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Shameless Season 9 Episodes

14 Episodes 2018 - 2019

In the ninth season of "Shameless," Fiona (Emmy Rossum) and Ford's (Richard Flood) marriage is on the rocks because of trust issues and not being on the same page regarding their finances. Ian (Cameron Monaghan) is in jail but refuses to be bailed out because he believes he has a mission to fulfill while incarcerated. Lip (Jeremy Allen White) tries hard to stay sober while finding a balance with his responsibilities, particularly with taking care of Xan (Scarlet Spencer). Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) heads to military school, but Kassidi's (Sammi Hanratty) presence at the school holds him back. Debbie (Emma Kenney) pushes for equal wage at work when she discovers she is earning less for taking longer bathroom breaks. Kevin (Steve Howey) and Veronica (Shanola Hampton) tire themselves out with parenting their twins. Meanwhile, Gallagher patriarch Frank (William H. Macy) spreads STDs to three mothers at Liam's (Christian Isaiah) school, which gets Liam in trouble.

Episode 1

Are You There Shim? It's Me, Ian.

Sun, Sep 9, 2018 46 mins

In the Season 9 premiere, Frank's latest sexual escapades get him into trouble with the Hopkins Academy PTA; Fiona struggles with her decision to bail Ian out of jail, while he continues his Gay Jesus antics inside; Lip juggles taking care of Xan with a potential romance; Debbie fights for equal pay at work; Carl has to prove himself at military school; and Kev and V have trouble with the twins without Svetlana.

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Episode 2

Mo White!

Sun, Sep 16, 2018 46 mins

Fiona makes a play for a risky investment opportunity, ignoring Ford's advice; Frank discovers the financial incentives of local politics; Carl bolsters his West Point application in unexpected ways; Debbie struggles to find allies in her battle against sexual harassment; Ian is overwhelmed by the growth of the Gay Jesus movement; Kev and V try to find the perfect preschool for the twins

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Episode 3

Weirdo Gallagher Vortex

Sun, Sep 23, 2018 46 mins

Frank faces obstacles in his new role as a campaign manager; Fiona prepares to close her real estate deal; Carl enlists V to help him get a West Point recommendation from a congressman; Xan's medical emergency puts Lip in a compromising position; Debbie gets closer with her partner in crime; Ian embarks on a spiritual journey.

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Episode 4

Do Right, Vote White!

Sun, Sep 30, 2018 46 mins

Election day puts Frank and Fiona in a head to head battle as they each try to round up votes for their candidates; Lip has to make an important choice about Xan's future; Debbie gets in over her head with Alex; Carl's killer instinct is put to the test; and with his trial looming, Ian struggles to decide how to plead.

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Episode 5

Black-Haired Ginger

Sun, Oct 7, 2018 46 mins

Frank's new liver medication comes with tragic side effects.

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Episode 6

Face It, You're Gorgeous

Sun, Oct 14, 2018 46 mins

Frank gets Liam to help chase down a romantic connection.

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Episode 7

Down Like the Titanic

Sun, Oct 21, 2018 46 mins

Debbie helps Fiona pick up the pieces at a low point.

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Episode 8

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Alibi

Sun, Jan 20, 2019 46 mins

Ingrid ropes Frank into fulfilling her lifelong dream.

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Episode 9


Sun, Jan 27, 2019 46 mins

Frank searches for ways to finance Ingrid's vision for their future together; Fiona's anger issues cause problems at Patsy's; Lip is forced to confront his real feelings for Tami; Kelly's father attempts to get in the middle of her relationship with Carl; Kev and V realize they are in over their heads with their latest fostering endeavor.

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Episode 10

Los Diablos!

Sun, Feb 10, 2019 46 mins

Frank meets his match in a fellow participant in the Hobo Loco competition; Fiona has a dark encounter at Patsy's that scares her into cleaning up her act; Debbie throws herself into home improvements as she gets closer with Kelly; Carl gets a job that is more dangerous than it looks; Lip sees another side of Tami when they spend the day together.

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Episode 11

The Hobo Games

Sun, Feb 17, 2019 46 mins

The finals of the Hobo Games have arrived, and Frank faces off against his friend and greatest opponent, while Ingrid grows anxious about his commitment to their future family. Meanwhile, Lip prepares to officially adopt Xan, but his plans collide with Fiona's partying; Debbie starts developing feelings for someone surprising; and Carl excels at the shrimp shack.

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Episode 12

You'll Know the Bottom When You Hit It

Sun, Feb 24, 2019 46 mins

When a blackout hits the South Side, Kevin and Veronica come up with a plan to bring the neighborhood together; Carl grows suspicious of Debbie's attempts to get closer with Kelly; Fiona receives guidance from an unexpected person; and Lip has to deal with the fallout from Xan's DCFS visit.

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Episode 13


Sun, Mar 3, 2019 46 mins

Frank's injury gets in the way of everyone's plans as Fiona attempts to get her life back on track, and Lip grows frustrated with his relationship with Tami. Carl gets some bad news about his future, and Debbie finally makes a move on Kelly. Kevin and Veronica get in trouble at the twins' preschool.

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Episode 14


Sun, Mar 10, 2019 46 mins

In the Season 9 finale, the Gallaghers decide what to do with a bedridden Frank; Fiona has to make a decision about her future; Carl and Debbie share their heartbreak together; and Lip has to deal with a distressed Tami.

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