My Big Fat Fabulous Life

A series following a North Carolina woman who was diagnosed with an endocrine system disorder called polyscystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) that caused her to gain hundreds of pounds.

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Mon, 7:00 am

A Tale of Two Whitneys(Season 7, Episode 1)

Uncomfortable after her kiss with Buddy, Whitney creates a new business and a new life in Charlotte. Whitney accepts a date with another man. And tension between Buddy and Tal forces Whitney into a tough decision.


Wed, 7:00 am

Whit's New Man(Season 7, Episode 2)

Whitney hunts for a permanent home in Charlotte. A health scare for Babs causes Whitney to take drastic measures. Meanwhile, sparks fly on Whitney and Chase's first date.


Thu, 7:00 am

Big Fat Moves(Season 7, Episode 3)

Whitney finally packs up and moves to Charlotte, forcing Buddy to find a new place to live. Chase asks Whitney to be his girlfriend, which may warn Buddy off. Meanwhile, Whitney teams up with Jessica for a fitness competition from hell.

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