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The F.B.I. Season 1 Episodes

31 Episodes 1965 - 1966

Episode 1

The Monster

Sun, Sep 19, 1965 60 mins

Erskine's on the trail of an escaped convict whose specialty is extorting money from women. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Jean Davis: Dina Merrill. Francis Jerome: Jeffrey Hunter. Barbara Erskine: Lynn Loring. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks.

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Episode 2

Image in a Cracked Mirror

Sun, Sep 26, 1965 60 mins

An attempt to destroy a photo of bank employees prompts the FBI to check the bank's books---which reveal a shortage of over $100,000. Gates: Jack Klugman. Amelia: Brett Somers. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Billy: Pat Cardi. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks. Stone: Ed Peck. Wiley: Stephen Coit.

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Episode 3

A Mouthful of Dust

Sun, Oct 3, 1965 60 mins

"A Mouthful of Dust." Apache Joe Cloud (Alejandro Rey) returns to his reservation home to find a man attacking his wife. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Pete Cloud: Robert Blake. Sheriff Crowley: R.G. Armstrong. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks. Annie Cloud: Tina Mangosing. Agent Dennison: Noam Pitlik. Pike: Joe Perry. Lawyer: Charles Kuenstle.

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Episode 4

Slow March Up a Steep Hill

Sun, Oct 10, 1965 60 mins

A lone bandit has held up a bank twice within three days---on the exact dates robberies took place in the same bank 20 years before. Powell: Peter Duel. Rice: Harold Gould. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Ira: Dabney Coleman. Joanna: Lee Meriwether. Barbara: Lynn Loring. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks.

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Episode 5

The Insolents

Sun, Oct 17, 1965 60 mins

The FBI probes a murder aboard a luxury liner. The suspect: the victim's millionaire stepson. Elizabeth: Joan Marshall. York: James Ward. Mrs. Creighton: Eileen Heckart. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Captain: Ben Wright. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks. Durant: Douglas Henderson.

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Episode 6

To Free My Enemy

Sun, Oct 24, 1965 60 mins

Irony mixes with suspense as Erskine tries to rescue kidnap victim Bert Anselm (James Gregory), a pornography pusher whom the FBI has been trying to jail. Lynn: Jill Haworth. Kirby: Robert Doyle. Flora: Katharine Bard. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Harry: Robert Hogan. Ward: Philip Abbott.

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Episode 7

The Problem of the Honorable Wife

Sun, Oct 31, 1965 60 mins

The agents probe an attempt to blow up a Government warehouse stocked with supplies bound for Vietnam. Maddock: Mark Richman. Akiko: Miiko Taka. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Bennett: Jason Evers. Lawrence: Donald Harron. Doris: Louise Troy. Ward: Philip Abbott. Tina: Diane Sherry.

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Episode 8

Courage of a Conviction

Sun, Nov 7, 1965 60 mins

Working on a tip, Erskine arrests Harry Castle (John Milford) as a passer of bad checks. It's not long before the agent suspects he has the wrong man. Shirley: Susan Oliver. Land: Edward Andrews. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Barbara: Lynn Loring. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks. Ward: Philip Abbott.

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Episode 9

The Exiles

Sun, Nov 14, 1965 60 mins

In Florida, Latin-American exiles plot to invade and liberate their homeland---despite FBI warnings that there's a traitor in their group. Maria: Marisa Pavan. Romero: Carlos Montalban. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Clark: Lin McCarthy. Juanito: Perry Lopez. Novin: John Zaremba. Merrimon: Ken Lynch.

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Episode 10

The Giant Killer

Sun, Nov 21, 1965 60 mins

Radio messages picked up by the FCC alert the FBI to a plan to destroy a missile being moved from Arizona to a California launch site. Walker: Robert Duvall. Antonelli: David Sheiner. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Marilee: Patricia Smith. Ward: Philip Abbott. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks. Meade: Robert Brubaker.

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Episode 11

All the Streets Are Silent

Thu, Nov 25, 1965 60 mins

Wanted: two thugs who hijacked a Marine Corps weapons truck, killing one marine in the process. Metro: James Farentino. Carolyn: Pilar Seurat. Murtaugh: Burt Reynolds. Cullinan: Norman Fell. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks. Jess: Joe Maross. Cline: Wesley Addy.

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Episode 12

An Elephant Is Like a Rope

Sun, Dec 5, 1965 60 mins

The agents try to solve a mystery involving a boy who staggered into FBI headquarters---clutching $500,000---and collapsed. Jerry: Beau Bridges. Lovane: Larry Gates. Boles: Wright King. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Macklin: Paul Mantee. Ventura: Ted Knight. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks.

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Episode 13

How to Murder an Iron Horse

Sun, Dec 12, 1965 60 mins

The FBI hunts for a teenager who has bombed one train and is threatening to blow up another---unless the railroad pays him $100,000. Howdy: David Macklin. Gabriella: Claude Akins. Mrs. Collier: Louise Latham. Oberly: Paul Fix. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks.

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Episode 14

Pound of Flesh

Sun, Dec 19, 1965 60 mins

Already acquitted of one murder, Pfc. Byron Landy (Bruce Dern) is in the hot seat again when an Army chaplain's wife is killed. Fletcher: Leslie Nielsen. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Shelly: Malcolm Atterbury. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks. Fowler: Lew Gallo.

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Episode 15

The Hijackers

Sun, Dec 26, 1965 60 mins

A vengeful driver hijacks one of his company's trucks---unaware that it contains furs worth $500,000. Smitty: Arthur O'Connell. Wood: John McIntire. Fuller: Harry Bellaver. Walter: Cecil Kellaway. Arnold: Howard Caine. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

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Episode 16

The Forests of the Night

Sun, Jan 2, 1966 60 mins

Blackmail blends with arson as a bigoted extortionist threatens to burn the settlement of a minority religious sect. MacDonald: John Anderson. Jacob: Michael Burns. Hammond: Harry Townes. Bennett: Robert Colbert. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Stone: Ian Wolfe. Sumner: Val Avery.

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Episode 17

The Chameleon

Sun, Jan 9, 1966 60 mins

Erskine is on the trail of con man Stephen Fitzgerald (James Daly), who married a banker's widow, embezzled the bank's money---and then murdered his wife. Amy: Margaret Leighton. Scott: Lloyd Gough. Miss Lawrence: Nellie Burt. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Harriet: June Vincent.

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Episode 18

The Sacrifice

Sun, Jan 16, 1966 60 mins

Erskine and Rhodes take jobs at a missile plant to plug up a security leak---and trap a spy. Olin: Ed Begley. Annamarie: Nancy Wickwire. Nagry: Albert Paulsen. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks. Durant: Douglas Henderson. Polk: Don Dubbins. Harker: James McCallion.

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Episode 19

Special Delivery

Sun, Jan 23, 1966 60 mins

While trying to nab a bank robber, Erskine comes up against a ring that smuggles criminals out of the country. Porter: Earl Holliman. Linda: Barbara Luna. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Brown: Donald May. Scott: William Bramley. Woods: Hunt Powers. Ward: Philip Abbott. Tia: Argentina Brunetti.

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Episode 20


Sun, Jan 30, 1966 60 mins

Michael Callan portrays a promising FBI trainee who faces a crucial test when the cousin he grew up with attempts to blow up a Government building. Willard Smith: Robert Walker. Ferguson: Rhys Williams. Perch: Hal Lynch. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

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Episode 21

The Spy Master

Sun, Feb 6, 1966 60 mins

Erskine poses as an American foreign-service worker who was asked to spy on the U.S. by enemy agents. Allen: Patrick O'Neal. Lamont: Kevin McCarthy. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Carter: Whit Bissell. How: Keye Luke. Pamela: Marion Thompson. Adam: Nelson Olmstead. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks.

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Episode 22

The Baby Sitter

Sun, Feb 13, 1966 60 mins

Colleen Dewhurst portrays Amy Doucette, a mentally unbalanced baby sitter who kidnaps her young charge. Stella: Collin Wilcox. Herb: Geoffrey Horne. Francine: Davey Davison. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks. Ward: Philip Abbott.

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Episode 23

Flight to Harbin

Sun, Feb 27, 1966 60 mins

On a Seattle-bound jetliner, a passenger pulls a gun---and demands to be taken to Communist Manchuria. King: Arthur Hill. Stewardess Gibbs: Jessica Walter. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Miller: Milton Selzer. Thomas: Jason Evers. Ward: Philip Abbott. Stewardess Kagle: Nancy Kovack.

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Episode 24

The Man Who Went Mad by Mistake

Sun, Mar 6, 1966 60 mins

Scheduled to stand trial for fraud, Mark Tabor (J.D. Cannon) jumps bail and goes into hiding when the syndicate makes an attempt on his life. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Goddard: Simon Scott. Greene: Anthony Eisley. Gus: George Tyne. Hogan: Michael Conrad.

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Episode 25

The Divided Man

Sun, Mar 20, 1966 60 mins

When a chemical plant explodes, agents investigate the possibility of sabotage, unaware that the blast was set off by a deranged chemist (Bradford Dillman). Karen: Jacqueline Scott. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Durant: Douglas Henderson. Leonard: Dabbs Greer. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks.

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Episode 26

The Defector

Sun, Mar 27, 1966 60 mins

Part 1. A top-flight cryptographer for a foreign power, believed to be getting ready to defect to the U.S., is reported dead in a fire. Korvin: Paul Lucas. Yustov: John Van Dreelen. Barbara: Dana Wynter. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Townsend: Carl Benton Reid. Norton: Warren Berlinger.

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Episode 27

The Defector

Sun, Apr 3, 1966 60 mins

Part 2. Erskine races to find Dr. Gregory Holman (George Voskovec) before representatives of his own country kill him. Yustov: John van Dreelen.

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Episode 28

The Tormentors

Sun, Apr 10, 1966 60 mins

Young Dan Winslow (Kurt Russell) has been kidnapped and the boy's millionaire father is becoming increasingly critical of the FBI's rescue efforts. Winslow: Lew Ayres. Dupree: Wayne Rogers. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Brock: Edward Asner. Anita: Judee Morton. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks.

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Episode 29

The Animal

Sun, Apr 17, 1966 60 mins

In New Mexico, Erskine and Rhodes track five escaped convicts, one of whom killed two law officers. Clayton: Charles Bronson. Hayes: Tim McIntire. Jody: Mimsy Farmer. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks. Ward: Philip Abbott. Conners: Harry Lauter. Roy: Ted Gehring.

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Episode 30

The Plunderers

Sun, Apr 24, 1966 60 mins

Erskine is puzzled by four men who stage an intricately planned bank robbery and then steal only a small part of the money. Hogan: Ralph Meeker. Collins: Don Quine. Breese: Paul Bryar. Richards: Albert Salmi. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Schaal: Mark Roberts. Lyon: Robert Patten.

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Episode 31

The Bomb That Walked Like a Man

Sun, May 1, 1966 60 mins

The FBI searches for Dale Hillman (Robert Drivas), a murder suspect being primed for membership in a private army of extremists. Stanford: Andrew Duggan. Payne: Joe Maross. Erskine: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Carey: Carl Reindel. Rhodes: Stephen Brooks. Mrs. Gibbons: Vivi Janiss.

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