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Providence Season 4 Episodes

22 Episodes 2001 - 2002

Episode 1


Fri, Sep 28, 2001 60 mins

Anxieties seize the Hansens as they adjust to caring for the recuperating Jim, who has suffered memory loss from a gunshot wound. The injury also triggers flashbacks to Jim's troubled youth. Mrs. Neilsen: Kathryn Joosten. Young Jim: Emmett Shoemaker. Mrs. Hansen: Christina Carlisi. Izzy: Samaria Graham. Jim's Father: Scott Waara. Heather: Dana Daurey.

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Episode 2

Home Sweet Home

Fri, Oct 5, 2001 60 mins

Family tensions heighten over the care of Jim, who's working with a demanding therapist (Debbi Morgan). Meanwhile, an AIDS patient with his own family problems concerns Syd. Jason Zeller: Johnny Whitworth. Steven Zeller: Frederick Coffin. Chris: David A. Kimball. Joe Connelly: Steven Eckholdt. Izzy: Samaria Graham. Robbie: Seth Peterson.

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Episode 3

Impulse Control

Fri, Oct 12, 2001 60 mins

A mutual charity connection contributes to a growing bond between Syd and her lover's ex (Christina Haag); the rift widens between Jim and Joanie, upset by mounting medical bills. Pete: Alex D. Linz. Joe Connelly: Steven Eckholdt. Dr. Sam Magala: Cress Williams. Liza Gruber: Amy Farrington. Lynn Fischer: Allison Smith. Tina: Maria Pitillo.

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Episode 4

You Can Count on Me

Fri, Oct 19, 2001 60 mins

A wedding's in the works for Robbie and Tina (Maria Pitillo), who finds a surprising new friend in Joanie; a medical crisis busies Syd, who faces further concerns in her love life. Victor Ortiz: Alexis Cruz. Sandra: Daniella Garcia. Marta: Silvana Gallardo. Joe Connelly: Steven Eckholdt. Hannah: Tessa Allen. Mrs. Hartford: Miriam Flynn. Dr. Sam Magala: Cress Williams. Dr. Eleanor Weiss: Viola Davis. Robbie: Seth Peterson.

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Episode 5

Civil Unrest

Fri, Oct 26, 2001 60 mins

Dirty politics cloud the romance between Syd and Senate hopeful Joe Connelly (Steven Eckholdt); a medical setback imperils Jim; the prospect of a new dad distresses Pete Jr. (Alex D. Linz). Ken: Michael B. Silver. Tina: Maria Pitillo. Dr. Sam Magala: Cress Williams. Mary Cassidy: Tamlyn Tomita. Dr. Donovan: Joseph Hacker.

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Episode 6

Best Man

Fri, Nov 2, 2001 60 mins

Prenuptial strains test Robbie and Tina, as they face discord among the Hansen siblings and the erratic behavior of Jim, who cavorts with a stripper at a bachelor party. Nancy Moore: Stephanie Faracy. Frank Moore: Peter Jason. Hannah: Tessa Allen. Jack: Randy Sklar. Dan: Jason Sklar. Carlo: Robert Costanzo. Pete: Alex D. Linz. Tina: Maria Pitillo.

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Episode 7

The Honeymoon's Over

Fri, Nov 9, 2001 60 mins

Rehabilitation therapy distresses Jim, whose mood swings take a toll on Syd; airline mix-ups disrupt the honeymoon plans of Robbie and Tina. Lauren: Lindsay Crouse. Craig: Bryan Hearne. Mrs. Barnett: Kimberly Scott. George: David Marciano. Tina: Maria Pitillo. Izzy: Samaria Graham. Hannah: Tessa Allen. Robbie: Seth Peterson.

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Episode 8

Rocky Road

Fri, Nov 16, 2001 60 mins

An insightful psychologist (Isabella Hofmann) treats Syd, who confronts her haunted past; a troubled rehab patient befriends Jim, who's thrust into a precarious situation. George: David Marciano. Pete: Alex D. Linz. Phil Sutton: Dan Montgomery. Karen Ashworth: Carol Potter. Amanda: Jessica Stier. Tina: Maria Pitillo. Stanley Green: John Posey. Lynda: Concetta Tomei.

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Episode 9

Gobble Gobble

Fri, Nov 23, 2001 60 mins

On Thanksgiving, Jim and Joanie take eventful road trips. He's on a Good Samaritan mission and riding with young rockers; her adventure winds up involving a live turkey. Margery York-Gladwell: Patricia Barry. Phil Sutton: Dan Montgomery. Raji: Anjul Nigam. Diego Sandoval: Juan Garcia. Mrs. Sandoval: Betty Carvalho. Tina: Maria Pitillo. Izzy: Samaria Graham.

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Episode 10

The Mating Dance

Fri, Dec 14, 2001 60 mins

At Yuletide, Jim hits it off with a patient (Marcia Strassman) he meets at his rehab center, while Joannie hits the town with a hottie from Texas. "Blind Date" host Roger Lodge plays himself. Brian: Dane Northcutt. Larry: Jack Coleman. Dr. Dunseith: Isabella Hofmann. Dr. Sam Magala: Cress Williams. Phil Sutton: Dan Montgomery. Tina: Maria Pitillo. Charlie: Hank Harris.

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Episode 11

The Start of Something Big

Fri, Jan 4, 2002 60 mins

A delivery-room crisis has repercussions for Syd; the prospect of being pregnant absorbs Tina; an independent-living program cheers Jim, who longs to return to his vet practice. Lauren: Lindsay Crouse. Meredith: Marcia Strassman. Lenore Decker: Alyson Reed. Daphne: Ashley Johnson. Tina: Maria Pitillo. Phil: Dan Montgomery. Dr. Dunseith: Isabella Hofmann. Izzy: Samaria Graham.

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Episode 12

Shadow Play

Fri, Jan 11, 2002 60 mins

Scrutiny stresses Syd, facing a malpractice suit and coping with a persistent, medical-board watchdog; watchfulness attends a tentative Jim, now back at his vet practice. Dr. Minkus: Larry Miller. Mike O'Brien: Peter Onorati. Ethan: Scott Terra. O'Neill: Beau Starr. Mrs. Kolchek: Magda Harout. Karrie: Katie Morrow. McDonnell: Glenn Morshower. Tina: Maria Pitillo. Phil Sutton: Dan Montgomery.

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Episode 13

The Good Fight

Fri, Jan 25, 2002 60 mins

Tensions surface between Syd and the lawyer (George Newbern) handling her malpractice case; parental fretting envelops Pete and his Winter Dance date (Brenda Grate). Alexander: James Roday. Daphne Wallace: Ashley Johnson. Mrs. Himmel: Meagan Fay. Mr. Himmel: Vito D'Ambrosio. Phil: Dan Montgomery. Pete: Alex D. Linz. Tina: Maria Pitillo.

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Episode 14

All the King's Men

Fri, Feb 1, 2002 60 mins

A gang member's desperation moves Syd; a rock band's lifestyle fascinates Pete; a dog owner's matchmaking flusters the Hansen's pooch, who's set to "marry" a golden retriever. Justin: Dante Basco. Hazel: Connie Ray. Yule: Michael Des Barres. Dr. Sam: Cress Williams. Phil: Dan Montgomery. Owen Frank: George Newbern. Pete: Alex D. Linz. Tina: Maria Pitillo.

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Episode 15

Act Naturally

Fri, Mar 22, 2002 60 mins

A trip to Los Angeles proves to be eventful for Joanie, who is bitten by the acting bug; and for Syd, who consults on a TV medical drama and later faces a major career decision. Dr. Hallstrom: Rae Allen. Jerry Kaufman: Patrick Fabian. Richard Zaks: John Marshall Jones. Thora/Sam: Mia Cottet. Nigel Galthwort: Adrian Neil. Jerald: Rob Farrior.

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Episode 16


Fri, Mar 29, 2002 60 mins

Toddler pageants rope in Hannah and her mom, whose doggie bakery employs Dr. Syd, now unlicensed to practice. Morgan Fairchild appears in the opening dream sequence. Owen: George Newbern. Meredith: Marcia Strassman. Kim: Kirsten Nelson. Shania: Sara Niemietz. Nancy Neiman: Wendy Schaal.. Dr. Renee Dunseith: Isabella Hofmann.

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Episode 17

The Whole Truth

Fri, Apr 5, 2002 60 mins

Syd's malpractice suit is tried in a stressful courtroom battle capped by the plaintiff's telling testimony. Anne Robinson ("The Weakest Link") plays herself in the opening spoof. Daphne: Ashley Johnson. Owen: George Newbern. Barrett Crouch: Matt Malloy. Karina: Rachel Wilson. Lenore: Alyson Reed. Izzy: Samaria Graham.

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Episode 18


Fri, Apr 12, 2002 60 mins

Sly and sharp-eyed Syd targets a "hit list" with a water pistol filled with colored ink in a charity fund-raising competition; collegiate Joanie strives to get in with the in-crowd at school. Owen: George Newbern. Aidan: Kyle Howard. Jackson Palmer: Gildart Jackson. Meredith: Marcia Strassman. Mr. Smith: Sam Lloyd. Hazel: Connie Ray. Tina: Maria Pitillo. Hannah: Tessa Allen. Pete: Alex D. Linz.

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Episode 19

Great Expectations

Fri, Apr 19, 2002 60 mins

Jim is enthralled by a free-spirited motorcyclist (Marilu Henner) who keeps a pet orangutan; and Syd's on dates with Owen that turn into competitive frays. Owen: George Newbern. Jackson: Gildart Jackson. Dr. Jaffrey: Luck Hari. Brian McCulley: Bill O'Brien. Amy McCulley: Karina Baker. Renee: Shoshannah Stern.

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Episode 20

Things Have Changed

Fri, Apr 26, 2002 60 mins

Jim's off on a motorcycle jaunt with Georgia (Marilu Henner), much to Meredith's dismay; Syd's befuddled and enraptured by Owen; Joanie's in harmony with her music prof. Owen: George Newbern. Jackson: Gildart Jackson. Meredith: Marcia Strassman. Kevin: Matt Letscher. Joyce: Kristine Sutherland. Allison: Stacy Galina.

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Episode 21

Smoke and Mirrors

Fri, May 3, 2002 60 mins

Dual relationships stress out Joanie, dating a professor and reunited with Phil; and Syd, seeing Owen---and a schizophrenic adulator. Melissa Gilbert plays a snooty dog owner. Kevin: Matt Letscher. Phil: Dan Montgomery. Owen: George Newbern. Jackson: Gildart Jackson. Meredith: Marcia Strassman. Pete: Alex D. Linz.

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Episode 22

Out of Control

Fri, May 10, 2002 60 mins

Cliffhangers hinge on the stalking of Syd by a schizophrenic; and a medical emergency besetting Tina (Maria Pitillo). Kevin: Matt Letscher. Phil: Dan Montgomery. Jackson: Gildart Jackson. Owen: George Newbern. Meredith: Marcia Strassman. Britney: Nicole Paggi.

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