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30 Episodes 1961 - 1962

Episode 1

Rio Salado

Fri, Sep 29, 1961 60 mins

Rowdy is anything but pleased by the appearance of his long-missing father, who drags the drovers into a fatal encounter with Mexican outlaws. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Favor: Eric Fleming. Hey Soos: Robert Cabal. Ben: Edward Andrews.

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Rawhide, Season 4 Episode 1 image

Episode 2

Incident of the Sendoff

Mon, Oct 2, 1961 60 mins

Favor learns that the hermit he hired is Jed Hadley, a guilt-ridden wagon master who abandoned his train during an Indian raid. Karse: Claude Akins. Favor: Eric Fleming. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Mrs. Lefever: Lillian Bronson.

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Episode 3

Incident of the Long Shakedown

Fri, Oct 13, 1961 60 mins

Favor's decision to crack down on his men leads to resignations, forcing the trail boss to hire a group of brash---and dangerously inexperienced---drovers. Clayton: Skip Homeier. Favor: Eric Fleming. Haskell: Lew Gallo. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Frank: Jay Douglas. Nolan: Sheb Wooley.

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Episode 4

Judgement at Hondo Seco

Fri, Oct 20, 1961 60 mins

Ralph Bellamy plays Quince's estranged brother, a tyrannical judge who will stop at nothing to break his daughter's engagement to a gambler. Joanna: Anne Whitfield. Quince: Steve Raines. Favor: Eric Fleming. Brad: Burt Douglas. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood.

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Episode 5

Incident of the Lost Tribe

Fri, Oct 27, 1961 60 mins

With Nolan as their reluctant guide, Cheyenne Indians flee an oppressive reservation and head for Mexico---with a posse in hot pursuit. Little Hawk: Abraham Sofaer. White Deer: Sonya Wilde. Favor: Eric Fleming. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood.

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Rawhide, Season 4 Episode 5 image

Episode 6

Incident of the Inside Man

Fri, Nov 3, 1961 60 mins

Favor hires Clay Forrester, unaware that the brash young man is in league with a crooked trail boss who plans to steal Favor's herd. Craddock: Chris Alcaide. Favor: Eric Fleming. Sheilah: Anne Helm.

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Episode 7

Incident of the Black Sheep

Fri, Nov 10, 1961 60 mins

It's cattleman vs. sheepherder when Tod Stone refuses to let Favor's herd pass his flock. Favor: Eric Fleming. Grandfather: Will Wright. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Sheriff: James Anderson. Veterinarian: Hardie Albright.

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Episode 8

Incident of the Prairie Elephant

Fri, Nov 17, 1961 60 mins

Wishbone becomes involved in a fiery romantic triangle as he guides a trouble-ridden circus train to a nearby town. Jenny: Gloria Talbott. Pascal: Lawrence Dobkin. Dario: Britt Lomond. Favor: Eric Fleming. Nolan: Sheb Wooley.

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Rawhide, Season 4 Episode 8 image

Episode 9

Incident of the Little Fishes

Fri, Nov 24, 1961 60 mins

Burgess Meredith plays a dedicated scientist who sparks a mutiny among the drovers when he runs afoul of Favor (Eric Fleming). Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Nolan: Sheb Wooley. Wishbone: Paul Brinegar. Morgan: Richard Webb. Elizabeth: Phyllis Coates.

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Episode 10

Incident of the Blue Spy

Fri, Dec 8, 1961 60 mins

Civil War hostilities are rekindled when a beautiful former Union spy takes shelter at the camp. Madox: Lyle Bettger. Pearson: Charles Aidman. Favor: Eric Fleming. Nolan: Sheb Wooley. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Kirby: Harry Lauter.

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Episode 11

Incident of the Gentleman's Gentleman

Fri, Dec 15, 1961 60 mins

Pomp and circumstance become the order of the day when a dismayed Favor inherits the services of an English valet (Brian Aherne). Favor: Eric Fleming. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Ashton: John Sutton. Collins: Don Harvey. Lydia: Sheila Bromley.

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Episode 12

25 Santa Clauses

Fri, Dec 22, 1961 60 mins

The drovers pool their efforts to prepare a Christmas celebration for a sickly Mexican boy. Bateman: Ed Wynn. Mag: Anne Seymour. Favor: Eric Fleming. Mushy: James Murdock. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Danny: Rafael Lopez. Collins: Don Harvey.

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Rawhide, Season 4 Episode 12 image

Episode 13

Incident of the Long Count

Fri, Jan 5, 1962 60 mins

Part-time census takers Rowdy, Nolan and Wishbone run into trouble: three outlaws don't want to be included in the tally. Clay: Charles Gray. Martha: Bethel Leslie. Favor: Eric Fleming. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Nolan: Sheb Wooley. Wishbone: Paul Brinegar.

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Episode 14

The Captain's Wife

Fri, Jan 12, 1962 60 mins

Barbara Stanwyck as an Army captain's wife whose efforts to further her husband's career could prove fatal for the cattlemen. Favor: Eric Fleming. Carr: John Howard. Holloway: Robert Lowery. Wishbone: Paul Brinegar. Hagerty: Nestor Paiva.

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Episode 15

The Peddler

Fri, Jan 19, 1962 60 mins

Shelley Berman portrays a walking good-luck charm trying---with little success---to drive a small, bony herd to market. Favor: Eric Fleming. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Wales: George Kennedy. Wahkshum: Vitina Marcus.

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Episode 16

Incident of the Woman Trap

Fri, Jan 26, 1962 60 mins

The drovers' night of fun with stranded mail-order brides takes a serious turn: one of the women is found near death. Favor: Eric Fleming. Harleck: Robert Gist. Emily: Maria Palmer. Wagon Master: Alan Hale.

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Episode 17

The Boss's Daughters

Fri, Feb 2, 1962 60 mins

Favor's problems are multiplying: a fence is blocking the herd and his Eastern-bred daughters are to join him on the trail. Favor: Eric Fleming. Caldwell: Paul Richards. Gillian: Candy Moore. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Maggie: Barbara Beaird. Eleanor: Dorothy Green.

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Episode 18

Deserters' Patrol

Fri, Feb 9, 1962 60 mins

Favor and Nolan join the Army---temporarily---to negotiate a trade of six deserters for one Crow Indian chief. Ogalla: Jock Gaynor. Nolan: Sheb Wooley. Favor: Eric Fleming. Cochran: Don Megowan. Kano: Robert Dix. Baines: Conlan Carter. Marshal: Russell Arms.

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Episode 19

The Greedy Town

Fri, Feb 16, 1962 60 mins

The bankrupt citizens of Dry Rock are offered $300,000 by Ada Randolph if they will clear the name of her dead son. Honey: Diana Millay. Clay: Charles Gray. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Jason: Jim Davis. Emory: J. Pat O'Malley.

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Episode 20

Grandma's Money

Fri, Feb 23, 1962 60 mins

An unsuspecting Rowdy befriends a larcenous old lady on the lam from her last caper. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Agee: Frank Wilcox. Sheriff: Frank Maxwell. Eames: Jonathan Hole.

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Episode 21

The Pitchwagon

Fri, Mar 2, 1962 60 mins

Pitchman George Simpson has no trouble keeping one step ahead of the law---but slipping away from a tribe of angry Indians is another problem. Melinda: Joan O'Brien. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Garner: Hugh Marlowe. Jackson: Jack Elam.

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Rawhide, Season 4 Episode 21 image

Episode 22

Hostage Child

Fri, Mar 9, 1962 60 mins

The wife (Debra Paget) of an Indian-hating Army officer successfully hides her Tonkawa heritage---until the drovers arrive with her brother. Favor: Eric Fleming. Harper: Edward Kemmer. Arnee: Jimmy Baird. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood.

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Rawhide, Season 4 Episode 22 image

Episode 23

The Immigrants

Fri, Mar 16, 1962 60 mins

Three drovers, imprisoned by an exiled Prussian count for trespassing, try to Americanize the stern nobleman and his followers. Elsa: Marie Palmer. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Wishbone: Paul Brinegar. Clay: Charles Gray. Quince: Steve Raines.

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Rawhide, Season 4 Episode 23 image

Episode 24

The Child Woman

Fri, Mar 23, 1962 60 mins

Mushy (James Murdock) drags all the drovers into a frantic attempt to save his 15-year-old cousin from a gambler. Sloan: Cesar Romero. Posie: Jena Engstrom. Favor: Eric Fleming. LaVerne: Dorothy Morris. Wishbone: Paul Brinegar.

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Episode 25

A Woman's Place

Fri, Mar 30, 1962 60 mins

A woman doctor fights prejudice, a quack and an unsympathetic sheriff in an effort to save a seriously wounded drover. Favor: Eric Fleming. Loretta: Mala Powers. Mayor: Eduard Franz. Pearson: Jacques Aubuchon. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood.

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Episode 26


Fri, Apr 6, 1962 60 mins

Favor is caught in the middle when the sons of a general and an Indian chief disagree with their fathers on how to prevent a war. Perry: Walter Pidgeon. Favor: Eric Fleming. Mathew: Darryl Hickman. Nolan: Sheb Wooley. Gray Hawk: Anthony Caruso.

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Episode 27

The House of the Hunter

Fri, Apr 20, 1962 60 mins

Rowdy is one of a curious cross section of baffled people imprisoned in a remote cabin---for no apparent reason. Mackie: Robert F. Simon. Mrs. Armstrong: Rosemary De Camp. Franny: Paula Raymond. Clay: Charles Gray.

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Episode 28

Gold Fever

Fri, May 4, 1962 60 mins

A canny prospector ((Victor Jory)) hits upon a foolproof method to repopulate deserted Lost Mountain: start a gold rush. Jessica: Karen Sharpe. Kale: Adam Williams. Priscilla: Marion Ross. Meg: Davey Davison. Favor: Eric Fleming. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood.

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Episode 29

The Devil and the Deep Blue

Fri, May 11, 1962 60 mins

An unscrupulous herder schemes to remove two diseased steers from his herd---and place them with Favor's cattle. Helen: Coleen Gray. Favor: Eric Fleming. Holt: Tod Andrews. Wade: Ted de Corsia. Clay: Charles Gray. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Sheriff: John Pickard.

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Episode 30


Fri, May 18, 1962 60 mins

An outbreak of smallpox climaxes the cattle drive, putting the eager-to-celebrate---and restless---drovers in quarantine. Vada: Audrey Totter. Grenfell: Ken Lynch. Harris: Bing Russell. Favor: Eric Fleming. Rowdy: Clint Eastwood. Clay: Charles Gray.

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Rawhide, Season 4 Episode 30 image