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It's a Living Season 2 Episodes

14 Episodes 1981 - 1982

Episode 1

Boys of Summer

Sat, Oct 24, 1981 30 mins

A minor-league team infects the staff with baseball fever. Maggie: Louise Lasser. Chef: Earl Boen. Cassie: Ann Jillian. Skippy: Luis Avalos.

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Episode 2

All My Son

Sat, Oct 31, 1981 30 mins

Sonny is presented with a 10-year-old son---from a woman he can't even remember. Kate Zentall. Arthur: Kourosh Dawoodi. Maggie: Louise Lasser.

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Episode 3

Of Mace and Men

Sat, Nov 7, 1981 30 mins

Instructed in the use of tear gas, the waitresses repel a mugger (Joe Mantegna), who threatens to sue. Maggie: Louise Lasser. Dot: Gail Edwards. Wilson: Gregory Sierra.

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Episode 4

The Wedding

Sat, Nov 14, 1981 30 mins

At a wedding rehearsal, the groom spots Cassie---his former flame---across the crowded room. Cassie: Ann Jillian. Jane: Devon Ericson. Peg: Gretchen Wyler.

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Episode 5

The Second Time Around... Almost

Sat, Nov 28, 1981 30 mins

Jan's ex (Dennis Dugan) becomes reacquainted with his estranged family. Barrie Youngfellow, Gail Edwards, Ann Jillian.

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Episode 6

Off the Top

Sat, Dec 5, 1981 30 mins

The new owner of the restaurant fires the staff. Cassie: Ann Jillian. Mackinaw: Richard McKenzie. Frankie: Dan Frischman. Maggie: Louise Lasser.

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Episode 7

Mann Is Mann

Sat, Dec 12, 1981 30 mins

Sonny is petrified by advances from the fiancée of his intimidating brother (Donnelly Rhodes). Suzy: Nancy Dolman. Cassie: Ann Jillian. Dot: Gail Edwards.

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Episode 8

Jealousy or Mildred Fierce

Sat, Jan 2, 1982 30 mins

Everyone rallies to keep Dennis from falling apart when his wife leaves him. Dennis: Earl Boen. Nancy: Marian Mercer.

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Episode 9

Young Love

Fri, Jan 8, 1982 30 mins

Romance develops between 32-year old Jan and Maggie's 21-year-old brother (Sandy Simpson). Jan: Barrie Youngfellow. Maggie: Louise Lasser.

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Episode 10

The Garden of Countess Natasha

Fri, Feb 12, 1982 30 mins

When Dot lands the lead in a play, her work suffers---but not as much as the audience. Cassie: Ann Jillian. Nancy: Marian Mercer. Dennis: Earl Boen.

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Episode 11

Falling in Love Again

Fri, Feb 19, 1982 30 mins

Maggie feels guilty over her first affair since widowhood; a police stakeout invades the restaurant. Maggie: Louise Lasser. Guthrie: Alan Oppenheimer. Dan: Walter Olkewicz. Jan: Barrie Youngfellow.

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Episode 12

Horsing Around

Fri, Feb 26, 1982 30 mins

Horse-racing fever grips the staff after Maggie and Jan win a bundle on a hot tip. Clerk: Pat Cooper. Maggie: Louise Lasser. Tout: Joel Brooks. Jan: Barrie Youngfellow.

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Episode 13

Strange Bedfellows

Fri, Jun 4, 1982 30 mins

In the hospital, Dot learns a lesson from a relentlessly cheery roommate (Connie Forslund); at work, the staff copes with a gaggle of bickering WWI veterans. General: Fred Stuthman. Samuel: Regis Toomey.

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Episode 14

A Farewell to Arm

Fri, Jun 11, 1982 30 mins

Jan gets stuck at Maggie's garage sale on the afternoon of the greatest date of her life. Louise Lasser, Gail Edwards, Ann Jillian.

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