General Hospital

The classic Gloria Monty soap charting the trials of Port Charles' medical center. Even daytime naysayers tuned in to see the celebrated nuptials of supercouple Luke and Laura, who scored covers of both Time and Newsweek during the same month. Over time, the series flirted with sci-fi, sexy aliens, adventurous location shoots and a late '90s mafia madne (more…)

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Tue, 2:00 pm

12-01-2020New(Season 58, Episode 51)

Ava comes to terms with a terrible situation. A lead takes Curtis out of town. Valentin and Martin have a difference of opinion. Maxie runs into Brando. Portia shares an update on her patient.


Wed, 2:00 pm

12-02-2020New(Season 58, Episode 52)

Jason and Sonny contemplate next steps. Joss confides in Sam. Jordan looks to Portia for help. Peter surprises Finn. Martin shares an important document with Elizabeth.


Thu, 2:00 pm

12-03-2020New(Season 58, Episode 53)

Taggert lashes out at Carly. Ava looks to Nik for answers. Jordan and Portia have a heart to heart. Martin is taken aback by an unwanted visitor. Curtis learns that Laura has more information than she first led on.

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