Hotel Babylon

A British five-star hotel is the setting for tales of mystery and romance.

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Elizabeth Mitchell by Art Streiber/ABC; Patrick Dempsey by Bob D'Amico/ABC; Emily Procter by Doug Hyun/CBS

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Episode 8 Season 3, Episode 8 Feb 25, 2009 $1.99

Provincial preacher turned soon to be famous faith healer; Jonah Slaughter arrives at Babylon with his faithful assistant, Nathan in tow. At the same time, nervous, small town type, Caroline checks in and quickly situates herself in the bar with a calming drink. Also checking in is Martin, with an odd request - he wants his son's ashes to be stored in the hotel safe. When this isn't an option, Jack enlists James to look after the ashes - guard them with his life.

Episode 7 Season 3, Episode 7 Feb 18, 2009 $1.99

Northern based, slightly out of touch, chat show host Eddie Palmer stays in Babylon and asks Tony if he'll get him some company. On a warning from Jack to keep illegal activities to a discreet minimum, Tony is loathed to help Palmer, especially as Palmer insists on using one of his regular contacts. Tony's job is threatened... is this the end of his 20 years at Babylon?

Episode 6 Season 3, Episode 6 Feb 11, 2009 $2.99

Jack has just been made the new GM and this year's big 'rom com' is being filmed in Babylon. Having a film crew in the hotel quickly vexes our regulars. The stars, Katie and Tom, are your typical needy celebrities, claiming to hate the media but at the same time craving their attention. When someone leaks to a popular gossip website that Tom has indulged in a little botox, he furiously threatens to leave the hotel which jeopardises both the film and the hotel's profits...

Episode 5 Season 3, Episode 5 Feb 4, 2009 $1.99

Charlie is starting to realise the pressure of managing a five star hotel and a damning missive from head office, criticising his accounting and demanding answers is an added strain he could do without. He quickly brings in a new sommelier to better the profits of the wine cellar, but the Head Office threat becomes just the tip of the iceberg: biblical chaos is going on below stairs - the chambermaids haven't been paid. Charlie tells Jackie he'll sort the situation, but when Jack reveals the lack of pay is all Charlie's fault, his promise to get the money by the morning is looking unlikely.

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