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Good Times Season 4 Episodes

23 Episodes 1976 - 1977

Episode 1

The Big Move

Wed, Sep 22, 1976 30 mins

Part 1 of two. In the Season 4 opener, James has landed a promising job and his family prepares to leave Chicago to join him.

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Episode 2

The Big Move

Wed, Sep 29, 1976 30 mins

Conclusion. At a gathering after James' funeral, the children grow bitter over Florida's festive manner.

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Episode 3

J.J. and the Older Woman

Wed, Oct 6, 1976 30 mins

An older woman becomes the object of affection for JJ.

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Episode 4

Michael the Warlord

Wed, Oct 13, 1976 30 mins

Florida, crusading against local terrorism, may discover Michael's association with a street gang.

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Episode 5

Michael's Great Romance

Wed, Oct 20, 1976 30 mins

Michael has fallen for a wealthy, stylish girl, but is speechless whenever he's near her.

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Episode 6

Evans Vs. Davis

Wed, Oct 27, 1976 30 mins

JJ's refusal to endorse a shady politician may mean eviction for the Evanses.

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Episode 7

J.J.'s New Career

Wed, Nov 10, 1976 30 mins

Part 1 of two. A curtailed income and an overdue rent payment threaten to put the Evanses out on the street.

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Episode 8

J.J.'s New Career

Wed, Nov 17, 1976 30 mins

Conclusion. JJ's family doesn't know a gambling ring is behind his business success.

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Episode 9

The Grandpa's Visit

Wed, Nov 24, 1976 30 mins

James' father visits at Thanksgiving, telling tall tales and scandalising Florida with his live-in girlfriend.

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Episode 10

Rich Is Better than Poor...Maybe

Wed, Dec 8, 1976 30 mins

Two female gang members demand the $2500 the Evanses won in the lottery.

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Episode 11

Florida's Night Out

Wed, Dec 15, 1976 30 mins

Willona talks Florida into going out to a singles bar.

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Episode 12

The Judy Cohen Story

Wed, Dec 22, 1976 30 mins

JJ meets a young singer with plenty of talent, but no manager.

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Episode 13

The Comedian and the Loan Shark

Wed, Jan 5, 1977 30 mins

JJ contends with his latest show-biz find's opening-night jitters---and with thugs whose loan financed the debut.

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Episode 14

The Hustle

Wed, Jan 12, 1977 30 mins

The children sell underwear to raise vacation money for Florida.

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Episode 15

Thelma's African Romance

Wed, Jan 19, 1977 30 mins

Thelma falls for an African exchange student. First of two parts.

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Episode 16

Thelma's African Romance

Wed, Jan 19, 1977 30 mins

Thelma wants to marry an African exchange student and move to Nigeria. Conclusion of a two-part episode.

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Episode 17

Willona's Surprise

Wed, Jan 26, 1977 30 mins

Willona's ex-husband pays a visit, claiming to have reformed his philandering ways.

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Episode 18

A Friend in Need

Wed, Feb 2, 1977 30 mins

JJ is shocked at the dramatic decline of an old friend, a former high-school scholar-athlete who has flunked out of university.

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Episode 19

A Stormy Relationship

Wed, Feb 9, 1977 30 mins

Florida confronts Michael's atheistic boss, whom she believes is responsible for her son's sudden impiety.

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Episode 20

Florida and Carl

Wed, Feb 23, 1977 30 mins

Florida's graciousness to a rude waiter infuriates her escort.

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Episode 21

My Son, the Father

Wed, Mar 2, 1977 30 mins

After preening all day for a father-son dinner with Michael, JJ learns that Michael plans to go with Carl.

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Episode 22

Love Has a Spot on Its Lung

Wed, Mar 23, 1977 30 mins

Carl, inexplicably dropping his plans to marry Florida, decides to leave town. First of two parts.

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Episode 23

Love Has a Spot on Its Lung

Wed, Mar 30, 1977 30 mins

Conclusion. In the Season 4 finale, Carl reveals why he decided not to marry Florida: He has cancer.

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