

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Episode 19

Hollywood A.D.

Sun, Apr 30, 2000 60 mins

Tea Leoni and Garry Shandling have cameos as Skinner lets a screenwriter friend (Wayne Federman) observe Mulder investigating the death of a '60s counterculture icon from a pipe bomb in a church crypt. O'Fallon: Harris Yulin. Hoffman: Paul Lieber. Burks: Bill Dow. Cigarette Smoking Pontiff: Tony Amendola.

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Episode 20

Fight Club

Sun, May 7, 2000 60 mins

Kathy Griffin plays twins who have a devastating effect on their environs when they're in the other's vicinity. And a wrestler (Randall "Tex" Cobb) is romancing them both. Saperstein: Art Evans. Gustafson: Jack McGee. FBI Agents: Arlene Pileggi, Steve Kiziak. Missionaries: Cory Blevins, John O'Brien.

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Episode 21

Je Souhaite

Thu, Apr 6, 2000 60 mins

Will Sasso ("Mad TV") guest stars in an amusing and inspiring look at the age-old fantasy of having three wishes. Jenn: Paula Sorge. Anson: Kevin Weisman. Gilmore: Paul Hayes. Mulder: David Duchovny. Scully: Gillian Anderson.

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Episode 22


Sun, May 21, 2000 60 mins

The agents are taken back to the site of their first case together (alien abductions in Oregon). Meanwhile, the ailing CSM summons Alex Krycek and Marita Covarrubias. Billy: Zachary Ansley. Det. Miles: Leon Russom. Agent Short: Andy Umberger. Deputy Hoese: Darin Cooper. Teresa: Sarah Koskoff. Greta: Gretchen Becker. Krycek: Nicholas Lea. Covarrubias: Laurie Holden.

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