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The Price of Fame

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Case Closed With A.J. Benza

1 Season
The world of celebrity is built on charisma, beauty and infatuation. Celebrities themselves often become so influential that even their day-to-day lives make front-page news so when misfortune strikes and the facts don't quite add up, the public is immediately fascinated by the unknown. Case Closed with A.J. Benza examines the prevalent theories tied to each story presenting new and old evidence as well as first-person accounts from family members, eyewitnesses and experts with the aim of uncovering the truth and closing the case.
2016 TV14 Documentary, Other

World's Most Evil Killers

7 Seasons
Steve Wright killed five women over a six-week period in the winter of 2006 without motive or explanation. Each episode focuses on one notorious killer and features authentic first-hand accounts of their behavior, from detectives who ran the case, journalists who reported on the stories, relatives, and at times survivors, alongside series experts who provide analysis. These criminologists, crime journalists and psychologists examine how the infamous killers made headlines both nationally and internationally and why they still continue to evoke fear and fascination in the public eye.
2017 TV14 Documentary, Other

Behind the Screams

1 Season
The truth behind some of the most famous horror films.
2015 TV14 Documentary, Other

Aaron Hernandez: Killing Fields

1 Season
Investigators reveal evidence as they crack the mystery of Aaron Hernandez.
2019 TVPG Documentary, Other

Royal Secrets

1 Season
The Royal family are spotlighted.
2016 TVPG Documentary, Other

Serial Psyche

1 Season
Experts explore the complex and twisted psyches of the world's most infamous murderers.
2020 TV14 Documentary, Other

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