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The Dukes of Hazzard

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A motley crew of Latvian ne'er-do-wells performs rude, crude and lewd stunts.
2018 Reality, Comedy

Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?

2 Seasons
A 500-pound mechanical teen copes with the trials of adolescence as he tries to fit in at a 1980s junior high school.
2023 TVY7 Comedy, Other


1 Season
A burgeoning romance between a New York neurotic and a blithe free spirit, whose sublet includes a clown who lives in a closet.
2005 TV14 Comedy, Other

Samantha Who?

2 Seasons
Former Married. . .With Children costar Christina Applegate returned to television in the slightly schizophrenic ABC sitcom Samantha Who? Applegate played title character Samantha "Sam" Newly, who after being stuck down in a traffic accident, awakened from an eight-day coma suffering from "retrograde amnesia," with no memory of who she was nor what she'd been. Slowly but surely, Sam confirmed that she was 30 years old, the vice president of the real-estate firm Chapman and Funk, and the ex-girlfriend of a photographer named Todd (Barry Watson). Sam's post-coma personality was one of pure "sweetness and light"--which greatly confused her friends, family members, and business associates, who recalled the pre-coma Sam as mean, overbearing, manipulating, vitriolic, and a hard-drinking, promiscuous party animal. It was up to Sam to remain as nice and pleasant as she now was, or to revert to her previous nastiness. Helping her put the pieces together was apartment-house doorman Frank (Tim Russ), who had often been the recipient of the "old" Sam's bitchiness and had a lot trouble reconciling himself to the "new" Sam, but was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Others in the heroine's orbit were her resentful mother Regina (Jean Smart) and her too-affable-to-be-true father Howard (Kevin Dunn); her best friend Andrea (Jennifer Esposito), an accomplished conniver and back-stabber in her own right; and her former childhood buddy Dena (Melissa McCarthy), who had her own special reasons for hanging around to see which of the "two" Sams would ultimately prevail. Cocreated by novelist Cecilia Hearn, Samantha Who? premiered October 15, 2007.
59   Metascore
2007 TV14 Comedy, Other

Joe Pera Talks With You

3 Seasons
A teacher in Michigan talks to the audience about mundane subject matters.
2018 TVPG Drama, Comedy, Educational, Other

The Dogway Melody

In The Dogway Melody an all-dog cast (with human voiceovers) recreates famous scenes from early musical films, particularly The Broadway Melody. The finale is a chorus line of dogs performing "Singing in the Rain" spoofing Cliff Edwards's original version of the song in The Hollywood Revue of 1929. Also spoofed is Al Jolson's performance of "Mammy" in The Jazz Singer. This was a part of MGM's popular series of Dogville shorts directed by Zion Myers and Jules White. Incidentally, while the more familiar later film is titled Singin' in the Rain, the program card shown on-screen in this short spells the first word in the song's title "Singing."
2012 Music, Family, Comedy, Other

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