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New Girl Season 4 Episodes

22 Episodes 2014 - 2015

The fourth season of this sitcom sees Jess (Zoey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) back in the dating pool after splitting up at the end of Season 3, but Jess complicates her pursuit when she becomes attracted to a colleague. Schmidt (Max Greenfield) continues his single, womanizing ways, though he still harbors feelings for CeCe (Hannah Simone). Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.) also finds relationship troubles, while Winston (Lamorne Morris) is focused on graduating from the police academy, but things don't go as smoothly as he wants. Notable guest stars include Jessica Biel, J.J. Watt and Regis Philbin.

Episode 1

The Last Wedding

30 mins

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Episode 2


Tue, Sep 23, 2014 30 mins

Jess gets lessons in mobile-app dating from Schmidt. Elsewhere, Winston's friends inadvertently thwart his attempts to impress his fellow cadets.

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Episode 3

Julie Berkman's Older Sister

Tue, Sep 30, 2014 30 mins

Jess' dad visits and brings along his new girlfriend, who turns out to be Jess and Cece's old high-school rival. Meanwhile, Schmidt tries to land a big account at work and recruits the other guys to participate in a focus group.

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Episode 4


Tue, Oct 7, 2014 30 mins

Jess goes on a date with a less-than-perfect guy to prove that women aren't shallow. Elsewhere, Winston and Cece prank Schmidt and Coach by convincing them that they could be male models.

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Episode 5


Tue, Oct 14, 2014 30 mins

Jess enforces a "no fraternization" policy at school after Coach gets involved with the school nurse, but she regrets that decision upon meeting a hunky new science teacher. Meanwhile, the loft gets a new landline phone, and Nick uses it to act as a secretary for Schmidt and Winston.

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Episode 6

Background Check

Tue, Nov 4, 2014 30 mins

The loft is subjected to a home visit and a background check as part of Winston's police-academy training, but some items hidden in Jess' closet may pose a problem.

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Episode 7


Tue, Nov 11, 2014 30 mins

Nick feigns being gay so that Jess' new boyfriend might feel less threatened; and Coach is annoyed at Winston for working his "Long Game" on two attractive neighbors. Meanwhile, Schmidt is bummed to learn Cece is contemplating breast-reduction surgery.

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Episode 8


21 mins

Jess, Coach, and Ryan attend a teachers conference, led by education guru Brenda Brown. Back at the loft, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston try to have a wild weekend while Jess is out of town.

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Episode 9

Thanksgiving IV

21 mins

With winter coming and everyone single, Schmidt initiates a "Bangs-giving" themed Thanksgiving dinner party, to which everyone must bring someone compatible for someone else.

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Episode 10

Girl Fight

21 mins

Schmidt quickly regrets trying to understand the politics of a girl fight when one breaks out between Jess and Cece. Meanwhile, Nick goes on a date with Tran's granddaughter, whom Winston believes is hiding a secret.

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Episode 11


Tue, Dec 9, 2014 30 mins

The gang can use a little help from Santa as they prepare to scatter for the holidays but get stuck at the airport.

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Episode 12


Tue, Jan 6, 2015 30 mins

Winston graduates from the police academy, and Nick and Coach are concerned about how he'll deal with a new training officer, while Jess gets Schmidt to see if a councilwoman can put a stop to disturbing nocturnal construction outside the loft.

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New Girl, Season 4 Episode 12 image

Episode 13

Coming Out

Tue, Jan 13, 2015 30 mins

Now that they are a couple, Jess has a tendency to show favoritism toward Ryan, which has a negative effect on a class field trip. Meanwhile, Schmidt develops an ulcer and Winston takes an obsessive liking to wearing a crystal.

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Episode 14


Tue, Feb 3, 2015 30 mins

Schmidt and Nick fashion a suit made from sweatshirt material and call it the "Swuit," so Jess decides to help by pitching the item to entrepreneur Lori Greiner (as herself). Meanwhile, Winston and Coach make an investment in Cece's future.

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Episode 15

The Crawl

Tue, Feb 10, 2015 30 mins

With the addition of a new neighborhood watering hole, Nick feels that his epic Valentine's Day pub crawl is now complete. Meanwhile, an inebriated Jess and Ryan ruminate about their future; Coach repeatedly keeps meeting up with the same new woman; and Schmidt makes a move into politics.

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Episode 16


Tue, Feb 17, 2015 30 mins

It's a rocky ride down memory lane when Jess and the crew return to her childhood hometown of Portland, Ore., for her father's wedding.

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New Girl, Season 4 Episode 16 image

Episode 17


Tue, Feb 24, 2015 30 mins

With the loft crawling with spiders and Schmidt's arachnophobia spinning out of control, the gang go on a hunt for the creepy critters. During the mission, Winston's comments leave Jess with the mistaken impression that Cece has fallen for Nick.

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New Girl, Season 4 Episode 17 image

Episode 18

Walk of Shame

Tue, Mar 3, 2015 30 mins

After an all-night party at Bearclaw's, Jess and Cece return to the loft to find an old acquaintance, while Coach doesn't think he's ready to introduce his classy new girlfriend to Nick and Winston.

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New Girl, Season 4 Episode 18 image

Episode 19

The Right Thing

Tue, Mar 31, 2015 30 mins

Jess crashes a funeral, where she hopes to delete a sexy text message she had sent the deceased. Meanwhile, Schmidt's mom visits and demands he write bar-mitzvah thank-you notes; and Winston tries to become off-duty friends with his police partner.

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New Girl, Season 4 Episode 19 image

Episode 20

Par 5

Tue, Apr 7, 2015 30 mins

Jess accompanies Fawn to a charity golf tournament, where the vice principal's attempts to make a good impression prove subpar. Meanwhile, Winston meets an attractive woman but needs to lie about being a cop.

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New Girl, Season 4 Episode 20 image

Episode 21

Panty Gate

Tue, Apr 28, 2015 30 mins

Fawn is at the center of a political scandal, so Schmidt steps in to help her out. Meanwhile, Jess takes on the role of "love doctor," and Coach faces a life-altering situation with May.

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New Girl, Season 4 Episode 21 image

Episode 22

Clean Break

Tue, May 5, 2015 30 mins

In the Season 4 finale, Coach is moving out of the loft, while Schmidt gets rid of nonessentials and comes to realize what is really important to him, and Jess and Nick reminisce and try to determine how they feel about each other.

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New Girl, Season 4 Episode 22 image