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Reba McEntire's charm carries this popular sitcom about a Texas mother struggling to keep her dysfunctional family together.

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Sun Jul 22 4:00pm
Cheyenne's Rival(Season 6, Episode 10) TVLAND

Reba finds a perfect house for Cheyenne and Van to buy, but Cheyenne sours on it when she learns it's being sold by her former high-school rival (Sarah Shahi).

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Sun Jul 22 4:30pm
She's With the Band(Season 6, Episode 11) TVLAND

Kyra shocks Reba when she announces that she is postponing college so she can go on tour with her band; and Cheyenne and Van differ on ideas about how to decorate their new house.

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Sun Jul 22 5:00pm
The Housewarming(Season 6, Episode 12) TVLAND

Barbra Jean has a meltdown on camera while doing a weather report and Brock sees it as a sign that she isn't ready to give up on their marriage; Reba annoys Cheyenne and Van by continually dropping by their new house unannounced.

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Sun Jul 22 5:30pm
The Kids Are Alright(Season 6, Episode 13) TVLAND

In the series' finale, Cheyenne and Van ask Reba if they can move back in with her after Van accidentally starts a fire at their new house. Also, Barbra Jean is offered a job at a TV station in Arkansas.

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Sun Jul 22 6:00pm
Every Picture Tells a Story(Season 1, Episode 9) TVLAND

Reba decides that she wants to move Brock's things out of the house, so she has a garage sale with her friend Lori Ann (Park Overall). Meanwhile, Cheyenne feels the baby kick for the first time. Cheyenne: JoAnna Garcia. Reba: Reba McEntire.

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Sun Jul 22 6:30pm
When Good Credit Goes Bad(Season 1, Episode 10) TVLAND

Brock springs a surprise on Reba regarding his upcoming wedding, and Reba has her credit card rejected when she goes out to lunch with Lori-Ann. Brock: Christopher Rich. Lori-Ann: Park Overall. Barbra Jean: Melissa Peterman.

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Sun Jul 22 7:00pm
Meet the Parents(Season 1, Episode 11) TVLAND

Reba's family is delighted when her parents stop by for the weekend, and a special lunch is planned to celebrate their anniversary. Meanwhile, Reba's mom, Helen, and Barbra Jean hit it off and the ladies go shopping together. Helen: Dorothy Lyman. JV: Barr (more…)

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Sun Jul 22 7:30pm
A Midsemester Night's Dream(Season 1, Episode 12) TVLAND

Reba decides to go back to work, and she takes a job as a substitute teacher at Cheyenne's high school. But when she discourages two teens from considering marriage, her advice is misunderstood and gets her in trouble with the school. Reba: Reba McEntire (more…)

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Mon Jul 23 11:00am
Issues(Season 5, Episode 10) FREFM

Reba and Van's constant bickering at work causes the boss to insist they see an occupational therapist (Richard Kind), who suggests they trade job responsibilities for a day.

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Mon Jul 23 11:30am
Brock's Got Stones(Season 5, Episode 11) FREFM

Barbra Jean leaves town and Reba is forced to take care of Brock when he develops kidney stones; Cheyenne volunteers at a homeless shelter.

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Mon Jul 23 11:40am
War and Peace(Season 3, Episode 2) CMT

As Reba's relationship with Kyra improves dramatically, Brock and Barbra Jean find it increasingly difficult to deal with the testy teen.

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Mon Jul 23 12:00pm
Parenting With Puppets(Season 5, Episode 12) FREFM

Reba criticizes Barbra Jean for her lack of parenting skills after Henry misbehaves; Brock and Van are mistaken for a gay couple when they go to a day spa together.

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Mon Jul 23 12:12pm
The Best and the Blondest(Season 3, Episode 3) CMT

After Reba's lecture on the gravity of choosing a career, Cheyenne asks Brock for guidance---and decides to become a dentist like her dad.

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Mon Jul 23 12:30pm
Don't Mess with Taxes(Season 5, Episode 13) FREFM

Brock is audited by the IRS, and the investigation goes back through the final three years he was married to Reba and includes an illegal tax shelter she didn't know anything about. Meanwhile, Van reluctantly participates on a panel discussion of marriage (more…)

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Mon Jul 23 12:44pm
Spies like Reba(Season 3, Episode 4) CMT

Frustrated by Kyra's refusal to confide in her, Reba resorts to Barbra Jean's method of information gathering: reading the teen's e-mail.

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Mon Jul 23 1:16pm
Calling the Pot Brock(Season 3, Episode 5) CMT

Hoping to dissuade Kyra from trying marijuana, Barbra Jean strikes up a lively discussion about the drug that soon has Brock hot under the collar and Reba out in the cold.

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Tue Jul 24 11:00am
The Goodbye Guy(Season 5, Episode 14) FREFM

Brock decides to sell his house to pay off an IRS debt and relocate to Las Vegas, but Barbra Jean doesn't want to move and it's up to Reba to talk him out of it.

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Tue Jul 24 11:30am
Money Blues(Season 5, Episode 15) FREFM

Reba confronts Van when she learns that he makes Cheyenne account for every purchase in an expense journal. Later, Reba discovers that Jake is selling soda at school, even though it is against school policy to drink it on school property.

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Tue Jul 24 12:00pm
Encounters(Season 3, Episode 6) CMT

In hopes of improving their relationship, Reba tries to get Kyra to participate in a communication workshop. Dr. Todd: Martin Mull.

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Tue Jul 24 12:00pm
The Trouble with Dr. Hunky(Season 5, Episode 16) FREFM

Dr. Morgan (James Denton) moves back to town and tries to rekindle his relationship with Reba, but she soon learns that he is still married.

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Tue Jul 24 12:30pm
The Ghost and Mrs. Hart(Season 3, Episode 7) CMT

Barbra Jean thinks her house is haunted by its deceased former owner and ropes Reba into helping her perform a cleansing ritual to get rid of the pesky poltergeist.

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Tue Jul 24 12:30pm
Reba the Landlord(Season 5, Episode 17) FREFM

Reba buys Brock's house and becomes his landlord after Barbra Jean tells her Brock must sell their home to pay his tax debt. But Reba soon regrets it because Barbra Jean starts complaining about everything and ends up suing Reba.

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Tue Jul 24 1:00pm
The Cat's Meow(Season 3, Episode 8) CMT

Reba worries that Jake feels more like he's part of a family at Brock and Barbra Jean's; Kyra and Barbra Jean enlist Van's help in hiding a stray cat from the rest of the family.

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Tue Jul 24 1:30pm
Regarding Henry(Season 3, Episode 9) CMT

Reba learns that Barbra Jean briefly lost track of Henry in a store and refuses to allow her to watch Elizabeth while Van and Cheyenne are away for a football game. Brock confronts Reba about her treatment of his wife, prompting Reba to reveal how she real (more…)

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