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Rawhide Season 8 Episodes

13 Episodes 1965 - 1965

Episode 1

Incident at Boot Hill

Tue, Sep 14, 1965 60 mins

Trouble flares after two drovers are gunned down while trying to stop a lynching. Sheriff: Simon Oakland. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Kane: Jeff Corey. Blake: Raymond St. Jacques. Jethroe: Peter Haskell.

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Episode 2

Ride a Crooked Mile

Tue, Sep 21, 1965 60 mins

Jed intervenes when a card player refuses to surrender the Arabian stallion he lost in a poker game. Danny: John Drew Barrymore. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Benson: Douglas Kennedy. Simon: Raymond St. Jacques. Quince: Steve Raines.

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Episode 3

Six Weeks to Bent Fork

Tue, Sep 28, 1965 60 mins

Rowdy and his drovers race through a calamity-ridden obstacle course to get the herd to market in record time. Lash: James Gregory. Sheriff: R.G. Armstrong. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Simon: Raymond St. Jacques. Ian: David Watson. Wishbone: Paul Brinegar.

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Episode 4

Walk into Terror

Tue, Oct 5, 1965 60 mins

A mine cave-in traps Simon and Quince, who seek a means of escape before they're buried in a second crash. Rankin: Bruce Dern. Boggs: Claude Akins. Quince: Steve Raines. Simon: Raymond St. Jacques. Jed: John Ireland.

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Episode 5

Escort to Doom

Tue, Oct 12, 1965 60 mins

Terror mounts when the drovers realize that they are being trailed by Indians who are taking their time before moving in for the kill. Jacob: Rip Torn. Quadero: Christopher Dark. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Jennings: Tom Reese. Simon: Raymond St. Jacques.

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Episode 6

Hostage for Hanging

Tue, Oct 19, 1965 60 mins

Rowdy is kidnapped and held for ransom by Ma Gufler and her unscrupulous mountain brood. Max: Robert Blake. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Billie Lou: Sharon Farrell. Jesse: Warren Oates.

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Episode 7

The Vasquez Woman

Tue, Oct 26, 1965 60 mins

The cattlemen are caught up in a revolutionary 's struggle for control of the Mexican government. Vasquez: Cesar Romero. Maria: Carol Lawrence. Jed: John Ireland. Baker: Malachi Throne.

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Episode 8

Clash at Broken Bluff

Tue, Nov 2, 1965 60 mins

The drovers are permitted to vote in a local election---a particularly unbalanced contest between a town boss and a reformer. Talbot: Warren Stevens. Thorner: Ron Randell. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Cassie: Nancy Gates. Belle: Elisabeth Fraser.

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Episode 9

The Pursuit

Tue, Nov 9, 1965 60 mins

Jed is wounded by a sniper---who later identifies himself as a U.S. marshal. Dickson: Ralph Bellamy. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Sheriff: Jim Davis.

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Episode 10

Duel at Daybreak

Tue, Nov 16, 1965 60 mins

Rowdy considers calling off the drive when a slowly escalating feud erupts between the foreman and one of the drovers. Lingman: Charles Bronson. Vicki: Jill Haworth. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Bedford: Brendon Boone. Woodruff: Larry Gates. Jed: John Ireland.

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Episode 11

Brush War at Buford

Tue, Nov 23, 1965 60 mins

Rowdy is drawn into renewed Civil War hostilities involving a Southern officer and a rancher who fought for the Union. Buford: Richard Carlson. Aberdeen: Robert Middleton. Wichita Kid: Skip Homeier. Jed: John Ireland. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Court: Tim McIntire. Mint: Robert Sorrells.

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Episode 12

The Testing Post

Tue, Nov 30, 1965 60 mins

Rowdy prepares to face a battalion of angry soldiers after he shoots an arrogant lieutenant who tried forcibly to requisition cattle. Masters: Rory Calhoun. Denner: Burt Brinckerhoff. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Taggart: Dick Foran. Jed: John Ireland.

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Episode 13

Crossing at White Feather

Tue, Dec 7, 1965 60 mins

The drive is endangered by scout Jonas Bolt, an unreliable loafer and drunk whom Rowdy is reluctant to fire. Aaron: Johnny Crawford. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Wishbone: Paul Brinegar. Clayton: G.B. Atwater.

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