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Oliver Beene Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

14 Episodes 2004 - 2004

Episode 1


Wed, Feb 4, 2004 30 mins

Oliver discovers a new sensation---lust---thanks to a Swedish exchange student who's 17. But Ted gets first "dibs" on her. Meanwhile, Charlotte is convicnced that she and Jerry are in a rut, so she proposes that they date. Their assignation spot: the Greenwich Village cafe where they first kissed. It has changed substantially. Elke: Maggie Grace.

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Episode 2

Soup to Nuts

Sun, Feb 8, 2004 30 mins

Oliver's facing "the lowest rung on the social ladder" because his classmates think he threw up on the school bus (he actually spilled soup on himself). Meanwhile, Jerry's Aunt Sylvia dies, and her funeral will be problematic for him and Ted. It seems that Sylvia had sent them money for Ted's piano lessons, but they spent it on steak dinners. Now Ted's asked to play.

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Episode 3

Daughter for a Day

Sun, Feb 15, 2004 30 mins

Oliver is tired of being a "mama's boy" so he decides to hang out with Dad---at a Turkish bath. That leaves Charlotte looking for a daughter. Enter Joyce. Meanwhile, Michael gives Ted a makeover, "Queer Eye"-style, prior to his tutoring session with the Swedish exchange student Elke (Maggie Grace).

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Episode 4

X-Ray Specs

Sun, Feb 22, 2004 30 mins

The x-ray glasses Oliver gets from a mail-order novelty company don't work, so Oliver and his friends confront the company's owner (Richard Kind). Meanwhile, Charlotte's sister (Elaine Hendrix), a flight attendant with a history of bad boyfriends, has a new one---who's married. So Charlotte and Jerry both fix her up, for the same affair.

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Episode 5

Ward Have Mercy

Sun, Mar 7, 2004 30 mins

Oliver and Charlotte both must contend with bullies. His takes lunch money, while hers is a tyrannical stickler for rules, being the president of the Beenes' apartment building. Both find ways to stare them down. Meanwhile, Elke (Maggie Grace) discovers J.D. Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye," which means that Ted discovers it, too. This is not good news for Salinger (John Lehr). Murray Wilcox: Kevin G. Schmidt. Ward: Josh Waters. Stitt: Ethan Phillips.

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Episode 6


Sun, Mar 14, 2004 30 mins

Oliver's in for a rude surprise on the first day of sixth grade: He has been placed in "Level 3." That's not where he wants to be. Meanwhile, Jerry invents a disposable-head toothbrush (Charlotte comes up with an invention idea of her own), and Ted grows a moustache---all four hairs of it. O.J. Simpson "dream team" lawyer Robert Shapiro has a cameo.

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Episode 7

Idol Chatter

Sun, Jun 6, 2004 30 mins

Jerry and Charlotte's upcoming party is competing with a neighbor's party for guests. What to do? Jerry claims that a famous comedian will appear at the Beene party. It's a lie, of course, but Oliver and Ted set out to make it true.

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Episode 8

Oliver & The Otters

Sun, Jun 13, 2004 30 mins

Wanting to impress the prettiest girl in school, Oliver forms a rock band he calls Oliver and the Otters. Meanwhile, Ted invites Elke to his wrestling match, then learns that he'll be up against a kid who's likely to kill him. And Charlotte reads Jerry the riot act over his boorish behavior, then discovers a decidedly different side of him at work. Joyce: Daveigh Chase. Michael: Taylor Emmerson.

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Episode 9

Kissing Babies

Sun, Jun 20, 2004 30 mins

Oliver is invited to his first make-out party, and he's suitably apprehensive. And Charlotte decides to run for president of the tenants association, a challenge that the nasty incumbent, Mr. Stitt (Ethan Phillips), doesn't take lightly.

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Episode 10

Girly Dad

Sun, Jun 27, 2004 30 mins

Norm MacDonald guest stars as a hobo who moves into the treehouse that Oliver, Joyce and Michael have built in the park (Michael designed the interior). Meanwhile, Ted's overjoyed that Jerry, who's not known for his interest in sports, decides to join him for the weekly father-son baseball game. Or at least he is until Jerry warms up. The Ted discovers why Jerry had never showed much interest in sports: he throws like a girl.

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Episode 11

Fallout (Pilot)

Sun, Aug 15, 2004 30 mins

Oliver's quest for a PTA Talent Night slot (as a stand-up comic) is interrupted by the Cuban Missile Crisis. So it's a good thing that Jerry surprised Charlotte with that most thoughtful of anniversary gifts, a family fallout shelter. This episode, the series pilot, was originally slated to be the first one to air.

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Episode 12


Sun, Aug 22, 2004 30 mins

The Beenes are vacationing in the Catskills, where Oliver finds something he's good at: playing Simon Says, much to the chagrin of the game leader (Tom McGowan), who doesn't like to be beaten. Meanwhile, Jerry makes friends with a group of doctors who don't realize that he's a dentist. And Ted hopes to more than friends with Elke (Maggie Grace), whom he has invited to join him.

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Episode 13

A Trip to Coney Island

Sun, Aug 29, 2004 30 mins

Oliver gets a paper route, but it's Charlotte who delivers the goods. Meanwhile, Jerry lusts after a prized parking spot that one neighbor (Louis Lombardi) always seems to get. Jerry doesn't take this lying down.

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Episode 14


Sun, Sep 12, 2004 30 mins

Oliver fills in for Joyce in her steady babysitting gig, and the kid has so much fun that he wants Oliver to be his permanent sitter. Meanwhile, Ted takes a new tack in his efforts to woo Elke (Maggie Grace). Joyce: Daveigh Chase.

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