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It's a Living Season 6 Episodes

23 Episodes 1988 - 1989

Episode 1

Pistol Packin' Mama

Sat, Oct 15, 1988 30 mins

Ginger moves out when she learns that Amy has a .357 Magnum in her pajama bag for protection. Amy: Crystal Bernard. Dot: Gail Edwards.

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Episode 2

The Nancy and Roscoe Show

Sat, Oct 22, 1988 30 mins

Nancy surrenders to the advances of Howard's buddy (James Luisi); Sonny (Paul Kreppel) is nominated for a lounge act award. Howard: Richard Stahl.

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Episode 3

The Jan's Pregnant Show

Sat, Oct 29, 1988 30 mins

Jan puts an end to Richie's aspiration to move to North Dakota when she finds out that they are expecting a baby. Richie: Richard Kline. Jan: Barrie Youngfellow. Sonny: Paul Kreppel.

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Episode 4

Never Trust Anyone Under 40

Sat, Nov 5, 1988 30 mins

Louie throws Sonny a surprise 40th-birthday party that ages Howard. Angela: Lisa Raggio. Sonny: Paul Kreppel. Howard: Richard Stahl.

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Episode 5

The New Guy Show

Sat, Nov 12, 1988 30 mins

Ginger encounters the unexpected when she phones a photographer (Julius J. Carry III) for a date; Sonny's agent (Willie Garson) buys him an hour's worth of TV time. Ginger: Sheryl Lee Ralph. Sonny: Paul Kreppel.

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Episode 6

Rear Window

Sat, Nov 19, 1988 30 mins

Dot's neighbor-watching entangles her in what appears to be a murder. Detective: Kenneth Tigar. Dot: Gail Edwards. Amy: Crystal Bernard. Sonny: Paul Kreppel.

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Episode 7

You Do Voodoo

Sat, Nov 26, 1988 30 mins

Jan tries to ward off a developer's plans to build a mini-mall in her neighborhood; and Ginger uses voodoo spells to conjure up a perfect date. Mr. Weiner: David Selburg. Jan: Barrie Youngfellow.

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Episode 8

The Amy and Bobby Show

Sat, Dec 3, 1988 30 mins

Amy dates a man (Jay Baker) who wants her on the road to salvation; Howard unwittingly buys Nancy hot merchandise. Amy: Crystal Bernard. Howard: Richard Stahl.

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Episode 9

Dot Casts Off

Sat, Dec 10, 1988 30 mins

Dot accepts a job as a casting assistant and has the difficult task of auditioning a friend (Ruth de Sosa). Jan: Barrie Youngfellow. Howard: Richard Stahl.

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Episode 10

A Very Scary It's a Living

Sat, Jan 7, 1989 30 mins

It's a nightmare at the restaurant after Dot accepts a job casting a horror movie. Nancy: Marian Mercer. Sonny: Paul Kreppel. Jan: Barrie Youngfellow.

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Episode 11

The Ginger's Mother Show

Sat, Jan 14, 1989 30 mins

Ginger must tell her mother (Nancy Wilson) the truth about her career; Howard and Nancy (Richard Stahl, Marian Mercer) enter a flower competition. Joan Hampton: Murphy Cross.

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Episode 12

Mike Fright

Sat, Jan 21, 1989 30 mins

Sonny feels threatened when a temporary replacement (Michael Feinstein) turns out to be a success; Ginger receives an unexpected gift during a romantic weekend with Reggie. Sheryl Lee Ralph, Gail Edwards.

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Episode 13

He Never Sang for His Father

Sat, Jan 28, 1989 30 mins

Sonny's attempt to make permanent waves with his hairdresser (Jane Leeves) fizzles when his father arrives for a surprise visit. Irv Manischewitz: Paul Kreppel. Jan: Barrie Youngfellow. Nancy: Marian Mercer.

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Episode 14

Just Say Yes

Sat, Feb 11, 1989 30 mins

Amy anguishes over what she should do with her present from Bobby Lee (Jay Baker)---the key to his hotel room. Crystal Bernard, Marian Mercer, Barrie Youngfellow.

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Episode 15

Wedding, Wedding

Sat, Feb 18, 1989 30 mins

Amy and Ginger decide to have a double wedding at the restaurant with Bobby Lee's granddaddy (Jimmy Weldon) officiating. Bobby Lee: Jay Baker. Reggie: Julius J. Carry III.

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Episode 16

The Dark at the Top of the Top

Sat, Feb 25, 1989 30 mins

Nancy is in favor of the new manager's ideas until she's replaced; Howard becomes frantic when a power outage erases his recipes from a computer he didn't want. Ira Baynes: Kirk Sisco. Dot: Gail Edwards.

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Episode 17

My Little Red Book

Sat, Mar 4, 1989 30 mins

Sonny finds a little black book that leads to intrigue and a hot lady (Wendy Cutler); Howard gives Ginger and Amy their first cooking lesson. Jaylovitch: Paul Willson. Sergei: Peter Elbling. Lt. Mogul: Patrick Cronin.

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Episode 18

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Sat, Mar 11, 1989 30 mins

Phil sets Sonny up with a new singing partner (Leslie Easterbrook); Dot employs a marriage broker to find her a possible mate. Gail Edwards, Paul Kreppel. Sophie: Liz Sheridan. Benny: Roderick Spencer.

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Episode 19

A Very Special It's a Living

Sat, Mar 18, 1989 30 mins

Jan goes into labor and receives a visit from an unusual Angel of Death (Danny Thomas). Barrie Youngfellow, Gail Edwards. Frankie: Dan Frischman. Dr. Proctor: Karen Hensel. Nurse: Kit Paraventi.

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Episode 20

The Sonny and Dot Show

Sat, Apr 8, 1989 30 mins

Dot and Sonny (Gail Edwards, Paul Kreppel) are feeling lonely, so they stay late to cry on each other's shoulder. Jan: Barrie Youngfellow. Amy: Crystal Bernard.

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Episode 21

Puppy Love

Tue, Jun 18, 2019 30 mins

Dot's cat dies and she feels lonely and decides to get a puppy. Her landlord refuses to allow her to keep the puppy, so she must find a new home for him or face the puppy being put to sleep.

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Episode 22

Last Show We Have to Write

Sun, Dec 6, 2020 30 mins

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Episode 23


Sun, Dec 13, 2020 30 mins

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