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The Big Valley Season 4 Episodes

Season 4 Episode Guide

31 Episodes 1968 - 1969

Episode 1

In Silent Battle

Mon, Sep 23, 1968 60 mins

In this psychological melodrama, Audra is attracted to Jonathan Eliot, a renowned war hero haunted by a mysterious incident in his past. Eliot: Adam West. McQuade: Don Knight. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Jarrod: Richard Long. Nick: Peter Breck. Crowley: Conlan Carter.

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Episode 2

They Called Her Delilah

Mon, Sep 30, 1968 60 mins

Julie London plays a singer---and former Confederate spy---whose arrival sparks bitterness. Jarrod: Richard Long. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Parker: Paul Lambert. Staley: Robert Nichols.

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Episode 3

Presumed Dead

Mon, Oct 7, 1968 60 mins

In this unconventional love story, lonely cattle rustler Jason Fleet gives amnesia victim Victoria Barkley an identity---that of his dead wife. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Jarrod: Richard Long. O'Leary: Gavin MacLeod. Mosley: Richard O'Brien. Heath: Lee Majors. Audra: Linda Evans.

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Episode 4

Run of the Cat

Mon, Oct 21, 1968 60 mins

Nick joins hunter Ed Tanner in quest of a dangerous cougar. Nick: Peter Breck. Giles: John Milford.

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Episode 5


Mon, Oct 28, 1968 60 mins

Jarrod defies threats to investigate the lynching of two brothers---hanged for a crime Jarrod is certain they didn't commit. Akers: Jason Evers. Alicia: Antoinette Bower. Sally: Kathie Browne. Francisco: Michael Dante. Sheriff: Frank Marth.

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Episode 6

The Jonah

Mon, Nov 11, 1968 60 mins

Marty Allen stars as the Barkley's new hand, an infamous jinx who is living up to his reputation---much to the distress of his fearful co-workers. Audra: Linda Evans. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Nick: Peter Breck. Jarrod: Richard Long.

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Episode 7

Hell Hath No Fury

Mon, Nov 18, 1968 60 mins

Carol Lynley stars as a poker-playing outlaw who gives up robbery for romance. Her target: Heath---who knows nothing of the lady's lawless past. Heath: Lee Majors. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Wilt: Conlan Carter. Grady: Don Dubbins. Teller: Steve Franken. Nick: Peter Breck.

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Episode 8

The Long Ride

Mon, Nov 25, 1968 60 mins

Victoria, Audra and their fellow stage passengers face a survival test as they try to outrun a killer who knows that Audra witnessed his latest crime. Audra: Linda Evans. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Matson: Richard Anderson. Sanders: Paul Petersen. Barney: Kevin Hagen.

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Episode 9

The Profit and the Lost

Mon, Dec 2, 1968 60 mins

Heath risks his life to save gunman Vern Hickson, unaware of the irony at work: the hired killer has a contract to kill Heath. Hickson: Robert Loggia. Kendell: Bruce Dern. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Audra: Linda Evans. Jarrod: Richard Long.

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Episode 10

A Stranger Everywhere

Mon, Dec 9, 1968 60 mins

Julie Harris as a shy dressmaker who becomes a target of lawmen and outlaws alike when a succession of journalists point to her as an infamous bandit. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Nick: Peter Breck. Link: Richard Devon. Halyard: Dennis Patrick.

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Episode 11

The Prize

Mon, Dec 16, 1968 60 mins

Outlaw Ben Rawlins heads for the Barkley home---and into a bounty hunter's trap---to take custody of his son. Heath: Lee Majors. Weaver: Bruce Dern. Rawlins: Peter Haskell. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Amanda: Ondine Vaughn. Nick: Peter Breck. Audra: Linda Evans. Stanley: Noah Keen.

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Episode 12

Hunter's Moon

Mon, Dec 30, 1968 60 mins

Nick and two strangers are imprisoned by a fanatically jealous rancher who believes one of the men is his wife's lover. Gandy: John Crawford. Dawes: Lawrence Dobkin. Juliet: Susan O'Connell. Tony: Don Chastain. Bodkin: Bruce Glover.

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Episode 13

Top of the Stairs

Mon, Jan 6, 1969 60 mins

In the town of Abbottsville, Victoria tries to unravel a mystery surrounding her brother-in-law---who has been judged insane. Eric: Ron Harper. Ben: Paul Fix. Audra: Linda Evans. Grace: Jean Inness. Newcomb: Walter Sande.

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Episode 14

Joshua Watson

Mon, Jan 20, 1969 60 mins

Lou Rawls stars as a supercowboy who's riding for the Barkleys in a fiercely competitive rodeo---much to the displeasure of the unscrupulous Morton family. Rufus: Royal Dano. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Nick: Peter Breck. Heath: Lee Majors. J.R.: Greg Mullavey. Zack: Robert Sampson.

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Episode 15

The Secret

Mon, Jan 27, 1969 60 mins

A wealthy rancher sets out to ruin the Barkleys. His motive: intense hatred of Jarrod, who he thinks is having an affair with his young wife. Marcy: Nancy Malone. Jarrod: Richard Long. David: Kelly Corcoran. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck.

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Episode 16

The 25 Graves of Midas

Mon, Feb 3, 1969 60 mins

A disastrous cave-in at a Barkley-owned mine almost proves fatal to Heath who is being held by the vengeful townspeople. Hannah: Anne Baxter. Nick: Peter Breck. Nora: Linda Marsh. Dutton: Arch Johnson. Zack: Kevin Hagen. Jess: Eldon Quick.

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Episode 17


Mon, Feb 17, 1969 60 mins

Incidents of prejudice have taken a heavy toll from Modoc Indian Tom Lightfoot, a young lawyer given to vitriolic outbursts against the white man. Jarrod: Richard Long. Audra: Linda Evans. Lil: Amy Thomson. Watson: Harry Lauter. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Nick: Peter Breck.

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Episode 18

Alias Nellie Handly

Mon, Feb 24, 1969 60 mins

Victoria poses as a thief to investigate inhuman conditions in a women's prison. Kate: Susan Oliver. Garreck: Richard Anderson. Clute: Gavin MacLeod. Jarrod: Richard Long. Sheriff: Richard O'Brien. Nick: Peter Breck. Heath: Lee Majors.

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Episode 19

Royal Road

Mon, Mar 3, 1969 60 mins

Jarrod tries to cool a romance between his ward and a visiting Indian prince. Jarrod: Richard Long. Ranjit Singh: Sajid Khan. Laura: Kathy Garver. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Capt. Crawford: Harold Gould. Neta Yates: Paula Stewart.

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Episode 20

A Passage of Saints

Mon, Mar 10, 1969 60 mins

Jarrod acts as arbiter when bigots harass the Barkleys' tenant---a stubborn Mormon farmer with two wives. Hebron: Fritz Weaver. Emilena: Donna Baccala. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Eliza: Olive Dunbar. Denby: Paul Lambert. Nick: Peter Breck. Heath: Lee Majors.

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Episode 21

Battle of Mineral Springs

Mon, Mar 24, 1969 60 mins

In this seriocomic tale, the Barkleys try to inject life into a dying town---despite opposition from a town boss. Ben: Jack Albertson. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Jarrod: Richard Long. Nick: Peter Breck. Crawford: Dennis Patrick. Elmer: Conlan Carter. Janie: Janis Hansen.

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Episode 22

The Other Face of Justice

Mon, Mar 31, 1969 60 mins

Nick and Heath, on the trail of a band of horse thieves, enlist the aid of legendary ex-lawman Harry Bodine (James Gregory). Nick: Peter Breck. Heath: Lee Majors. Billy: Johnny Crawford. Sam: Don Knight. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck.

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Episode 23

Town of No Exit

Mon, Apr 7, 1969 60 mins

In a dying desert town, Heath is imprisoned by five deranged people who play bizarre---and deadly---games with their infrequent guests. Conway: Leslie Nielsen. Jarrod: Richard Long. Maggie: Diana Ewing. Brown: John Carradine. Quita: Lorri Scott.

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Episode 24

Danger Road

Mon, Apr 21, 1969 60 mins

Maurice Evans stars as a dapper con man who clashes with Victoria when she spies him smuggling whisky onto an Indian reservation. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Samuels: Anthony James. Jarrod: Richard Long. Heath: Lee Majors.

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Episode 25

Flight From San Miguel

Mon, Apr 28, 1969 60 mins

Heath undertakes a dangerous trip to revolution-torn Mexico. Mission: rescue a rebel marked for execution by the Federales. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Raoul: Gerald Mohr. Sarah: Pat Delany. Chavez: H.M. Wynant. Nick: Peter Breck. Jarrod: Richard Long. Audra: Linda Evans.

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Episode 26

Point and Counterpoint

Mon, May 19, 1969 60 mins

Jarrod defends an accused murderer---unaware that the man is carrying out a well-planned revenge that marks Victoria as his next murder victim. Ritch: Clifford David. Victoria: Barbara Stanwyck. Ned: Walter Burke. Clark: Russell Thorson. Sarah: Virginia Gregg. Heath: Lee Majors.

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Episode 27

Invaders, The

Tue, Jan 22, 2019 60 mins

A family of rawhiders bushwhacks Heath and pretends to be his savior.

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Episode 28

Day Of Grace, The

Fri, Mar 22, 2019 60 mins

Heath is wrongfully arrested for attempted rape, and is helped by a nun who used to be his girlfriend.

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Episode 29

Explosion! Part One

Mon, Apr 8, 2019 60 mins

A forest fire rages near Stockton.

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Episode 30

Explosion!, Part Two

Tue, Apr 9, 2019 60 mins

The Barkley boys volunteer to take the nitro to the fire.

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Episode 31

Four Days To Furance Hill

Tue, Feb 18, 2020 53 mins

Victoria is grabbed by men on their way to a prison, who need to replace the female prisoner they killed.

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