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The Bill Cosby Show Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

26 Episodes 1970 - 1971

Episode 1

Anytime You're Ready, C.K.

Sun, Sep 13, 1970 30 mins

Funny silent films are the result of Chet's experiments with a movie camera. Alex: Gordon Hoban. Chet: Bill Cosby. Samuelson: Eldon Quick. Mark: Roberto Isaac.

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Episode 2

Open House

Sun, Sep 20, 1970 30 mins

Chet stands to make a cool $1000 by helping a friend sell a house. Chet: Bill Cosby. Perry: Richard Slattery. Mrs. Perry: Barbara Perry.

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Episode 3

Is There a Doctor in the Hospital?

Sun, Sep 27, 1970 30 mins

Chet is at the hospital, trying to get help for his injured back. Jimmy: Miguel Monsalve. Ralph: Arthur Adams.

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Episode 4

There Must Be a Pony

30 mins

Flashbacks recall a dismaying surprise birthday party for Chet. Georgianna: Ta-Tanisha. Chet's Mother: Beah Richards.

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Episode 5

The Old Man of 4-C

Sun, Oct 11, 1970 30 mins

Will Geer plays a garrulous old man befriended by Chet (Bill Cosby).

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Episode 6

The Lincoln Letter

Sun, Oct 18, 1970 30 mins

Chet inherited a valuable Lincoln letter---which he can't find. Chet: Bill Cosby. Felix LaBlanc: Rupert Crosse. Louie: Mark Harron.

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Episode 7

The Runaways

Sun, Oct 25, 1970 30 mins

Chet joins a young runaway on the road. Bill Cosby directed this episode. Raymond: George Spell.

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Episode 8

The Artist

Sun, Nov 1, 1970 30 mins

Chet's efforts to help a 10-year-old artist lead to unexpected results. Peter: James Bradley Jr. Chet: Bill Cosby. Laura: Janet MacLachlan.

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Episode 9

The March of the Antelopes

Sun, Nov 8, 1970 30 mins

A melange of mishaps on the way to a camping trip. Chet: Bill Cosby. Harold: David Choi. Ivan: Jeffrey Kaufman. Ducky: Jim Pete.

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Episode 10

The Deluge

30 mins

Part 1. Chet leaves home in a downpour to help a woman momentarily expecting a baby. Chet: Bill Cosby. Dolores: Gloria Foster. Tyler: Parley Baer.

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Episode 11

The Deluge

30 mins

The conclusion of a story about Chet helping a woman have her baby during a raging storm. Chet: Bill Cosby. Dolores: Gloria Foster. Tyler: Parley Baer.

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Episode 12

Swann's Way

Sun, Dec 13, 1970 30 mins

Don Knotts as a man determined to repossess Chet's TV set. Chet: Bill Cosby. Salesmen: Bartlett Robinson, Johnny Amos.

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Episode 13

The Poet

Sun, Dec 20, 1970 30 mins

Is Chet really the author of a certain florid love poem? Chet: Bill Cosby. Marsha: Joyce Bulifant. Johnny: Ric Carrott. Miss Richards: Isabelle Cooley. Halprin: William Wintersole. Bob: Antone Curtis.

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Episode 14

Teacher of the Year

Sun, Dec 27, 1970 30 mins

Winning a Teacher of the Year award proves a dubious achievement for Chet (Bill Cosby). Marsha: Joyce Bulifant. Halperin: William Wintersole. La Rosa: Jerome Guardino.

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Episode 15

To Each According to His Appetite

30 mins

Chet has no appetite for the events which follow the settling of a cafeteria dispute. Chet: Bill Cosby. Marsha: Joyce Bulifant. Eddie: Hilly Hicks. Miss Simms: Barbara Clarke.

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Episode 16

Viva Ortega

Sun, Jan 10, 1971 30 mins

A story about Chet helping a Mexican carpenter become a U.S. citizen. Chet: Bill Cosby. Ortega: Joaquin Martinez. Lombardi: Frank Campanella. Phil: Marcus Hemphill. Hector: Ref Sanchez.

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Episode 17

Miraculous Martin

Sun, Jan 17, 1971 30 mins

Dick Van Dyke as an out-of-work magician about to be married. Chet: Bill Cosby. Louise: Mary Frann. Verna: Olga James. Louie: Louis Quinn. Minister: Bill Smillie.

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Episode 18

The Sesame Street Rumble

Sun, Jan 24, 1971 30 mins

The biggest football game of the year is on TV---and Chet's TV conks out before a houseful of eager fans. Chet: Bill Cosby. Bob: Pedro Gonzales Gonzales. Davey: Kelvin Cosby.

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Episode 19

A Generation Gap

Sun, Jan 31, 1971 30 mins

Generation-gap blues for Chet, who's trying to spend more time with his dad. Chet: Bill Cosby.

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Episode 20

Tobacco Road

Sun, Feb 7, 1971 30 mins

Herb Edelman plays a teacher trying to quit smoking. Chet: Bill Cosby.

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Episode 21

Dirty Business

Sun, Feb 14, 1971 30 mins

A student who wants to be a spy is driving Chet to distraction. Chuck: Darrell Larson. Chet: Bill Cosby. Alberto: Alberto Isaac.

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Episode 22

The Barber Shop

Sun, Feb 21, 1971 30 mins

Chet goes to great lengths to settle a barbershop bet. Chet: Bill Cosby. J.J.: Antonio Fargas. Cartons: Arthur French.

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Episode 23

Power to the Trees

30 mins

Elsa Lanchester plays the leader of an ecology group. Chet: Bill Cosby. Ingersall: Byron Morrow.

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Episode 24

The Green-eyed Monster

Sun, Mar 7, 1971 30 mins

How not to be cool with women. Chet: Bill Cosby. Gloria: Kim Weston. Douglas: Dewayne Jessie.

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Episode 25

The Long Road Back

Sun, Mar 14, 1971 30 mins

John Marley in an offbeat story about an eccentric millionaire. Chet: Bill Cosby. Mrs. Dixon: Helena Hatcher. Tony: Peter T. Halton. Marty: Jim Pete.

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Episode 26

The Saturday Game

Sun, Mar 21, 1971 30 mins

An Orthodox Jewish boy is the home-run slammer Chet needs for a Saturday game---the boy's Sabbath. Chet: Bill Cosby. Harry: Barry Lee Miller. Kurawitz: Milton Selzer.

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