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Girlfriends Season 4 Episodes

24 Episodes 2003 - 2004

Episode 1

Some Enchanted Evening

Mon, Sep 15, 2003 30 mins

Joan reconsiders her future with Ellis after meeting his agent (Malik Yoba); Toni and Todd adjust to marriage; Maya devours self-help books; Sivak (Saul Williams) and Lynn ponder a living arrangement. Ellis: Adrian Lester.

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Episode 2

If It's Broke, Fix It

Mon, Sep 22, 2003 30 mins

Maya is envious when Joan confides in her new assistant (Shawn Harrison); Toni fears her wedding ring will be repossessed on account of Todd's poor financial state. Woman: Jackie Harris.

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Episode 3

Snoop, There It Is

Mon, Sep 29, 2003 30 mins

Frustrated with Sivad's celibacy, Lynn calls his ex-girlfriend and learns of the secret he's been keeping from her; Toni works herself ragged to afford an outrageously expensive purse; William counsels Joan about her affair. Anita: Bahni Turpin. Robert: Dorian Gregory. Sivad: Saul Williams.

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Episode 4

You Ain't Gotta Go Home but...You Know the Rest

Mon, Oct 6, 2003 30 mins

Toni's brother Antoine (Darius McCrary) falls madly in love with Maya and refuses to budge from her bathroom until she reciprocates his feelings; Lynn plots to move back in with William; Joan is torn between Brock and Ellis. Vivian: Mary J. Hill. Rita: Maia Madison. Jamie: Dana Carter. Todd: Jason Pace.

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Episode 5

Hopelessly Devoted to Two

Mon, Oct 13, 2003 30 mins

Afraid to choose between Ellis and Brock, Joan seeks Toni's advice to get out of a dinner date with the pair; Maya's free-spirited approach to her secretarial duties annoys William. Brock: Malik Yoba. Ellis: Adrian Lester.

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Episode 6

Inherit the Lynn

Sat, Dec 20, 2003 30 mins

In order to cover the costs of her university's tuition hike, Maya allows Lynn to move in with her and pay rent. But Lynn's lethargic attitude toward working on her next documentary drives Maya bonkers.

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Girlfriends, Season 4 Episode 6 image

Episode 7

And Baby Makes Four

Mon, Nov 3, 2003 30 mins

A prickly midwife (Sandra Bernhard) assists the pregnant lover of William's lesbian sister when she goes into labor at Joan's house during a baby shower. Meanwhile, Toni and Todd hunt for a gift. Linda: Dawnn Lewis. Kira: Samaria Graham.

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Episode 8

Viva Las Vegas

Mon, Nov 10, 2003 30 mins

Joan obsesses over Brock's invitation to Las Vegas because she's sure they're going to elope; William practices fatherhood with a doll after a mishap with his sister's child. Brock: Malik Yoba. Linda: Dawnn Lewis. Salesman: Ajay Vidur.

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Episode 9

Between Brock and a Hard Place

Mon, Nov 17, 2003 30 mins

Joan begins to question the future of her relationship with Brock (Malik Yoba) when he expresses reluctance about having children. Elsewhere, a security guard dumps Maya when he learns she's a mere assistant; William impulsively proposes to Lynn. Mel: Joe Torry. Sharon: Anne-Marie Johnson.

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Episode 10

Don't You Want Me, Baby?

Mon, Nov 24, 2003 30 mins

Toni and Todd quarrel after he withholds messages from her ex-lover (Chuma Hunter-Gault); Jabari tells Maya about a rumor that she and Lynn are lesbians; Joan has trouble taking care of an infant. Jabari: Tanner Scott Richards.

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Episode 11

Merry Ex-Mas

Mon, Dec 15, 2003 30 mins

Maya is humbugged by her ex-husband's new relationship; Joan's holiday hits a bum note when her fellow carolers quit. Lena: Chenoa Maxwell. Jalen: Rockmond Dunbar. Darnell: Khalil Kain. Jabari: Tanner Scott Richards.

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Girlfriends, Season 4 Episode 11 image

Episode 12

Prophet and Loss

Mon, Jan 12, 2004 30 mins

The words of an oddball psychic (Richard Kind) impel William to pursue a potential soul mate (Jill Scott) and Joan to visit her gynecologist (CCH Pounder). Katie: Delaney Gaines. Brock: Malik Yoba.

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Girlfriends, Season 4 Episode 12 image

Episode 13

A Comedy of Eros

Mon, Feb 9, 2004 30 mins

Toni's Valentine's Day mission to help Joan get over Brock is stymied by Joan's good mood; William woos his dream girl (Jill Scott) at a bus stop; Maya is hit on by a baseball star (Stephen Bishop); Todd learns why Toni isn't interested in exchanging Valentine's gifts. Davis: Randy Goodwin. Holden: Greg Siff. Edward: Ken Michelman.

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Girlfriends, Season 4 Episode 13 image

Episode 14

Leggo My Ego

Mon, Feb 16, 2004 30 mins

Joan counts on Toni to obtain merchandise for her charity auction, but Toni fails to come through; Lynn demands alimony from William. Beverly Johnson appears as herself.

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Episode 15

Good Catch or Bad Hop?

Mon, Feb 23, 2004 30 mins

Maya's ego takes a blow when she learns that she isn't the only woman her baseball star beau (Stephen Bishop) is pursuing; Lynn plays babysitter for single mothers featured in her documentary. Jalen: Rockmond Dunbar. Lily: Danielle Ryan Chuchran.

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Girlfriends, Season 4 Episode 15 image

Episode 16

On the Couch

Mon, Mar 1, 2004 30 mins

When Toni's mom (Jenifer Lewis) visits, Toni finds herself stuck in the middle of an argument between her mother and Todd. Donna: Jill Scott. Therapist: Julie Haggerty.

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Girlfriends, Season 4 Episode 16 image

Episode 17

Love, Peace and Hair Grease

Mon, Mar 29, 2004 30 mins

After Joan confides to her immediate boss (Anne-Marie Johnson) that she's unhappy, word reaches Mr. Swedelson. Elsewhere, an assignment of Maya's earns her a D from the professor, but raves from the women at the salon. Peaches: Shawn Harrison. Ronnie: Lamont Johnson. Blackberry: Dwen Curry.

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Girlfriends, Season 4 Episode 17 image

Episode 18

Wieners and Losers

Mon, Apr 12, 2004 30 mins

After William's promotion to senior partner, Joan puts her legal career on hold in favor of a new job---at the mall; Maya's fervent essay doesn't impress her professor, but inspires her classmates. Clark: Patrick Fischler. Marsha: Laure Kaplan. Blackberry: Dwen Curry. Mable: Annette Leslie Jones. Raina: Marsha White. Sharon: Anne-Marie Johnson. Peaches: Shawn Harrison. Ronnie: Ernest Lamont Johnson.

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Girlfriends, Season 4 Episode 18 image

Episode 19

He Loves Her, He Loves Her Not

Mon, Apr 26, 2004 30 mins

Donna (Jill Scott) meets Joan and the others, but after watching William with Joan, Donna realizes that Joan's the one for him, not her. Also: the girlfriends tangle with four Asian-American gals who takeover their favorite table at Skia. Jane: Michelle Noh. Lan: Cece Tsou. Misa: Lisa Lang. Tina: Crystal Kwon.

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Girlfriends, Season 4 Episode 19 image

Episode 20

A Partnerless Partner

Mon, May 3, 2004 30 mins

At an office party to celebrate his promotion to partner, William brings a beautiful date (Traci Bingham), but soon realizes her voluptuous nature can't overcome his feelings for Joan. Later, when Toni tells her pals about a massage therapist's extra-special massages, they make appointments for themselves. Mel: Joe Torry.

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Episode 21

Just the Three of Us

Mon, May 10, 2004 30 mins

Toni shares a breakthrough from a therapy session with Todd, upsetting him. Also: Maya finishes writing her book, but doesn't want Joan to read it; and William contemplates what to do about his feelings for Joan. Dr. Miller: Julie Hagerty. Natalie: Brittney Powell.

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Episode 22

Love Thy Neighbor

Mon, May 17, 2004 30 mins

Maya rebuffs Jalen's overtures, leading him to ask out Lynn. Meanwhile, Toni's relationship with Todd takes another step backwards when he lands a job interview in New York, but she fails to ask him about it; and William writes the child he's sponsoring in Guatemala about Joan. Jalen: Rockmond Dunbar.

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Girlfriends, Season 4 Episode 22 image

Episode 23

New York Bound

Mon, May 24, 2004 30 mins

Lynn fears that her new soul mate (Lenin Lora) may in fact be her brother, which prompts her to search for her biological father. A major publishing house expresses interest in Maya's book; Toni tries to contact Todd in New York, but he won't return her calls; Joan is taken aback when William tells her how he really feels about her.

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Girlfriends, Season 4 Episode 23 image

Episode 24

New York Unbound

Mon, May 24, 2004 30 mins

Maya's publisher wants to rework her book to make it more acceptable to white readers. Joan travels to New York with Toni, who assumes Todd is cheating on her; Lynn pretends to be a census taker to meet her biological father.

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